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Jody - October 26

Well I took a test! BFN! I couldn't wait! I guess I have to wait till Saturday.Oh well! It's not meant to be yet!


Jessica - October 27

Sorry to hear that, Jody! But you can't know for sure until your period arrives, right??? I'm still going to hold out hope for you!!! Melissa, I understand being so scared. I can't wait to hear that you heard the heartbeat--you'll be so relieved (and so will we!). I actually ovulated, but wasn't expecting it, so I'm sure that we missed the timing. Still, I'm glad that my body is pretending to work again. (Like it was doing oh-so-well before!) I'm orginally from Alabama, went to college in Ohio, briefly lived in Delaware, back to Alabama, back to Ohio, and now I'm in Montana. It's beautiful here! The leaves are finishing changing and it will be snowing regularly soon--I LOVE the snow, so I'm ok with that!!! Hope you're feeling well, Melissa, or as well as pregnancy will let you. Jody, here's still hoping we get our positives soon!!!


Melissa - October 27

hey, well, the uniforms are getting really tight already. i might have to switch to the maternitys! but first appt is the 15th, don't know what they'll do to me, but yay! whatever happens, i hope this one sticks. the b___bs are nice tho, still achy, but bigger. i hate going thru this alone, girls! start bd'ing! truth is, we weren't even thinking about babies, and then it happened. maybe that's a way to try. i would love to go see montana. we're thinking of moving to texas when i'm done with the navy. have to see how it goes. *******baby dust fairy!*****


Jody - October 28

Well- 1 more day to wait! I think I may have a yeast infection. I'm not sure why but it could be a good sign! I got one last time as well! Keeping fingers crossed for no af tomorrow!


Jessica - October 28

Hehehe--Melissa, I'm glad that the b___bs are working out for you!!! My husband loved it when mine got bigger, too! You should visit Montana. It's stunning, any time of year, to be honest. People are friendly, weather is dry, so even very hot or very cold temps don't seem too bad!!! And Jody, I hate to say this, but hooray for yeast infections--if that is a sign for you, of course. You'll test tomorrow??? Post on here when you know something! As for me, I'm at 9 DPO and having pretty bad PMS symptoms. I'd like to say pregnancy, but I think we really missed the mark this time. My b___bs hurt the same way they did when I was pregnant, but I think that could just be that this is the first hormonal surge since the miscarriage and they're remembering. Does that make any sense? I guess that I should be glad that I ovulated at all, and hope for a regular (as regular as mine get) cycle for this coming one! Rest well, Melissa, and baby dust to you, Jody!


Melissa - October 28

yes, i do think one day i will visit montana. take the kids! i know yeast infections suck, but if that was a symp....i've been more tired. i take naps now, and still in bed by 9 pm. went to the store, and got fruit, grain bars, and juices. trying to keep this friend noticed my b___bs today. she can't believe how big they are already. my husband really likes them. i just don't want the stretch marks. but good luck to yall. have fun this weekend.....i'm stuck at home alone while the hubby plays hunter. he tells me today that they're leaving to go tonight at 2 am! so they can catch the deer right before sunrise. eww. i asked him what he was going to do with it when he got one, and he says he wants to keep the antlers. why?!!! eww. we live in a tiny apt. no dead animals here!! ok, gotta go for now...*B*a*b*Y **D*u*s*t****


Jody - October 29

Hi Girls, I did a test last night and got a faint positive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Af is supose to come today but no sign yet. The line was very very faint, probably because I tested earlier than I should of! I am so excited but so scared!! I am calling my doc ASAP on Monday morning!!!!! Wish me luck! I can't believe this ! Melissa- it's your turn!!!!!


Jessica - October 29

Jody--CONGRATS!!!! Looks like I'm the only one left, and I'm pretty sure it's not my month. Next time, perhaps. I'm so happy for you ladies!!!! I hope that your fertility rubs off on me!!! And Melissa--I had a friend who had a teeny apartment with only one piece of furniture (not even a bed) and lots of animal heads. I just couldn't take it!!! I felt like I was intruding on their dead wilderness!!! I'M SO HAPPY FOR BOTH OF YOU!!! Send some baby dust my way!!!


Melissa - October 29

Jess, it'll happen. Jody, woo hoo! yeah, hubby is out in the wilderness of virginia, and in a cabin with no electricity. ugh today i took a shower, and couldn't let the water hit my nips! it hurt. oh yeah, i baby-sat for one of my friends today, just 6 hours, and i'm starting to doubt having one! oh man, she has reflux, and even with the meds, she cried alot. drove me kinda nuts. but keep going, it'll happen. ******BABY ****DUST!!***


Jessica - October 30

Awww...I bet you'll make a great mother!!! If you babysit enough, you might become used to the crying, too!!! :) Just what you wanted, huh? I'm spotting at 10 DPO, which is early for me, cramping, itching, and my b___bs are still really sore, even though they usually let up by the time i've started spotting. I don't think that I'm pregnant, unfortunately, because we just didn't have s_x on the right days. Plus, with the other 3 pregnancies, I didn't have any implantation bleeding, so I can't imagine I'd have it with this one. I don't know...I wish I could be more optimistic, but I just can't get my hopes up, you know??? Hopefully, though, I'll be joining you ladies next month!!! YAY! Thanks for the baby dust--I'll take all I can get!!!


Jody - October 30

Hi Girls- Well, still no af yet! Yah! I will probably take another test today and hope I see a darker line.My hubbie is excited but I know he is also scared too. I will be on pins and needles till I'm past the first 3 months even though anything can happen at any time. But I am positive it will be ok. I hope my doc can see me tomorrow. She is going to be shocked! I never thought it would happen again so fast. I will let you know what happens. Wish me luck!


Melissa - October 30

Jody, we're the same way. he's trying to be happy, but there just seems to be this wall in front of him. but he says it'll get better once we get past 3 months. he's so cute tho. he kisses my belly good bye too! he's got an 8 yr old son, not mine. but hubby didn't get to go thru all the pregnancy stuff. she dumped him. said she didn't want him around. can u believe that? she's told me herself, so i know. she's not the brightest crayon....i hope i make a good mom. i was looking at baby stuff last night online. Burlington Coat Factory Baby Depot has some cute and not very expensive stuff. even their shirts for mommas are cute. babies'R' us was ok. i think all i'm gonna get is a pack n play, and a stroller with a car seat! this place is so tiny, nothing else will fit! but anyway, i hope all of us can be fat together. jess, have no fear, cuz u may get surprised. jody, mine was kinda faint too. good luck!!


Jody - October 30

I am soooooooooo confused! I did a test today and there is nothing! What is going on with me? The test was cheap but now I have no clue what to believe! My doc better see me tomorrow. I am going nuts!!!!!!


Jody - October 30

Now I am having brown spotting and I feel af is coming! Going crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Melissa - October 30

oh Jody! i hope it isn't! i've read that sometimes it looks like maybe...let's just see what happens.


Jessica - October 31

Jody--I hope that it's just implantation bleeding!!! Are you going to take another test?!?! I'm going to admit something sort of weird--I've been spotting, but way earlier than usual, which I said. By the time I've started spotting, my b___bs are usually back to not sore. I know that I had methotrexate and this is the 1st period after a miscarriage, and after each one will be different, but there's something else...I just checked my cervical position, and was shocked by how swollen my v____al wall is!!! That's has only happened EVER with pregnancy. Is the metho playing tricks? Because of the spotting (with some red in it), I'm not going to get my hopes up, but it IS strange. Would a period after metho mimic pregnancy? Even worse, what if this one is already miscarrying??? That would make 4--no kids. Someone's not going to be sleeping tonight...



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