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Ready - October 3

About how long did it take you to get pregnant again after being treated with methotrexate for a eptopic pregnancy? I can't seem to wait to try again!


Melissa - October 9

hey there. i'm in the same boat! my ordeal happened Sept 1 with a d & c, then on the 2nd, i had the methotrexate. i hate this waiting. when did your period come? i'm at 5 weeks after the procedure with nothing yet. not even a period. i did spot for a whole month afterward. :( i guess we'll get preg when we're supposed to! good luck to ya. Melissa


Ready - To Melissa - October 9

Hi Melissa, I had my period 2 weeks after the methotrexate shot and have had one 28 days later. So they are on track(thank God). Why did you have to have the d&c and methotrexate? When did they tell you to start trying again? Was this your first pregnancy? Keep in touch.


Waiting - October 9

Hi! Same thing here. I most likely didn't have an ectopic, but was given metho. anyway. Now, I've read that docs ask you to wait bc of folic acid deficiency. Unfortunately, I won't have a follow-up (my hCG is down to 3 as of 4 days ago and went from 550 to 75 in just 3 and the docs don't seem to want to waste their time on me). I was never given any info about waiting, when to take vitamins again, etc. I'm going solely on what I can find online. :( I'm thinking that since my levels are down, I can start taking vitamins again and start trying...but I don't really know. Does anyone have any ideas? I've looked at EVERYTHING online and haven't found any answers, really, other than discrepancies in how long I should wait!!! Hope you all have great news soon!!! :)


Melissa - October 10

hey all. this was my 2nd pg, the first one i found out i was 7 1/2 weeks after all negative tests, but it m/c naturally. that was in april. this one everything was going pretty good, i guessed i was about 2 weeks, and the docs wanted to watch the levels, and they weren't doubling like a normal one. right around the time i found out i was pg, i started spotting like the first one, and i went to the hosp, and they told me they thought it was ectopic. so they admitted me, and a few days later they told me to do the d&c, the day after, my levels were still slowly going up, so they gave me the shot. docs followed the levels all the way down, but haven't heard anything in a while, so i guess they're down to zero. they said i can try again after that. i've been taking my prenatals now, and ttc, so we'll see. i still haven't gotten a real period since the surgery. i know that if i do get pg again, and i have all the symptoms, i won't complain at all! the docs want you to wait because one, your body still thinks you're pg, and two, so they know when you're last period was to keep track of it in weeks. keep me informed too! good luck.


Melissa - October 13

so, it's been 6 weeks now, to the day, and still nothing. the b___bs are kinda sore, but man, my back hurts! little bit of cramping, and some bloating, but i still don't know anything. i don't want to test. i'll be upset if it's neg, but really scared if it's positive. But i'm trying to quit smoking too. it's really hard when the hubby smokes too. keep trying girls!!


Waiting (Jessica) - October 13

Oooohhh...sounds good, Melissa! I understand about being too scared to test! But promise me that when your belly starts swelling hugely and something is flipping around down there, you'll take that test! ;) We're still trying, but I'm still spotting at Day 18 post-m/c. I've been taking prenatals and extra folic acid and we're TTC. I never heard anything from the doc, so we're back on our own--seems that no news is good news, right? :) Good luck!


Melissa - October 13

hey jessica, how far were you? i think maybe next week i'll test if nothing happens until then, the docs were saying a couple weeks ago that i should have a period between four and 6 weeks after the d &c. normally, i'm average on everything. but i'm trying really hard not to get excited. it sounds so bad. i've heard of 4 or more until a baby. can you imagine? was this your first (pg or m/c)? on the whole waiting thing, i would say to make sure your hormone level is at zero. my docs told me it's like the pill. if your body thinks it's preg, it won't ovulate. so, if ya know all those little "tricks" to tell when you're ovulating, like the cm, then i'd go by that. i 'd say after the spotting stops, you should be all good. you kinda want to make sure it's all out. i know after mine, i thought i'd be wearing a liner the rest of my life! but it'll work out. i know one thing, if you make up your mind (trick yourself) into not having one right now, it'll happen. i know it's hard to do. but we're women, and we can do anything, right?!!


Jessica - October 13

Yeah, our odds never look too good, do they? Especially when you're told, "Most pregnancies are successful" and yours isn't! I hope that you'll keep us updated on your testing! This was my 3rd pregnancy; the first time failed at about 20 weeks, the second was a few months ago, only about 5 weeks along, and this one ended at about 6 1/2-7 weeks, depending on when I actually ovulated. I'm not ovulating just yet (I DO go by all the signs) and I think that my spotting is tapering off. I know that I might not ovulate until my next period, so I'm not hoping too hard just yet. I'm sure that I'm down to zero (or, less than 2). A week ago, I was at 3 with no signs of rising. I want this so badly!!! I'm sincerely hoping that we all get our healthy babies SOON!!!


Melissa - October 13

wow. so the odds of this next one are really good for you. i had no idea. 20 weeks, i feel so bad. i don't know if i could've done that. it's only 9 p.m. and i feel like i've been up all night. i even had a 3 hour nap today. ugh. i wonder where "ready " is. haven't heard from her in a while. today i feel so old! it feels like i was lifting a lot of heavy things. that's the kinda back pain i have. i'm 25, so i shouldn't feel this bad! how old are you? i'll be around...


Ready(Jody) - October 13

Hi Girls, I am addicted to this site! Everyday there is so much to read! I am doing good. I just finished my af and my husband and I have agreed to start trying this month. I don't want to wait any longer. I feel ready physically and emotionally! I am a little scared but am hopeful! Its been 2 months since my miscarriage and I can't wait any longer! Anything new with you?


Jessica - October 14

I'm hoping that the odds look better for me, but the doc doesn't seem so sure. Apparently the docs who have seen me have conferred and agree that I'll be on bedrest for at least the first part of my next pregnancy. I'm not working right now bc of my health, but was getting ready to interview. Now I can't. What if I get pg? I'll have to quit. So, now I'm stressed over that. I need to find some work at home job, but they all seem to be scams...wish me luck. I'm 28, so my continued sub-fertility and repro. problems baffle the docs. Blah. You said you were tired by 9 last night? Hehe--it's 3 pm here and I'm ready for bed already. I feel lazy and useless, but bed just sounds so good right now!!! And Jody--congrats on trying again this month!!! I'll keep my fingers crossed...for all of us, really. Who wants a baby?! I DO I DO!!!


Melissa - October 14

well girls, i went to the dollar store and got a cheapo test for the hell of it. it was negative. but i half expected it. i just feel so d__n weird. my b___bs feel like i've done alot of weights or pushups.. i'm so worn out all the time, my lower back hurts, and i'm bloated. ugh i wish i knew something!! you go Jody!! but hey Jess, can't you work at a daycare maybe? something kinda relaxed. and don't worry so much, half those docs are guys anyway, and don't really know everything. they seem to take away our hope. keep doing good on the vitamins, and try praying or wishing, karma works too. one day, we'll all be mommies!! and it'll be sooooo worth it. try to stay hopeful.


Jody - October 15

Hi Melissa,sorry about the negative sign. Keep taking the test every 2 days or so. My cousin tested Tues got a - and tested Thurs and got a +. So you never know! Jessica , try and relax and stay focus! Stress is the last thing you need right now. I know its hard but try, ok? I'm glad we have other here cause some of my girlfriends don't listen to me much because they have no clue about m/c and dealing with the loss of a child. So, I am very thankful I have you two that have gone through what I have. I hope we stay in touch until our last trimesters!!! It will be a good year in 2006 for us! I am positive of it!!! Take care girls, and BABY DUST TO YOU BOTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Melissa - October 15

Jody, i know what you mean about your other friends. two of mine got pregnant without trying. one has already delivered, and the other is due in two months. they just say that it sucks and can't offer much more. my best friend told me she was pg the day when i had to tell her i lost mine. that was bad. i tried to be happy for her, but it was hard, that was the first one. we had always talked about being pg together, and it didn't happen. but now i have some experience and knowledge on what to expect so that's a good thing. the other positive thing is at least we lost them before they were born, instead of having them around and losing them after a few months of knowing them. i think of that, and it seems to help. the docs said that even if they could've saved mine, that it wouldn't have been normal, and my body was just getting rid of an abnormal embryo. well, at least we get to stay skinny for a little while longer!! ;)


Melissa - October 18

hey there. i was doing some research on methotrexate, and it says the period should resume by 6 weeks after the shot. friday will be the 7th week for me. it also says that if you get pg again, without a period in between pg and the shot, ectopic chances are higher. great. the info i read said to ttc after the first period. oops! :) well, that's all i have. any news on anyone else?


Jessica - October 18

Hi, ladies! Been a while...Melissa, I read the same thing about metho. I'm still not convinced that mine was an ectopic--my docs have a tendency to hurry through diagnosis and treatment with no concern for the needs or wants of the patient. Hmph. We're trying, but I don't know that I'll ovulate before my next period, anyway. It's been 3 weeks exactly since my metho shot. Here's hoping that my period (or pregnancy!!!) happens SOON! Here's hoping for ALL of us! And Melissa, I'm sorry for your negative test. Truth be told, though, I keep thinking that I want to get one, too. I don't know why. I haven't ovulated and I know this, but maybe I think it will make me feel like I'm back to normal or something. Who knows? Jody--glad we could be of some help and support. I totally agree. Most people just think of a miscarriage as a heavy period, almost. To me, it was a lost baby. I still forget that I'm not pregnant sometimes, especially when I see other women who are barely pregnant. I smile, then feel the painful realization of the situation. I left a grocery cart full of food in the store the other day because I just couldn't stand it anymore. But within a month or so, we'll all be pregnant again, right??? :) Baby dust to us ALL!



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