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ella_oscar - July 23

I hope you are doing great. Today I am here to share something with all of you. Infertility is a curse for a woman. At this time a woman loses all her hope. The one who keeps trying always get success. Today I am here to tell my story. I got married two years ago. I faced two miscarriages after my marriage due to an accident. The doctors declared me infertile. I lost all my hope but my husband supported me. I searched for a good clinic on the internet I got to know about the clinic lotus. I went there with all my hope but it disappointed me a lot. Their staff was so rude. Even the building was not the same that they showed on the internet. Their surrogate is so greedy. THey only want to make money nothing else. They do not care about the feelings of people. I suggest all not to go to this kind of sick clinic. I wish you all the best. Thank you.


samanthabill25 - July 24

Hey, dont worry. Lotus and clinics like this are playing with the people. You must consult the clinic which I consulted. Its in Eastern Europe. They treat the patients vey well. Clinics like Lotus are looting the people. They have a bad name in the market. They lies to people. I am feeling so sorry for your loss. First the miscarriage and then the clinic. Its really hard to face these hardships. Be brave. Contact the best clinics. Hope you will be fine and get a suitable and best treatment. Take Care.


Edwina04 - August 28

Infertility is not an easy thing to cope with it. I am so sorry for what you had gone through. You made a real struggle. Such a bad news to hear about lotus stuff. I have heard too many complaints about this clinic. My friend too had a bad experience with this clinic. She was looking forward to surrogacy treatment. She contacted them to get information about the treatment. She sent them an email in which he wrote them about her health condition and asked them that she is looking forward to an appointment. But the clinic didn't respond to her. She emailed them many times and waited for 6 months. Finally, she realized that this is a scam. They don't want customers. Well, I suggest everyone beware from such scam. Best wishes.



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