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bibi1388 - December 19

I had my 4th miscarriage on Nov 4, I just finished all my infertility testing and the only problem I have is the mthfr. I have a healthy son who is almost 3 and never had any problems concieving him. My doctor has said the only thing we can do now is to get pregnant and try the baby aspirin and blood thinner injections and see if that works. I wonder how many have had a positive result using these drugs also has anyones insurance covered lovenox for them or have they had to pay for it. I have no idea how much something like that will cost to use for at least 3 months. I am willing to try it and hope it works. It's really hard to deal with this as after having had my son I never anticipated any problems this time. look forward to any advice.


laura32 - January 13

Hi bibi1388. I too had my 4th miscarrage but on December 4th. ( a d&c at 11 weeks) I am sorry to hear what you are going through as I know and can relate. I have a healthy 4 year old son as well. My doctor told me I have mthfr homozygous after my third miscarrage. I went to a fertility specialist next who put me on folgard (supplement for folic acid and B vitamins), progesterone, prenatals, baby aspirin, and lovenox. Unfortunately, I had my 4th miscarrage while on all of these meds. I have read about other people who have been successful. Many others... so keep your chin up! My chin is still up(well... i try to keep it up on most days!!!) and I hope to try again in a few months. As for the lovenox... my insurance covered 80%. It cost about $815.00 a month. (for 1 shot a day) I was reinbursed for all but about $250.00. Which was still a lot of money in a one income home. Shop around at different parmacies for the best price. The company who makes lovenox named Santa Fe will only give you lovenox for free if you make less than the poverty line. The cost of lovenox, progesterone and co-pays for the specialist put quite a financial burden on us. But we had to take the chance and would do it again if it means having a chance for another baby. Good luck with getting pregnant again and keeping any new babies healthy and alive. I cry for both of us as I read and write about this.


stefkay - January 13

hi bibi, like laura my insurance pays 80% of mine. I pay about $200 per month of my own money. I am heterozygous MTHFR and I don't know if it contributed any to my previous miscarriages, but this one is the first time I 've used the injections and I am almost 16 weeks. I never made it past 6-8 weeks before. Definitely try it! It is good that you have a child too because then you know your body CAN do it. Keep your chin up and keep trying :)


bibi1388 - January 30

Thanks laura32 and stefkay I'm trying to keep my chin up but like you laura 32 the cost of all the fertility diagnosis etc does take a strain on a family with one income, I have surgery next thursday the 7th to make sure my uterus has no abnormalities. just one more thing to rule out. If that's ok then the only treatable thing left is the mthfr. I will also have to change doctors after my surgery as the doctor I see now is no longer covered by my insurance and it's too exspensive to keep seeing him. I didn't want to change before the surgery as I'm comfortable with him.Have you been told how long you will need to take lovenox as my doctor is not sure he said a min of 3 months or maybe the whole pregnancy it's upto us he said. Congrats stefkay its great that your past the first trimester hope all goes well for you.


stefkay - January 30

I have to take the lovenox the whole pregnancy and possibly 6 weeks after to avoid blood clots.


laura32 - January 30

If I had made it through my pregnancy my doctor would have had me take it through the whole thing as well. I would be trying right now to get pregnant but we are still trying to recover financially from the last time. (Also emotionally as well) But the financial part is still a big hurdle. So I hear you bibi and can relate to your situation. I go Friday to my fertility specialist to ask him a whole bunch of questions I still have about my last pregnancy loss. I'm kind of nervous... not sure why. Good luck with your surgery... is it a hysteroscopy that you are having? If so, I had one of those also... they sc___ped away scar tissue probably from my c-section and d&c's. It wasn't too bad.


bibi1388 - January 31

laura32 Yes it is a hysteroscopy that I'm having done. Thanks for letting me know it's not too bad as I am a little nervous. I keep hoping that there is something small he will find that will explain my M/c's and he can then fix it. I was going to try again as soon as the surgery was over but have since decided to wait a few months and give my body a chance to get over everything having 4 m/c's last year was extremely emotionally taxing so I'm sure it took a toll on my body too. I've also just started to take more folic acid around 3400mg a day as recomended by my fertlily spec. I will start the baby aspirin after the surgery. So I want to give my body chance to build up the folic acid etc before trying again. Stefkay, my doc is unsure of how long to take the lovenox he said it's our decision, what a decision to have to make if I stop taking it and m/c I'd never forgive myself. although there are no guarantees whatever you do.


laura32 - February 3

I think it is a good idea to give yourself a break after 4 m/c in one year. It is soo emotionally and physically exhausting. I went Friday to my fertility specialist to ask him all my questions and talk about what he will change in my meds before and after pregnancy. He did increase my folgard to about 8 x's the recommended daily dose. (Double what I was taking) He said he will double my lovenox shots for my next pregnancy. Basically he said that my last loss was unexplained.(no chromosomal abnormalities) My homocystene levels were good and it wasn't likely that I had a blood clot with being on the lovenox. I also asked if it was considered high risk to go on clomid to try for a multiple birth. He said that it was not high risk and okay to do. He also said that most likely women with MTHFR go on to eventually have a live birth. Sometimes it just takes quite a few tries. He said he had one woman with 14 miscarriages before having a live birth. I know I couldn’t emotionally go through that many miscarriages. I can't do that to my son and my husband not to mention myself. I think I will give it one more try and hope for the best.... then look into adoption for sure. I also need to see a counselor for some support... I’m having a tough time dealing with all of this. I will make an appointment tomorrow. I have plans to start to try again next month to get pregnant. I want to make sure I deal with and morn the loss of my last pregnancy before moving on to another. Bibi and Stefkay it is good to talk to someone who understands what I'm going through. Stefkay I hope everything is still going well with your pregnancy. Bibi... good luck again on Thursday... let us know how it goes.


stefkay - February 4

Thank you so much Laura! It sounds like you have a great plan...but just don't give up, ok :) Good luck to you and I hope you have a successful pregnancy next!!!


bibi1388 - February 8

I had my hysteroscopy yesterday and as we suspected there was nothing to explain the previous losses. The doctor did remove some polyps and skin but he said that he did not think these were the cause of my losses. My next app with him is on the 20th so I am trying to get as much info on mthfr as possible so I am ready with all my questions. He did say he would prescribe folgard for me to take I already upped my folic acid by 3 times what I was taking. Thanks for the support it helps to have someone else to discuss this with someone who is going through the same thing. Thanks


bettyg - February 8

I'm new here and just wanted to chime in. I recently learned that I have the MTHFR gene mutation (compund hetero I believe) and have been taking the B vitamin mix (B6, B12 and Folic Acid) for the past month and baby aspirin. I tried taking all the vitamins alone for awhile but just got the prescription for Folgard. Hopefully this is the answer. After 4 m/c in 18 months, I have to believe this will be it.


bibi1388 - February 26

I am now taking extra folic acid, started baby aspirin after my hysteroscopy. I will start lovenox once i get a positive pregnancy test. I really hope this helps as I'm not sure how much more I can deal with, my twin sister just gave birth to her second baby after a normal pregnancy and I didn't realise how much that would affect me I really felt the loss of my pregnancy's I was actually physically aching for days and cried nonstop. maybe I hadn't let myself grieve before. laura32 did you meet with a conselor and has it helped you deal with the loss? Stefkay hope things are still well with you're pregnancy. betty G did your doctor mention putting you on lovenox injections. My doctor said there is no proof that it helps but I've read alot of posts online and a lot of women believe it helped them. He said the only things he knows will help is the increased folic acid and baby aspirin. I had decided to wait before trying again but I can feel my resolve weakening. Its so hard because it consumes your whole life its all you think about. I know I'm extremely lucky I have a healthy 3 yr old boy but that doesn't take away the longing for another baby.


Bumblebee - February 27

Hi Bibi / Laura - I am just having my tests done after 2 m/c's (2nd still needs to pa__s thru). I see they are testing me for mthfr also and will get results in a few weeks. I hope more folic/ folgard, etc helps with this!! Stefkay/ Bettyg - Hi again from the other thread... I guess Stefkay - I thought you had a baby girl, but I see you are in 2nd tri - COngrats on that. So exciting and hopefully you feel calm and relaxed now being in 2nd tri.. Here's hoping for good results from my fert spec tests....


stefkay - February 27

Thanks bumblebee! Yep, 22 weeks this Friday and still a worryin' every day, lol. BIBI, it sounds like you are on the totally right track! I'm always glad to hear when someone is put on the lovenox. It is really safe and at least for me, I'm on a relatively low dose so it's not like it's really thinning my blood too much to cause complications. Just praying and keeping my fingers crossed that everything will continue nicely. Good luck to you and keep us posted here! I hang out on this board (m/c and loss) and then on the 2nd tri board. This is my home base though on the clean slate thread.


laura32 - March 2

Hi everyone, Glad to hear that you are still doing well stefkay! Hello Bibi. I have an appointment on April 2nd with a high risk doctor for a second opinion. (previously I was working with a fertility doctor) I still plan on working with the fertility doctor after I talk with the high risk doc and get his take on things. I don't think he will change any of my meds because the fertility doc. is pretty liberal and doing everything possible as far as that goes. I do want to talk to the high risk doctor about some immune disorder testing. I'm not sure if i'm grasping at straws for that one. But hopefully a second opinion will help me feel a little bit better. My sister in-law just had her fourth child... that was really rough. (and they weren't planning on having a fourth) Yes, I do see a counselor to help me with my loss... it helps to talk about it. I also belong to a mom's club and one of the moms from there has invited me to a pregnancy loss support group that she goes to which meets next month. Having a baby does seem to consume your whole life... i feel like a baby addict instead of a crack addict! lol Good luck bibi... it sounds like you will be trying to conceive soon. I might be after seeing the high risk specialist in April. Talk to you later.


Bumblebee - March 2

Laura - I am also seein a fert spec and he's running a bunch of test for chromosomes, immune sys, infec diseases, and some others. He said sometimes these don't show anything and in which case it is unexpl. mc. In any case, I am wondering if I should also see a high risk doc. I don't know what they do differently. Any light you can shed since you've seen them, will help me. Thanks so much. And very sorr you had to go thru your s-i-l's 4th - I can understand how difficult that is. I just went thru similar and it is really hard to show the happiness on my face and voice, even though in my heart and on my own, I am really happy for them. It's strange... but it is as if seeing a family mem or close friend with a baby suddenly feels like a black hole sucking life out of me and it is hard to breathe. :) Never thought this would happen to me. In any case, I do know and realize it is normal for these conflicting feelings to show up now when we're really wanting a baby and instead keep going thru m/c's - which no one knows about.


laura32 - March 18

hi everyone... just checking in to see how everyone is doing? i'm still waiting in limbo to see my high risk doctor on april 2nd. Bumblebee, i'll let you know if i have any words of advice for you after my appointment. Stefkay... how are things going with your pregnancy? bibi1388... where are you at with things? keep us updated guys! we need each other... we are the only ones who know what we are going through.... not many others understand.



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