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Dee76 - October 20

Wow… it’s been a really long time since I’ve been on this site. I just received an email that someone had responded to a post I must have written in 2007. I just wanted to let you all know there is hope… I had my ectopic Oct 2007 and got pregnant not too long after, May 2008. I gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl in Jan 2009. I know it’s scary and you think you’re never going to get pregnant again or it’s going to happen again, but don’t stress. Have the test done to check there is no blockage in your fallopian tubes, make sure everything is ok and try again. You’ll get through it, I promise.


Lizzi - October 20

Hi, again. I posted about my ectopic experience earlier this year. Just found out I'm pregnant again. Ectopic was dx in Feb 2010 at 8 weeks. And now, 7 months later, I am 6 weeks along with what appers to be a healthy intrauterine pregnancy. I called my doctor the minute I got my + hpt and he started monitoring my hcg levels right away. They were rising as expected, and the first US at 5w2d looks great. Keeping our fingers crossed for a healthy pregnancy. Long story short, don't give up! :)


Dee76 - October 20

That's wonderful news Lizzi! Very excited for you!! My fingers are crossed... ;)


Veronica22 - December 4

Hello, I'm new this site. I found it while trying to find info on pregnancy and s_x after the methotrexate shot. It's very interesting. I am curious as to Something lynn79 posted about how the shot will automatically kill it if it's still in your system?? Seriously??? Doctors here aren't helping me or giving me any info. I had spotting for 2-3 weeks and some pain so my husband made me go to the ER. They said congrats your prego! I was stunned but happy. Then an hour later the doc said "your levels r 17000 there's nothing in ur uterus in ur ultrasound. Ur ectopic and will get the shot to terminate ur pregnancy" and that's all he said. Nothing else. Then he left bc it was end of his shift-go figure. I received the shot on Monday the 29th. Today is Saturday the 4th. I stopped bleeding 2days ago. I'm not in pain anymore either. My levels are still decreasing as they are suppose to be. Is it possible to get pregnant soon after? Or am I as earlier stated unable even with unprotected s_x for 6 months (bc I received 2 shots at one time)? Oh and I'm hypothyroid and therefore take horomone pill daily (synthroid) which from what I've been told makes me more fertile... I was on the birth control pill when I got prego. Was 7 wks when I got my metho shots. Thanks.


woodwind228 - February 13

I found out on 1/19 that I was prego and 2 days later I started spotting after moving some furniture around. The doc started monitoring my hcg on 1/24 - I was about 5.5 weeks. The bleeding got heavier and I ended up bleeding from 1/21-1/30. My levels were rising very slowly and they thought it was ectopic. I had u/s and they didn't see anything inside or outside the uterus. My levels kept rising, though slowly, so we had hope. Wed, 2/2, the doc said she didn't think it was a viable pg but said since I was stable and in no pain, that she'd bring me back Fri for another beta. Again, it rose but not a whole lot. We were gonna wait it out over the weekend. I went to the ER Sunday (2/6) due to painful gas/bloating feeling. My hcg came down to 1398 from 1500 on Fri. I started spotting again after they did another u/s. They sent me home with percocet and phenegrin. I had a shot of methotrexate on Monday (2/7) and went to the doc office Fri for a blood draw and exam. The bleeding is heavier now, probably due to the exam, but I'm also wondering (since it's heavier) if it could be my first period after? I'm still having the gas/bloating pain and read that it could last 7-10 days or longer and that's it a common side effect of the mtx. Anyway, I'll find out the results tomorrow from Friday's blood draw and I'll get another one Mon. My doc said that we could ttc once my hcg is back to 0. I have had two other kids (now 20 and 9) and had no trouble with either of those pg so this is unchartered waters for me.


woodwind228 - February 18

Well, I had surgery yesterday morning after going to the ER again Tues night. The doc removed the ectopic, which was found in my right tube. She had to cut part of the tube away to get it out. My other tube looked fine, she said. She also drained an ovarian cyst while she was in there. A couple of the docs in the practice have mentioned doing a HSG to be sure my other tube isn't blocked. We'll see. It'd add another month to recovery, which stinks.


Lizzi - February 18

An update, 1 year post ectopic.....23 weeks pregnant with another sweet little girl. [3


kiowells - May 23

Hello just received shot of methotrexate on mon 5/16/11. All seems to be going well so far have had 1 hcg test 3 days ago and levels have dropped by 200. Have to go to lab tomorrow for anther test. I readfrom some of you who weren't provided with info for trying to conceive again. I was told to not take or eat anything with folic acid which promotes pregnacy. I can start taking prenatals again after hcg returns to 0. Was also told to avoid pregnancy for 3months because methotrexate is a mild dose of chemotherapy which treats cancer as other things. The chemo kills cells which will harm your fetus if you conceive before the methotrxate is no longer in your body which will take sometime under 3 months. Please lades do your research as well as ask questions before they treat you. U need to know side effe,ts and how this drug will effect you and your future child if you conceive while on this drug.


cortez805 - October 7

Hello everyone, this is my very first time posting anything and as im reading your stories It makes me realize im not alone. I recently had an ectopic pregnancy, my first pregnancy and after trying for a year it has been very hard to deal with since im 35 and now having to wait 3 months to even try to get pregnant because I got the methotresate shot, I feel im running out of time. I just want to say that at night I pray for all the ladies that have lost their babies or that cant get pregnant because I have found out that the ladies that have not gone through this experience do not understand how traumatic and painful it can be, to all you ladies I will keep you all in my prayers and please keep me in yours. And A special thank you to my husband and all the other men who are also hurting as much as we are or maybe even more, my husband says he feels the pain of loosing a baby and feels that his heart breaks when he sees the pain in my eyes, so lets not forget them because they are hurting with us.


kymmburleigh - October 28

Hey everyone... It's been about 11 months since my cervical ectopic. I also had the methotrexate shot. Shortly after out loss my hubby decided he didn't want any more kids (we have 2 already)... I was devastated... I felt like I had been robbed twice... 1 year later and we have decided to try again... I read through all of the older stories and was relieved to see some got pregnant again... Wish us luck!



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