Periods After Miscarriage

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Gemma01 - February 22

i had a m/c on the 9 feb i bleed 4 6 days after now a week after stopping i started again do you think this is the start of a period


flowerchild - February 22

You probably won't get a period that soon, I am getting mine now after 12 weeks. Generally,it'll take at least 4 weeks to get a real period, and if you stopped and started again, there is probably still something there your body needs to get rid of.


SarahD - March 5

I had a D & C on January 18th. I was 9 1/2 weeks long. My husband and I have been waiting around for my period to start since then. My doctor told me that it would be about 4-6 weeks. This morning, after 7 weeks of waiting, I decided to take a test. It came back positive. Do you think its true? What I mean I guess is that, the HCG levels wouldn't still be high enough to give me a positive reading 7 weeks later could they?


flowerchild - March 6

It is theorhetically possible for the hormone to take up to 10 weeks to leave your system. Don't quote me but I think the hormone levels peak around 15 weeks and level off, so a woman who delivers a baby at full term generally has no hormone left 6 weeks after birth, but it depends on when the hormone peaks, I can't remember, I know when I had my D&C at 15 weeks, my ob said it would be out of my system within 2 weeks. But you could also have possibly something left over......Make an appt with your ob......


parkermegan - March 6

I dont know the exact day I mc I had bleeding for about 31/2 wks. My new dr told me that was just because my hcg levels took so long to go down. I wasn't very far along so I didn't really have a lot to pa__s. I ovulated the day after the spotting stopped and now it is 10days later. My dr told me I would probably start a new af in about 14 days. Is that what everyone else was told?


AshleyB - March 6

I got my af 51/2wks after my d&c. It was really heavy and had a lot of cramping. I just got my second one yesterday and it's just as bad as the first. VERY heavy and LOTS of cramping. I don't know why it's so bad now. They never used to be. I'd have one heavy day with a few cramps, this is just horrible.


liraJ - October 22

hey i had a miscarriage mid september,i had to have a has been 4 wks and i have my period well i think it is my period as it is very lite is that normal?it is not like a normal period.can somebodt help as i am very worried there is something wrong with me?


kaybackagain - October 23

hello liraJ sorry to hear. I just wanted to let you know that it gets better . Dont stress and I will be as much help as I can -kay


liraJ - October 23

hey kaybackagain thank you for replying to me i appreciate it,i am just stressing because i have my first normal period after my miscarriage but it is very lite do u know if this is normal?


JazzlikeMraz - December 24

I had a D&C and after that bleeding stopped I didn't have a full and healthy period for nearly a month afterward. Talk with your doctor and make sure nothing is wrong, but everyone women is different. It could take a while for your body to get used to the fact that it needs to kick back into a cycle.


shellyc24 - October 6

I had a miscarriage around 2 to 3 weeks ago and have not had a period yet. But i am having some pinkish brownish discharge. What does that mean. My husband and i have been trying to get pregnant. Test came out negative this morning.


Miles - October 6

I saw someone replied to this. I wanted to tell you all very sorry for your losses. Next it took me around 6 wks to get my cycles back. After that it was very irregular, I did get pg again 2 yrs later. I have a baby girl 19 mos old and also pg again with number 3 due in March. So please ladies hang your head high it will happen again. (((HUGS)))


Dak - October 7

Kay, are you still around, i just want to know if you were successful or not. I haven’t been receiving notifications since 2005. Miles congratulations on your baby and the pregnancy. Just like you I conceived in December 2005 after an operation called LAPARATOMY to open my blocked tubes. I delivered my 3 year old girl in September 2006. I have had another miscarriage in March this year. BUT I am still expecting my period this month as this is CD37 of 35 day period. I have never missed period except when pregnant. However, I am also not very sure as last month I took Clomid, primilut and Metformin. May be the delay might be because of this combination. Any more success stories? Best wishes to everyone.


Dak - October 7

I am very sorry for all your losses. ShellyC24, two weeks is very short for a period to come after m/c. It will come after 4 to 5 weeks. I wish you a quick recovery. Do not worry we are here to support you as we know exactly how it feels. After my m/c in March this is month number 6 but I am still not succesful despite of missing my period with 2 days. I am scared to test as a -ve devestates me. Sending you sticky baby dust.


deltabwa - October 8

Shelly, I responded to you but don't see it showing up. If you didn't receive it, let me know, I'll repost


chellerad - May 6

HELP!!! I started bleeding with mild cramps at 5 weeks on April 9th. The next day my pregnancy symptoms were almost gone. I bled like a normal period but the blood was thicker than normal. Recently I've started to feel like I am still pregnant. My belly is rounding out a little, but my b___sts don't really hurt anymore. I haven't started my next period yet so I'm wondering if there's a chance I could still be pregnant or if I got pregnant right after. I'm nervous to take a test because if it's positive I'm afraid it'll be leftover hormones from my "supposed" miscarriage. I haven't been to the dr. because of no insurance. Any advice or thoughts would be appreciated!



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