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monikadavid - July 12

Hey, everyone, I hope you are well. I thought I would post here and help those who are confused about making a decision regarding the clinic. I was really confused when I was making this decision. Therefore, I thought I would help the ones who need to be assisted. The clinic I am visiting is operating at a very high success rate. However, I live in the UK and the clinic is in Eastern Europe. I had to visit the clinic for my consultation meeting. Now, they are having this conference in the UK. I think it is an amazing opportunity for those who are in the country. They are coming on the 18th and 19th of August. The head will be coming, and she is amazing. I have met her in the clinic and she has a wonderful personality. This will save your time because you can also get everything finalized regarding your process. Best of luck to all. I hope I was able to help you out.


Anisa28 - July 12

Hey. Thank you for sharing such an amazing news. I am so excited about 18th and 19th August. I am going to visit this conference. Well, the clinic is really amazing. They have a high success rate and excellent services. I am so happy that we have a chance right now to meet them and to ask the questions. I hope so all my problems will be cleared. I surely will get all the information regarding treatment in BioTexCom. I hope everyone would get a chance to be the part of this Conference. I am so excited. Wish you all the best of luck.


monikadavid - July 16

Hey everyone thank you for responding. I think this is an amazing news. Reason why I have posted about it over here. I think everyone should avail the opportunity. An open house is the best way to know about the clinic. Those who are unsure or are scared should look into the process. This way you can even help yourself. When I was going to start the process I was so confused. However, by attending my first meeting they were able to answer all my questions. If you live in London you should miss the open house. This will save both your time and money. Mainly because you wont have to travel time to time. You can even sigh up for the fertility there and then. People when are starting a fertility treatment are usually very scared and unsure. This open house will help them as well.


Sasha1513 - July 16

I have also read about the clinic advertisement. I read that they will give discount for few applicants who will register themselves there. I live in Bulgaria surely i will go to get that discount. Surrogacy is a really a gift. I hear from many infertile couples there stories of successful surrogacy journey. I feel happy when people met their dream they are unable to have by themselves. Surrogacy will also make my dream true of having a baby. I have been TTC from last 10 years. There is no specific reason behind my infertility, Doctors can't tell any reason behind my infertility, I am tired of TTC now as i already know there isn't miracle going to happen. My husband friend has decided that we should go for surrogacy. we live in Bulgaria here surrogacy is not allowed. So we have decided to go to another state for this. My husband says Ukraine is very popular in regard of surrogacy. Hopefully we should be moving to Ukraine for our surrogacy.
If anyone knows a good clinic from Ukraine about surrogacy than let us know.


ErinAva700 - July 20

Hi everyone,
There is a big news for you people is that the infertility event is gonna be held by the Ukraine clinic Bio_tex_com. You people must visit and this is so much beneficial for all of us. Here is the advertisement.
Dear Friends! Bio_Tex_Com Team is going to the UK on 18-19 August. You will have a unique chance to have initial consultation in London. It would be an excellent opportunity to meet Anastasia, the Head of English department, and to get all necessary information about treatment in Bio_Tex_Com. You will also have a chance to sign a contract right there.
Seats are limited, so please register for the meeting by contacting us via email surrogacyATbio_tex_comDOTcom ignore '_'

I hope that you people will find it beneficial for


marySmith - July 20

Hello dear. How are you? Hope you are doing well. I agree BioTexCom is a good clinic. I have heard a lot about it. A friend of mine went there for her treatment. She has told me about their workshop. It would hold on the 18th and 19th of August in London. I would be helpful for those who are seeking infertility treatments. I wish all those avails this offer who need it. It is a great chance after all. I wish good luck to everyone. Be hopeful and keep struggling against infertility. I believe it is our struggle against our obstacles which keeps us satisfied. All the best people.


flora12 - July 20

Hi there, Monika. I'm very well and I hope you're in good health as well. I know the clinic you're talking about. This is definitely a heavenly clinic. It is because of this clinic, I'm a mother today. I had the most satisfying procedure and I got pregnant. I had lost all hopes and then I came across this clinic. They have the best pool of doctors. Now my friend is looking into this clinic. She is currently facing secondary infertility. She's hoping to have an IVF treatment. I bet they'll help her in getting pregnant. I recommend this clinic to everyone. They deserve appreciation! Best wishes to all. 


lella12 - July 26

Awesome post. I am agreed with you that ladies should visit the clinic in Europe for surrogacy. and IVF. This a best of the best clinic. I have also heard about a session of this clinic in England. I am very excited to visit this session. I can't wait for 18th and 19th August. They will provide much awareness about infertility and its treatment. It will be really an awesome chance for every infertile couple to get information about surrogacy and IVF . It will be a golden chance for us to get more knowledge about treatment of curse to meet her. Seats are limited so register as early as all of you can. Stay blessed. Best of luck.


AshaSmith - July 27

Great news! This is amazing. I have read so many wonderful reviews about this clinic. I think they're really amazing. That is why those who've been there are very happy. Unlike the people at Lotus, who I would call scammers. They really have no heart I think. They have no empathy towards their patients. My friend went to them for her surrogacy. And they treated her so bad. Their policies weren't refined. Service was very poor too. On top of everything, it didn't even succeed. Her surrogate miscarried. This was a horrible experience for her.


lella12 - July 28

Hello brave lady. I  hope you are doing well in life. I appreciate your courage! First of all. I want to thank you for sharing valuable tips for fighting against the curse of infertility. I know there is a popular clinic in Europe that is earning fame due to their services and treatments for infertility. The good news is that the administration of this clinic is conducting a seminar on a topic of infertility and its treatment. The seminar will be conducted in the  United Kingdom. The seminar will continue from 18 of August to 19 of August. I have heard that the seminar will be very valuable for infertile couples. And the good thing is that there will be a question answer at the end of the seminar. Which will provide awareness of infertility and its treatment to its patients. Much respect to the administration of clinic for providing us the golden opportunity. I  recommend you all to join this seminar and do not miss the golden chance. My friend is also going with me. So grab your ticket as soon as possible. Best of luck to all infertile ladies.


erin_wales - July 28

Hey! That's a great news. Super excited to read this thread. Thank you very much for sharing this with us. I am going to spread this news to multiple forums. It will make many people able to understand the surrogacy process. this session surely going to cut off the misconception regarding surrogacy. My friend and I have also done our registration. He is infertile too. We have heard that there is a free consultation. And might be a lucky draw through which one can win concessions for the complete process. Moreover, it definitely going to help people out of there problems. People will get a solution to their problems. I do think that everybody should go and attend this event. This is going to set a Hallmark in the realm of surrogacy.


Samiah - July 28

Hi there how are you? I hope you are fine and doing great in your lives. Well, these forums are really amazing. I just love my time spending here. Well, Monika, this is amazing news and a great opportunity for infertile people. I know this clinic very well. They are the best in this field. Their success rate is also very high. They don't only provide us best surrogacy treatment but they also make efforts to help and guide others by arranging these kinds of the seminar. I think every woman should attend this seminar. Its a great opportunity to avail. Well, I along with my family is in London nowadays and will definitely attend this seminar. Looking forward to meeting you all there. God bless ya


matinajohn785 - July 28

Hey Monika! Hope so are doing good. You are absolutely right. I'm really happy that they are coming to London. I heard that they are the best for such treatments. One of my friends was suffering from hormonal issues. Due to this, doctors declared her infertile. Later she went to Ukraine to that clinic and now she is living a beautiful life. As they are coming to London, now it would be a great option for all the infertile couples to visit them and make their dreams come true.


anaya18 - July 30

Dear, that's really a great news. I will recommend it to my sister also. She was infertile. Then she decided to visit the clinic. She had seen many good reviews about it. It was all fake. They scammed her. They had taken all her money. They didn't perform any good treatment on her. They even don't have good technology at their clinic. She was so sad after that. She lost all her hope. I was very worried about her. I will suggest her this seminar. I hope it will work on her. I wish this time it become successful in her case. Thanks for sharing such wonderful news with us.


lindaswank - July 30

Hi Monika. How are you doing? Hope so you are doing fine. Well, I am really feeling that BioTexCom clinic is coming to London on 18 and 19 August. I was desperately waiting for this moment. One of my friends had a baby through surrogacy there. And she told me that she had a very good experience there. That's why I am now looking forward to booking an appointment with them in London. Let's hope things will work for me.



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