Pregnancy After 3 Miscarriages

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Dylan - October 25

Hi, I just had my third miscarriage. I had an ultrasound and everything was fine. The beby was the right size and it's heartbeat was normal. A few days later I had some spotting and cramping. The following day I was seen by the doctor who did another ultrasound and found no heartbeat. I was 13 weeks and 5 pregnant and really thought this pregnancy would result in a baby. Has anyone had a successful pregnancy after 3 miscarriages?


lydia - October 26

I did not think anyone was so unforntunate as me. I too have had 3 miscarrages and still find it hard to understand. At 42 the doctors are unsympathatic and say its my age.I just have to keep trying ! I will not give up and I am more determined. Please I am sure that positive thinking helps . I will be watching your question i hope that someone can answer our issue


Kim - October 26

Hi ladies, I am so sorry to you both for your losses. One miscarriage is hard enough, but several is simply devastating. You are both incredibly strong women and I wish you all the best in subsequent pregnancies. I have talked with many women on this thread who have had 3,4,5,6 miscarriages in a row, and who have gone on to have healthy babies despite. Some of them, who were not diagnosed with anything specific, say their doctors said it was just extremely bad luck. I certainly hope that is the case for you both and that you have totally healthy pregnancies to celebrate very soon.


Dylan - October 27

Thank you for your thoughts. Although I am sorry that others have lost as many and more babies as I have, it is good to know that I am not the only one which is how I felt. I am 41 years old and and had given up ttc a couple of years ago after two miscarriages. This pregnancy was a welcome surprise and made me realize how badly we both want to have a child. With your input I feel like there is some hope and it may be worth trying again.


Kim - October 27

Dylan, you poor thing. I sure hope you do try again. I hope your doctors are supporting you and being encouraging. I was reading another woman's post today whose doctor told her she was getting too old to keep trying and it made me so angry! You are not. Many women have babies in their early 40s. In fact there's another forum on this site called "Getting pregnant over 35" and maybe you can find several others there too who can support and encourage you and give you answers to your questions. I wish I could help more! Have you had any kind of testing done, this being your 3rd loss, that would point the way to any specific problem? I wish you all the best for a healthy full pregnancy next time. Take good care!


Collette - November 14

I too have had three miscarriages without any explanation. Does anyone know what tests I should request???


mani - November 14

hey, i have had 5 miscarriages in a row and currently waiting to see another doc whos is researching in recurrent m/c.. my doc as done a couple of testing and they all came ok, including chromosome testing, uterus shape, did a hystogram,. I tried progesterone i the last 2 m/c without avail rather it only prolonged the m.c process for me. so check out with your doc for these options, . i also know in some cases our boddy doenot accept the pregnancy and their is some medication for that,.and soemtimes pure bad luck,Hope your next pregnancy would be just the right one with a healthy baby. have u spoken to /seen a specialist yet


collette - November 14

Mani, I am so sorry for your losses. I thought three in a row was a lot. Do you have any children??? Are you miscarrying early in the pregnancy?? I have not had any tests done at this point. That is why I was hoping someone could give me some guidance on what to ask for. Thank you for your input and my thoughts are with you for a healthy successfull pregnancy!!!


me - November 14

My mother had three miscarriages and proceeded to give birth to three children--one of which when she was 44 years of age.


Erin - November 15

I'mi in the 3x unlucky catagory, 4 actually... I had three miscarriages this year, including one after seeing heartbeat and I was on progesterone just in case. Like with Mani, it just prolonged everything. I also had a miscarriage nine years ago, but got pregnant with my darling daughter just a few weeks after the D&C. Doctors think it's either my now advanced age (36), or mayby chromosomes. Still waiting for the results for me and my husband to come back. I haven't given up hope yet, but I don't get too excited when I get pregnany anymore, and I get pregnant extremely easily...


Kim - November 15

Hi Erin, I have seen you post on other threads and I just wanted to tell you how sad I am for your losses. One miscarriage is hard enough - but to have multiple losses with no a__surances that next time will be okay is so much worse. I'm so glad to hear that you get pregnant EASILY, and that you're hanging in there and not yet giving up. I do hope the doctors find something in your test results that will help them know how to help you the next time. Take good care. xxoo


collette - November 16

Has anyone had the tissue from the baby tested? I have read it can be done yet my doctors acted like I was out of my mind when I asked.


lydia - November 16

I have had myone of my mc tissue tested , this is possible but was told it could not give any answers. I have the slides and took them to anothe consultant for a second opinion , they advised that after a mc it is hard to predict what will happen again. So it was for me a waste of time. I have had 3 mc and currently had blood tests and ultrasound waiting for the results. HOWEVER the doctors say go ahead and ttc! its easy for them when we all would love to know why OUR mc happened .. I wish you luck if the tissue tests help you great but they did not give me any peace of mind or conclusion. take care


Dylan - November 17

Hi Lydia, I also just had blood work done and am awaiting my results. They tested my husband too. I had was fortunate enough to have a beautiful daughter 12 years ago after having 2 miscarriages. Both of those were only at 7 weeks. 10 years later I remarried and began ttc again only to have 2 miscarriages 1 at 11 weeks and 1 at 12 weeks. A month ago I had a misscarriage at almost 14 weeks. This is why I do not buy the age excuse given to you buy your doctors. I am glad they are checking for other reasons. Keep me posted as we seem to be in the same situation. Good luck!!!


lydia - November 17

good luck to you Dylan. You sound like me not willing to give up, yet worried if we can cope with another mc. please you too let me know your results, it should be interesting. my thoughts are with you .


jp - November 19

I am on pregnancy #6 - this time everything is looking good - I am 21 weeks... Anything is possible!!!!


Christine - November 20

My friend just had a beautiful healthy baby girl 4 days ago, after having 5 (!!!)consecutive miscarriages. With this baby, she had acupuncture treatments and drank a chinese herbal tea during the whole pregnancy. Good luck to you!



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