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Jessica - October 18

Hi, ladies! Been a while...Melissa, I read the same thing about metho. I'm still not convinced that mine was an ectopic--my docs have a tendency to hurry through diagnosis and treatment with no concern for the needs or wants of the patient. Hmph. We're trying, but I don't know that I'll ovulate before my next period, anyway. It's been 3 weeks exactly since my metho shot. Here's hoping that my period (or pregnancy!!!) happens SOON! Here's hoping for ALL of us! And Melissa, I'm sorry for your negative test. Truth be told, though, I keep thinking that I want to get one, too. I don't know why. I haven't ovulated and I know this, but maybe I think it will make me feel like I'm back to normal or something. Who knows? Jody--glad we could be of some help and support. I totally agree. Most people just think of a miscarriage as a heavy period, almost. To me, it was a lost baby. I still forget that I'm not pregnant sometimes, especially when I see other women who are barely pregnant. I smile, then feel the painful realization of the situation. I left a grocery cart full of food in the store the other day because I just couldn't stand it anymore. But within a month or so, we'll all be pregnant again, right??? :) Baby dust to us ALL!


Melissa - October 18

Jessica, don't you absolutely hate those days when everywhere you go there's a ton of fat preggies? i hate that. it's like fate is pointing and laughing. my b___bs aren't hurting like they were, and i can't tell if i'm bloated or getting fat! nothing really is different, except the fact i have a small country of a pimple on my chin! i swear, it's so big my chin looks weird! like i got hit! but anyway, i hope things will get better.


Jessica - October 18

HAHAHAHA I know--I keep wanting to test because my b___bs are sore in a distinctly pregnant way AND I have acne--I've ONLY had it when I've been pregnant. Period. Never any other time. I can always makes me feel better. I also went to the grocery store today (um...didn't get the job done last time, of course) and MORE pregnant women or brand new babies EVERYWHERE!!! I think that I might have scared one woman a little because I couldn't take my eyes off of her breathtakingly beautiful son all squished in his car seat. Ugh. I feel like I'd give just about anything to be pregnant right now, to be waiting confidently on the birth of my first baby!


Melissa - October 18

i need to go the store. i have no food! that's what happens when you get married, right? i took the dog for an hour long walk. he's pa__sed out asleep. i don't know how many blocks we went. it was nice to get outside. but i baby sat for one of my neighbors last night. it was the first time! the baby was good, she's two months old, and was a preemie. she's just now 6 lbs. but being with her gives me a baby fix. maybe we are going to be even better moms once we get there. like we won't take them for granted. i know i won't. i don't take anything for granted since my brother died 5 years ago. life happens in seconds. ok, enough sad philosophical c___p. i want brownies! anyone had any cravings? :P


Jody - October 18

Hi Girls- not much is new with me. Well, to be honest I feel like I am pregnant again. I have the same symptoms I did last time. I even knew I was before I did a test! My hubbie thinks its all in my head because he knows I want to be a mom so badly! Sometimes I agree with him. I don't get af until Oct 29. I have to wait at least next week to do a test! I have the worst heartburn when I eat and that's what happened last time. Who knows? I will keep you posted!


Melissa - October 20

hey all. well, today is 7 weeks after the d&c, and tomorrow the metho shot. no period. unless you count the entire month of sept where i spotted the whole time.. >:( grrr. but i still haven't taken the other pg test yet. i went to the store last night, and almost cried. i couldn't make up my mind on what kind of candy i wanted. plus, i was insanely b___hy, like all day. i knew it, but couldn't change it, ya know? well, maybe this weekend, i'll take that test. baby dust to U!


Jody - October 20

Melissa, Have you ovulated at all? My doc didn't count my first period as one after my miscarriage. I think it was one but he doesn't. (whatever).Keep us posted. I am waiting to test nextweek. I have symptoms pf being pregnant again. But , I don't want to get my hopes up yet! Baby Dust to you too!!!!!!


Melissa - October 23

hey girls. ok, i can't take it! my b___bs were really sore today when i got up, so i took the other dollar store test. i have a positive. i'm scared as hell. i made hubby double check. Any news on you two?


Jody - October 23

Hi Melissa, WOW! That is good news! I would call the doc to get a blood test done for sure.I am so happy for you. I went to the drug store to buy a test but they only had ones if you have misssed a period. I am supose to get af on the 29th. I hope and pray it doesn't show! I feel strong symptoms, but who knows!!! Keep me posted! I am so excited for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yah! Send some baby dust my way!!!!!!!!!!


Melissa - October 23

well, i'm in the Navy, so going to the docs isn't too hard to do. especially now since i'm considered a higher risk. but one of my friends thinks this one will stay with me, but i won't relax until i see a heartbeat. even then, i won't be totally ok until i see that face in person. i'm trying to be hopeful, but d__n, it's hard. hubby is happy, but we're still worried. i will go tomorrow and see if i can get an appt. keep trying girls, i've been taking my pre natals too. maybe that'll help. good luck and lots of baby dust!!!!


Jessica - October 23

CONGRATS!!! I haven't been able to jump on here for a few days, and what wonderful news to "come home" to! :) I totally understand being scared, but I hope that you can enjoy it, too. (Easier said than done, no doubt!) Can't wait to hear your how everything progresses, Melissa! Jody--I hope that you're able to see your positive test soon!!! When are you going to? I'm hoping to get back on here to see that you have a positive as well!!! I doubt that we did it this month, but I *DID* ovulate before my first period following, so that's good news, right?! We didn't have any idea that it was coming, though, since my body never cooperates like that, and I just don't think that we had s_x on the right days. Oh,'s hoping for next month! Congrats again, Melissa, and I'm wishing for your good news soon, Jody!!!


Melissa - October 24

thanx jessica. it will be soon for you and jody too. ugh, my b___bs are starting to really hurt. and they're getting a alot firmer. this quitting smoking thing is going to be hard, cuz i know i need to quit, but then, i remember the last two times. maybe because now i have some symptoms, this one will keep with me. baby dust to yall!


Melissa - October 24

well, i went to the dr, and it's official. they found HcG in my blood. they don't know how far i am yet, but all they have to go on is when the d&c happened, which is 7 weeks. so i say i'm maybe 3 weeks. but my first appt is the 15 of november. maybe i can get an ultrasound and see if they can see anything, maybe get an accurate date. but yeah, symptoms are definitely there. b___bs are poppin out of my bra! any news? i keep sendin baby dust!!


Jody - October 24

Hi Melissa, Wow! I am so, so happy for you! I don't want to test until the 29th ( af )?I would rather wait to see if I get it or not? I have alot of the same symptoms as before. But, some days I really don't know what to think. I have had cramps for the last week and a half. I get heartburn sometimes too. My b___bs never bothered me last time and they don't now. However, I had more headaches last pregnancy.So we will see!! Try and get a u/s done early. They should because of your past history. Take care. Melissa- How are you doing? I hope we are next!!! By the way girls, where are you both from?


Melissa - October 25

well, i was born and raised in Missouri, but when i joined, they stationed me in Virginia. i really don't like this state. But once i'm done with this gig, i think we're moving to texas, that's where DH is from. i am so going to push for an ultrasound. by the way, you two are the very few who know! i'm scared to tell everyone, because of the past, but i'll wait until i see a heartbeat. ******Baby Dust******


Jody - October 26

Well I took a test! BFN! I couldn't wait! I guess I have to wait till Saturday.Oh well! It's not meant to be yet!



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