My Experience Misoprostol Cytotec For Miscarriage

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Shika - October 25

Oct 22,2014 i put 4 pcs of cytotec under my tongu,after 30 minutes i swallowed it...i got cold, fever, hot shot,nausea ,vomiting & diarhea....i started at 7:30pm taking cytotecc, after 4 hrs when i went to the bathroom some blood came out a piece of blood....the next day no more is possible that my abortion was succesful? Anyone can help me?


mommyC - March 3

I recently had a miscarriage and wanted to post my story. If someone reading this is going through something similar right now, I want to encourage and give them hope that it NOT always awful physically. I know the emotional part is a different awful matter. Once I learned by baby had p ed away at 9.5 weeks, I was filled with the sheer terror of....what now??? All three options completely terrified me: natural, induced, surgical. The least scary option I could imagine would have been for it to carry out entirely naturally. This was my first choice. But after a full week of waiting at home (after discovering there was no longer a heartbeat) I just couldn't go on with the waiting and carrying around my dead baby for an undetermined length of time. I personally needed to get past the physiologic part of it in order to move forward and start healing emotionally. I decided to move on to my second option and try the Cytotec. From what I had heard about it and what I had read online, I was absolutely terrified of this medication. But I also was ready to move forward and preferred not to have an invasive and expensive dilatation and curretage surgery. I CHOSE THIS OPTION AND I AM GLAD I DID. It was not at all expensive. It started working one hour after taking it. (I took it orally because for some reason when I took it vaginally it did not dissolve/absorb and it did not work) I had strong cramps for a short period time, but it was not terrible. It was manageable with a few pain meds, a heating pad, and walking. I did not bleed like crazy. I didn't have huge clots. In fact I was quite surprised at how little I bled, lighter than a period. The placenta came out first and my cramps immediately quit....then I waited. Four hours later I took a second dose as instructed and nothing seemed to happen. The cramping did not start again. Then I started to get angry that it wasn't working, I knew my baby hadn't p ed yet and thought I would need a D&C after all. Then suddenly my tiny baby was born. It was not painful. My little one came out perfect: 1.25 inches long, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, tiny fingers and toes. Actually getting to see and hold my baby was a blessing to me and really helped me heal through this very difficult experience. I was grateful because if I would have gone right to the D&C option I know I would have never seen my baby. Cytotec worked well for me and I had no complications. I hope my story gives some other ladies some hope and courage as they are walking a tough road.


birdsnest - March 18

My experience: I found out about my miscarriage at 9 weeks (7w3 day growth stopped) follow up,scan and to meet the MD, who would manage me with my midwife. There was no heartbeat found, and instead of just telling us we were asked to wait but I already knew from the sonograms tech expression... this would have been my second child. My husband asked questions, he is the stay positive type. I was trying until I started to sweat profusely. It hasn't hit didnt until I took the pills. The doctor came in, and she confirmed no heartbeat...all I could hear after that was sound when you leave the phone of the hook. I don't even think I heard much before that through my sobbing... I wanted to go home. My hubby listened and we made another appointment for a couple of days. I decided to do the cytotec, even after the doctor gave me a pretty ugly picture of what could happen. We made the plan for a few days. Had some spotting but Md okays still to take. Sun 12 pain meds 12:30 hubby went to church and would be home in 30 minutes. I decided to take it since you can't really talk and dissolve 4 pills under tongue. Ended up swallowing some of the pill with a sip of water. 1pm my mouth is drier than the desert, but pills alost dussolved. 1.30 cramping. We lay down, get heating pad. Diaherria and sweating. 2pm major cramps extremely cold heating pads, 3 comforters and hubby. 205pm bathroom, no clots just blood. 215-230pm cramps really bad, ask husband to press on my back. I cry, and I am shaking, sweating. Ask hubby to put his leg over my back. I need pressue. He is listening to poker... I don't mind he is softy and has cried more than me. I'm was to numb to cry... 3 pain is like contractions every few minutes. It feels like back labor I had with my first. Pains are not easing, I go to the restroom, gushing blood, husband rubs me. A big palm size red and grayish clot, it takes 20 minutes before I can move. Pain eases down.?I actually say I fell better? I shake and cry. We lay together. I fall asleep, 4:30 the pain comes back. I dont make it to the bathroom. I thought I peed on my self. But it wasn't. Several small-med size clots take more meds. 5pm pain is off and on but it more manageable. 6-7 I am p ing clots every 5 to 10 minutes. 8 Hubby picks up child. I cry when I see her, my mom had her in her night clothes already. 11-1-3am I wake up to a full pad take meds and I'm still cramping and bleeding has slowed. Monday: The cramping is gone but I am bleeding. I stand up to cook dinner and cramping starts back up. Med controlled. Tuesday: I feel like , I am sore from my breasts to . The cramping seems to ease for hours and come back like the one major pain every couple of hours. On one side or the other. Wed: 8am Wake up to extreme cramps, have large clot on pad. 9 Crying more emotional than from pain but, the pain is a 5, 6 out of 10. Thinking I should call for stronger pain meds ??Never called?? 3 Pain is better, clotting and bleeding constant but meds working. ??Overall, I would prefer this to a D/C,but my fear is that I will need one anyway. Get the pain medication. Percocet, Tylenol 3,4 or vico. Have support?????? for a 24 hours. Don't eat heavily, greasy or oily i.e salad dressing. Drink water, keep taking your prenatal for iron. Children should not be home when you do this. It is emotional, and painful I cried out a few times. If my daughter was home this would have her scared. Be prepared for no pain, and then for it to come back. Or the bleeding to stop and start. For some this is easy for me I think being emotionally blocked (numb) resulted in more pain. Down to my bones.


Marie99 - April 3

I'm sorry to all the ladies who have had to go through this. Thanks for your stories. I went in for my 8 week OB appt and was completely shocked when the tech so bluntly said "I don't see a heartbeat." My husband and I were floored. To make this story short, I went back two days later with the same results. I decided to take the Cytotec instead of a D&C. I can't afford a D&C at this point ( The pills were only $13 total), even though I was so scared of the unknown part of taking this pill at home. I read enough on the Internet to just be slightly terrified. I decided to get it over with as soon as possible, so when I got home, I ate lunch. Waited one hour for stomach to settle. Took one of the Tylenol 3's that my doctor prescribed, so that it would have time to start working. I waited another 30 minutes (at 3:30pm) and took 4 tablets of Cytotec orally. I then crawled onto my couch with a heating pad and blankie and waited....and waited. Slight cramps started around 9:00pm. Fell asleep around 10:00. Cramps, that were about equal to a bad period, started at midnight. I took another Tylenol 3 and went to the bathroom. I had filled the big pad that I had worn to sleep. Several clots p ed and some unidentified small object p ed. The next hour, I filled another pad. Then went to sleep at about 3:00am. Woke up at 6:00 and have had very little bleeding and no pain all day. It's 8:00pm now. I go back next week to make sure all is gone. I pray that this was all there was to it. The emotional pain has been so much worse than the physical. I've been relying of the comfort of Christ through this. I don't know how I would have made it otherwise. I just wanted to post to help others know what to expect. Don't freak out. There is not much physical pain at all. God bless you all that find yourselves on this page. May He send the peace that only He can give.


joyatings - April 17

am 23 three years old , my last period was on 5 of march and the next one was supposed to be on 30 th of march but it didn't come currently am 2 weeks late so i did a pt and it was positive. i decided to remove since i and my boyfriend were not ready yet, i went to a pharmacy and i was given misoprostol cytotec to take two orally and insert one at night. i did that by 9 pm and by 12mid nite i woke up with severe stomach cramp and this continued all through the night and i stooled four times and threw up twice and i started bleeding by 1 am it was light and before 6 i had changed my pad twice . the pain was so horrible and i thought i would die of it , it was terrible. but by 7:30 the pain stopped , with little bleeding and also through the heavy bleeding twice two big lumpy discharge came out this was my experience.


Ch is24 - April 22

I am sorry if this is too long, but I wanted to share my story because so many have helped me. I am 40 years old. I have 2 boys from my former marriage. I had easy pregnancies with both of my children. I am now single, with the father of this child being absent. We were friends, right up to the point where I told him I was pregnant. He told me to "take care of the situation." I decided to keep the baby. Even though I was single, 40, and this was a very unexpected event in my life, I adjusted my life with the knowledge that I would be bringing another child into this world. I am financially capable to care for a child, but my support system for raising another child is not one I would call "ideal". Regardless, I had accepted the fact that things happen for a reason, and I was ready to have a baby and raise him/her as a single mother. My period was always regular. I always started on the 28th day, or maybe a day or 2 later. I was like clockwork. When I missed my period, I looked back at the calendar, just to make sure that I had counted correctly. Also, I made sure that I hadn't been sexually active during ovulation. All things looked good, so I didn't worry about it. After 5 days, I became concerned, so I bought a home pregnancy test while I was at work, and I took it when I got home that evening. I know that you are supposed to take it in the morning, but I figured since I was 5 days late, it wouldn't matter. The "test" line was dark, but the "pregnancy" line was very faint. I bought 2, just in case, so I saved the second one for the next morning. The next morning, I took the test as soon as I woke up. The line was still faint, but it was there. I was pregnant. I looked back at the calendar, and I thought to myself, "Well, I guess I will just tell my parents that there was Mother Mary and then there was me." There was no way that I could've gotten pregnant from having sex, because I didn't have sex anywhere near my ovulation date. I tried to make light of the situation, because I was definitely freaking out. I called my OB/GYN that same day, and they sent me to do blood work. I got a call 2 days later. The nurse said, "Congratulations, you are pregnant. But your levels are low, so the doctor wants you to do more blood work to make sure your levels are going up as normal." Of course, this was on a thursday, and my doctor is closed on friday. Therefore, there would be no results until monday. We all love the weekends, except in this case, I could curse the weekend. I actually thought that it would be a blessing if my levels weren't going up. That meant that I would miscarry, naturally. On Monday, the nurse called me to let me know that my levels had gone up. She scheduled me for an appointment at 8 weeks. She said the doctor liked to see his patients around that timeframe. It would be 3 weeks until my appointment. I was stressed out and freaked out. I decided that I wasn't going to freak out the entire time because it would only be harmful for the baby. The only thing I could do was accept what was happening and go forward. When I had my first physical examination with the doctor, we went over my maternal age and all of the risk factors. He said there would be doctor appointments with specialists and several ultrasounds to make sure that the baby was continuing to grow normally. When I had my first ultrasound, and I saw the baby's heartbeat, things got real...."really" real. I think that I had psyched myself up that there was going to be something wrong with the baby and my body would miscarry. So, when I saw the baby's heartbeat, I teared up. The doctor said everything was fine, and the baby measured at 7 weeks 4 days +/- 5 days, due to the dates that I had given him for conceptioin. He said that I ovulated late, and there was a cyst on my right ovary where I had ovulated. He gave me paperwork and scheduled me for a 2 week check up. During the next 2 weeks, I continued to accept the fact that I was going to have a baby. I talked to my parents, who were a huge support despite the fact that I was 40 and knocked up out of wedlock. I tried to talk to the father of the baby, but he "blocked" me on his phone, so there was support from him. There were a few girls at work that I was able to talk to. It was nice to know that I could count on them during this time. I was an emotional wreck. I was nauseated, so I ate constantly, just to settle my stomach. I stopped drinking Mountain Dew, so I had many headaches and I was constantly tired. My breasts hurt because my perky 36D was now becoming a very weighted 38DD and growing. I went in for my checkup at 10 weeks. Again, the doctor discussed future appointments with specialists, and we went over all of the routine talking. As soon as he started the ultrasound, I knew that there was something wrong. I said, "there is no heartbeat". He pointed out the crown and the rump, and he said the baby measured 9 weeks, 1 day and he pointed to where the heart was and he said, "And this is where the heart is. I am sorry, but there is no heartbeat." He told me that it just happened, because I should have measured 9 weeks, 4 days. He said that it just happened within the past few days. He was very empathetic. He told me to get dressed, and we would talk. After I was dressed, he came back in and we discussed options. He said there was no hurry as to when I had to chose. He told me that he could prescribe Cytotec to induce contractions, or I could have a D&C to have everything surgically removed. He told me to go home and research and pray and let him know which option I would like to chose. I went home dizzy. I am still dizzy. I never planned to have more children, but after I had accpeted the fact that I was pregnant and I saw the baby's heartbeat on the monitor just 2 weeks before, I had come to terms with the fact that I was going to have a baby. I embraced the fact and I fell in love with my baby. I never thought I would have reacted like this once I lost the baby. Having 2 children before, I knew what was growing inside of me. I just didn't think that I would feel such loss at such an early stage. No matter what anyone else says, when you lose a baby, regardless of how long you carry the baby, it is a loss that no one can explain. I still cannot grasp my head around the fact that some women just brush it off like you lost your car keys. I searched the internet, over and over again. The reason I am writing this post is because this site helped me through the entire ordeal. I do not think that I would have gotten through my miscarriage had it not been for reading the posts of everyone who had been in my shoes before me. I am thankful to each and every woman that shared her story. Your strength gave me strength. Thank you. I decided to go with Cytotec. My doctor prescribed 9 tablets. 3 tablets every 3 hours for 3 doses, all of which were to be taken under the tongue. I looked at every picture on the internet, no matter how gross, so I was prepared for whatever was to come. I took the first dose at 3pm, along with 50mg of promethazine and 1000mg of Tylenol. I am allergic to Ibuprofen, or else I would have taken it. Every post I read said that I would experience nausea and cramping. Since I had been nauseous since I got pregnant, I had promethazine. I wanted to take every precaution there was to prevent any unwanted side effects. I have never had bad cramps while on my period, so, I took Tylenol just to be on the safe side. By 6pm, not much had happened. I wasn't in any pain, and I had just started spotting bright red. I took the second dose at 6pm. Around 7:15pm (4 hours, 15 minutes after taking initial dose of Cytotec), I felt a huge gush, and I p ed a large m . It was everything! I wasn't quite sure, at the time, that it was everything. Most of it came out on the pad that I was wearing (I opted for the Always Overnight 10hour pads, because I figured they would be the most absorbant). I sat on the toilet for about 5 minutes, as I p ed clumps of red tissue. For the next 2 hours, I was back and forth to the bathroom. I had decided to watch a movie to distract me. It was a bang 'em up and kill them movie, because I was in no mood for comedy and a chick flick was the last thing I needed. I could feel when the blood clots started to come out of me, so I would run to the bathroom before they even had a chance to soak into the pad that I was wearing. There wasn't too much cramping involved. I think that I was very fortunate, because I didn't experience too many side effects. I took the third dose at 9pm. I was hesitant, because I wasn't bleeding very much and I knew that I had already p ed everything. I did what I was supposed to, and I took the 3 tablets. At 10:30, I finally went to lay down. I was up and down to the bathroom until around 5:30am. At that point, I think I just p ed out. I never totally soaked through a pad. I think I was obssesive about changing them, though. Every time I went to the bathroom, I changed my pad. I went through an entire pack! The next day, I was spotting, but no gushing or cramps. I just felt hollow on the inside. I spent the day texting my best friend, who lives in another state, and watching movies. My appebreaste was zero, but I tried to eat a bowl of cereal and some soup. I drank a lot of water, and chewed on a lot of ice. That is my story. I won't ever have the opportunity to have another child. I wasn't planning on having another child, but when I found out that I was pregnant, I fell in love with this baby. I am sad and hollow on the inside, but I know that everything happens for a reason. My experience with Cytotec was as good as one could hope for. I am thankful that it went easily, as my heart could not take it if the experience had been rough. My heart extends to all Mothers who have been through this, going through it now, or will have to go through it in the future. I hope that all Mothers are blessed with a child in the future and their lives are filled with tiny footsteps, laughs, and lots of love. Thank you to everyone who has shared their story. All of my fears were put at ease, and I could not have gotten through it without your posts. I wish everyone the best of luck.


troubledone0302 - May 10

i took Cytotec to induce miscarriage on 10pm last April 02 2015 and had blood clots on April 3 0200am, after that just spotting and nothing happened, it has been more than a month and i was worried that i still do not have my period so i checked again using a pregnancy test and it came out positive. i rechecked again with the PT 2x and still positive. i used cytotec again last night (May 10) and still nothing happened ... what could be happening?


onePost - July 9

Like everyone else here I wanted to say that I am very thankful for this thread. My doctor basically handed me the pills and told me to insert them midday and take an ibuprofen. If it weren't for forums like this I think I would have called an ambulance rather than worked through it. So basically I want to post a time line of my experience so that other women might know what one can expect. (Of course I'm sure others have had different experiences)


8 AM ibuprofen

9 AM inserted the 4 pills vaginally

-> 12 PM sat around working, no pain

12-2 increasing cramps, bleeding, trips to the toilet, couldn't focus on work anymore--just some fun reading

2-4PM the worst pain of my life. Like I picture giving birth. Contractions of increasing intensity, each lasting about 1.5 minutes with < 1 minute pause between. I bit a leather belt. I took more ibuprofen. I screamed. (I think the whole apartment building was at work--hopefully). I mean, I screamed with almost every contraction. A standard tylenol is just not enough. The most material was passing out at this stage.

4.30 PM The contractions are just as frequent but somehow less painful, albeit "sharper" A little like a knife in the uterus. 

5.15 The contractions are definitely slowing down and lighter

7 PM I feel pretty normal though exhausted. Sometimes light cramps and bleeding. 

11 PM - 5 AM slept 

5 AM woke up with cramps and bleeding. But not horrible. Like around 6 PM on the prior day. Took an ibprofen. Went back to sleep after about an hour

9 AM- 2 PM having a normal "vacation" day. Sometimes a light cramp and bleeding. A bit tired and sore. Mostly OK. Tomorrow I'll go to the doctor to make sure it is all ok-- but it feels like it is. 


Main points: 

1. It is not like a heavy period. It is intense and horrible pain and you should be prepared for that. You should probably ask for some heavy duty pain relievers.

2. Inserting the pills mid-day like my doctor suggested is probably not the best idea. The time line is long. If I had waited until 1 PM I would have been in intense suffering until 11 PM. The morning was really good timing. I was able to get the worst of it over during the work day when my partner was at work and the apartment building was empty to not hear my screams. 

3. The pain did not really immediately disappate after the embryo had passed. The pain continued for quite a while after. Be prepared for a long haul. 


Good Luck,





timandyo - October 12

While I haven't read all of these posts, I've read enough to feel like my story is a bit different and worth sharing. I've experienced two late miscarriages this year. The first was our baby girl at 18 weeks and then our little boy at 14 weeks. Both pregnancies were going great ... heartbeats easily heard multiple times ... until a routine visit when the heartbeat had become undetectable and later sonograms confirmed our babies had died. 

My midwife started me VERY SLOWLY on this medication. I started the day before with 1-2 100mg doses 4 hours apart with the next day continuing 100mg every 4 hours. Mostly, I inserted the pill (or even 1/2 pill if 200mg each) vaginally then laid down for at least an hour to allow it to dissolve. Then tried to be up and moving around to get contractions started. After only 5-6 doses I delivered the babies the second evening with very bearable contractions. 

I did experience taking the medication orally as well as rectally, but much preferred vaginally. Orally cramped my stomach some and rectally caused a painful, uncomfortable, foreign to me cramp in my rectum which woke me in the night and was NOT pleasant. Thankfully it only lasted an hour or so but from then it was only vaginally for me. 

Hope this helps someone. I can't imagine taking 3-4 pills at a time! That must cause excruciating contractions! It might take a little longer this way, but it's well worth the wait to not be writhing in pain and also be able to hold and bury my babies ... honoring, respecting and recognizing their precious, short lives. 


Holding strong - November 16

Thank you so much for your post. I just went through this and your words truly provided me some peace. We lost a baby at 17 weeks earlier this year due to premature preterm rupture of membranes which lead to preterm labor and ultimately preterm delivery. Of course our son was to little to maintain life and we lost him. I retained my placenta which they gave me cytotec for... It caused me to hemorrhage and I became extremely anemic and had to have an emergency d & c. When we found out I was pregnant again it was great, but I was very scared. I thought I would be ok until my second trimester.... But when we went for our second ultrasound at 8 weeks we learned that A. We had identical twins and B. They had stopped growing at 6 weeks. Shortly after we saw the heartbeat at 6 weeks. It was heartbreaking. I waited a week and a half for my body to have a miscarriage.... But once again it failed me. I really did / do not want to have a d & c so I opted to take cytotec. I was terrified due to the previous experience I had. I knew that it was a completely different situation, but it was still very scary for me. Reading your story really gave me comfort and I really appreciate it and all the other posts. I'm so sorry for your loss and all the other losses on this board and elsewhere. Take care and best wishes. 


Joy267 - November 24

Spontaneous miscarriage after finding out that I was two weeks pregnant... I had missed my period and did the pregnancy test which came out positive. I had then visited the doctor there he told me that I was two weeks pregnant, I explained to the doctor that am a college student and would like to complete my studies,so,he suggested spontaneous miscarriage through the usage of Mistropostol and cytotec. He passed me the pills and explained how to use them. 

I have recently used them and I think my body is processing it slowly, it all began Saturday night, with cramps and vomiting, no sign of blood so I was frightened but on Sunday it was vomiting for half of the day still no blood, until in the evening a huge rushed of blood with large clots came flowing out of me to control I had to use tampoons. No one is currently aware that am going through this because I don't want them to know. Yesterday Monday, I vomitted three times and passed blood like crazy with lots of clots, and even worst there's a lot of cramps in my lower back and abdomen, I have just awake and it seems as if diarrhea is the order of the day along with cramps and nausea no vomiting. I told them that it's my period because am too ashamed to state I have destroyed a life, however I think that it's for the better and I'll learn to do better next time.


Marmar76 - December 8

1st let me say prayers to all of you.

Here goes my story. I'm 39 years old and have a 19 year old son. In February I got pregnant. In April I had my 1st ob visit. They said at the time I was measuring2 weeks less then what I was. I didn't think much of it but in the back of my mind I was a little unsure. So they had me come back in 2 weeks and again saying another 2 weeks behind now making it a month behind. This is when I knew something was not 21st. But I was being hopeful. Well they had me come back n 2 weeks n my worst nightmare was true. No heart beat. This was in May 2015. They gave cytotec. They gave it to me vag__ally this was about 10a.m. I started bleeding and cramping about 3 4 hours later. Had heavy bleeding cramps was in a ton of pain. The next day I felt better minus feeling weak. Fast forward to October 2015 I got pregnant again. I was very happy but not to much because I didn't want to go through the pain and heartache again. On the 24th of November I had an us and head the heartbeat and was so happy. On Friday the 27th I started spotting and went to the er. Again I was told no heartbeat. I was and still am crushed. On Monday I went to the Dr and again given cytotec this time a lot more blood just kept coming way more then in May. I just chalked it up to being futher along and the baby being bigger. I bled for 2 days then it was light. Well Monday yesterday I was at the laundromat and was bending over and had a big cramp. I felt like I needed to push. I tried making it to the restroom but fell short and before I knew it I was standing in a pool of blood. Now remember this is a week after I had taken the cytotec. I went to the Dr today and they did an us and said I still had blood clots n have me another dose 4 pulls vag__ally and sent me home. I'm freaking out cause I feel I lost a ton of blood already and they are giving me something to make me bleed more. I already feel weak and have had a migraine for 2 days now. Has this happened to any of you? The 1st time seemed normal but this time I feel like I had a lot of blood loss and give me another round of something that's going to make me bleed more just seems strange. Please send input I'm sitting here waiting again for the blood flow to start and pain while thinking what if I bleed to death.


sofiaalex - February 15

it is really hard to decide about abortion but sometimes we have to take this decision.. cycotec is a good medicine for abortion. I recommend MTP Kit for secure and safe abortion which is the combination of misoprostol pills and mifepristone,that you can use .i bought it from misoprostolpills here all detals are also given.


sofiaalex - February 15

it is really hard to decide about abortion but sometimes we have to take this decision.. cycotec is a good medicine for abortion. I recommend MTP Kit for secure and safe abortion which is the combination of misoprostol pills and mifepristone,that you can use .i bought it from misoprostolpills here all detals are also given.


Emmajane - February 17

Hi can anybody help  I am new to this I'm just so worried and need advice I went for abortion using img 4 vaginal tablets at 8 weeks pregnant.  I had all the symptoms they said wich were the cramps the bleeding , clots and do on after about 5 hours I passed a big tissue clot wich I assumed was the feutus.  I bled for around 2 weeks  and my body returned to normal I had no symptoms of pregnancy they had all gone I took a test as told to at 2 weeks after and it was invalid I rang the clinic I used and they advised that it wasn't uncommon and that it was my body and hormones returning to normal that gave the invalid test but not to worry as from the sound of my explanation the termination had worked . So I just got on with things until a week ago I felt flutters in my tummy and did a test. It came back positive wich sent me into total shock I have 2 healthy girls and married . I went for a private scan to date the pregnancy as I wasn't sure if it was the termination that didn't work or I had caught on again . I am dated at 25 weeks  2 days.  Everything seems normal with the baby expect the scan showed the baby's chest was smaller than average I am worried sick and feel so much guilt that I may have damaged my baby and to top things off I never really wanted the termination it was my husband I always wanted to try for a boy but he didn't want more children and turns out am carrying a little boy I'm so mixed up I have no one to talk to and my husband isn't supportive he just keeps screening n shouting at me  has anybody had a similar experience but baby turned out healthy and normal 


ACUSA - October 11

Just wanted to share my experience so people can see the differences and similarities in misoprostol use. 


I was diagnosed with a blighted ovum, opted to take misoprostol at 8.5 weeks. I started at 6pm on a Thursday, inserting 800mcg vaginally every 4 hours x 4 doses. I didnt start bleeding until 1:30AM. It progressively got heavier. I passed a couple pretty sizeable clots which I  assumed included the sac. I had an ultrasound scheduled for the next morning at 8:30, and a visit with my OB right after. I felt fine until I got to the appointment when I began to get shooting uterine/rectal pains. My bleeding picked up, and it made the vaginal ultrasound very awkward. When I went to visit with the OB I needed to use the restroom, and when I did I began to feel faint. My BP had been a little lower than normal (98/60) likely from blood loss. I had to stay at the office for a while, but the OB said the U/S indicated I passed the sac and only had a small clot left and he was confident I would pass it at home. It hadn't even been 2 hours since I took the last dose.


I did continue bleeding very thick and stringy blood for the next couple of days. On Sunday I developed a low grade temperature and chills/joint pain. I alerted my OB the next day and he was worried about developing an infection (which I honestly don't believe would have happened that quickly, but I'm not a physician). He sent me to the ER to get another U/S. That U/S indicated I had retained "products of conception", in other words, tissue remained in my uterus from my pregnancy. He pushed for a D&C, but I refused, ultimately believing my body would do its thing when it was ready. I AM NOT interested in surgical intervention unless completely necessary, too many risks. This was Monday. I continued to bleed Monday, no pain though. Went to bed and awoke this morning (now Tuesday) at 4AM with mild cramping. Bleeding had picked up a bit. By 5 AM I was in full blown labor. With my last successful pregnancy I labored for 10 hours unmedicated, and this was on par with that pain except on a smaller scale as my uterus was much smaller this time around without a baby in it. I got in a hot bath, partner helped me with pain relieving techniques. Extreme contractions just as if I was birthing, closer and closer together, no time for meds although I did take a Tylenol #3 which hadn't had time to kick in yet. I pulled out all my tricks from my natural child birth class, it was VERY difficult, but instanteously the pain just stopped. I had no idea why, I hadn't passed anything. Walked around for about 10 minutes to try and induce labor again, but decided to try to sit on the toilet and push even though I didn't have the urge. When I did that I passed a VERY LARGE mass. Probably about 6 inches by 3 inches. It was not clot like, it was muscle tissue like. Very fibrous. I surmise it passed through my cervix and into my vagina and my pain then stopped, but my body didn't push it out so it just sat in my vagina until I decided to try and push.

I currently have bleeding like a period. Still dark red, but thinner now, and less abundant than before I passed the product of conception. Very mild cramping, but ultimately doing pretty well. Will see OB in a couple of days to see if the tissue has all passed.


My advice is, if your goal is to pass naturally and you haven't done it immediately, don't be discouraged. Don't let the physicians make you think you are going to have some horrible experience if you don't get a D&C. Your body is amazing and this is what it was MADE to do. My OB was so insistent that I get a D&C he refused to let me try another dose of misoprostol and made me sign out of the ER against medical advice. Completely ridiculous move if you ask me, but that's his perogative. My body did what it needed to do in it's own time, and most likely yours will too.



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