Periods After Miscarriage

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Waiting - February 2

Any ideas on when you period should start again after a miscarriage? Thanks, and baby dust to all.


WaitingAsWell - February 2

I read online some women who have a 28 day cycle pick up 28 days after the m/c. I just m/c 2 weeks ago and am still waiting to have a period.


stacey - February 2

my obgyn told me 4-6 weeks. It's only been 1 week for me and I am getting impatient.


missy - February 3

I miscarried on Dec. 2nd. My first period came 4 weeks later on Dec. 30 th. Surprisingly enough, I just found out I am currently 5 wks. pregnant. Didn't expect it quite so soon, but am very happy none the less.


Amy - February 3

I m/c two weeks ago as well and still waiting for a period. I am getting impatient as well. I think my husband and I are going to start trying again this weekend. Congrats Missy! I pray you have a wonderful pregnancy.


tara - February 3

when I miscarried it came about 28 days after the miscarrige which for me was about the same time I would have been expecting a regular period if I wasn't pregnant or miscarried. A girl friend of mine got pregnant 2 weeks after the miscarrige and never got her period. She thought something was after 2 1/2 months she got worried and went back to the Dr. where she found out she was pregnant. :o) Good luck to all you ladies.


lynette - February 4

Apparently there should be a 20 day gap between m/c bleeding stopping and the start of period bleeding. It seems anything less than that isn't cla__sed as a proper period, just residual bleeding.


lynette - February 4

While we're at it - something's been bothering me that you just made me think of - I had a d&c on 18 Jan and am still spotting 17 days later! (only old blood for the last 5 days but still disconcerting). I don't suppose anyone reading this has had such a long bleed after a d&c? Everyone I read about seems to stop within a couple of days...


stacey - February 4

No, I'm only 7 days and still have a little...I'd call my dr. to ask about it. Have you been on your feet alot? I find on days that I am on them more, there's more blood.


lynette - February 4

No - I have a "sit down" job - maybe that's my problem, not enough movement to get it all out ;-) I will ask my doc again - he didn't seem too concerned when I told him after 7 days- as long as there was no cramping, but he's pretty cruisey and relaxed (not always a good thing in a doctor!). Maybe I'll ask another doctor...


stephanie - February 6

if someone out there could give some words of advice:i am 6 wks pregnant. last wednesday i started bleeding and went to the ER, everything was fine, cervix still closed. i went to the doctor thursday still bleeding and he did a v____al U/S, he said that the heartbeat was low and the gestational sac was oblong instead of round, as if it were going to detatch itself(miscarriage). he did blood work and said to come in monday for more bloodwork. but on friday i had excruciating stomach pains and started to bleed very heavy and pa__sed about 5 clots that looked like little livers, i examined them but they all looked the same.bleeding went on until saturday and now on sunday is almost undetectible, i dont know if this is a miscarriage because ive never had one. i dont have morning sickness anymore and havent since thursday,i have to go in tomorrow for more bloodwork and to see whats going on, but its weird because the bleeding is now very minimal. if anyone has some words of wisdom or similar situation,please write back.thanks


christina - February 6

i had a miscarriage on november 29, had a period january 5 and still waiting for a second one


stacey - February 6

Stephanie- I don't want to be pessamistic, but it sounds like it could have been. Sorry- I hope I'm wrong! Did you have any cramping with the blood?


stephanie - February 7

stacey, thanks for your concern. i did have cramping and the pain was worse than any period ive had. im sure it was a miscarriage, but all i can do is prepare for the worst and hope for the best. im going this morning to the doctor for bloodwork, i will explain to him what has happened through the weekend, and i will know for sure. just waiting and praying. everything is in GOD's hands.


stacey - February 7

Stephanie- was everything alright? (hopefully). Thinking of you:)


karen - February 12

No, wondering same.I m/c 11th Jan and still waiting..


ADB - February 14

I was diagnosed with a blighted ovum on Jan 20th and had a D&C on Feb 4th (we waited another 2 weeks to make sure sac was empty). I spotted very lightly the next day but no period. On Feb 10th I started to dark brown spot. Today (2/14) it's only when I wipe now and not on my pad, so I'm hoping its almost done with so my cycles can regain themselves. I've been cramping like AF is coming so I'm waiting as patiently as I can to see what happens.



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