Recurrent Blighted Ovum

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MomToOne - May 2

I am currently miscarrying my 6th blighted ovum. My first & long awaited pregnancy was successful & I have a wonderful daughter. She is 4.5 now and over the last 3 years I have tried to have another child but have not been successful. Each one is just as hard as the 1st. I'm getting old & my health isn't perfect and time is running out quickly for me. My husband is usually strong when it happens but even he is visibly upset this time & said he was so happy thinking we were having another baby & now he's so sad because we are not. I should probably stop trying but it's hard to do so when you want children so desperately. I tried 15 years before I had my girl. I have cousins my age who have tons of kids and are already grand parents!


pkel - September 1

I am suffering my 10th blighted ovum in a row as I type this. I am going for a DnC tomorrow. I was on 4 progesterone pessaries daily. Did not use baby aspirin though. I was taking 2 vitamin C. 1 vitamin D and elevit.  Nothing has seemed to help and I am still no closer to knowing why it keeps happening. 3.5 years of trying and no success. I am hoping to have tests on the fetal tissue in the off chance that doc will find an answer for us. It's just not fair. 


Elaine88 - December 16

Hi ladies, im so sorry to hear what all of you are goin through, my pregnancy joirney was not so smooth myself. Me and my hisband pregnancy was at year 2010 december which end up being a blighted ovum i went through a D&C was devastated. We tried several time aftertat but just failing went through test found out i wasnt ovulating so i went through some treatment and succesfully got pregnant on 2012 and i the sweetest 4 year old boy now. At year 2016 march i found out i was pregnant again of coz excited and went for u/s everything was fine and i was like so relief but things didnt went right my u/s during 3 months 6 days show that my little baby’s heart wasnt beating and i had to go for D&C again i cried my eyes out. And just this year 2017 november i found im pregnant again suprisingly wasnt expecting i had the bad news again yesterday after u/s another blighted ovum. Super dissapointed. Im waiting for it to fall out naturally hoping to avoid the D&C. Will have to go back to my doc in two weeks time. But this dont pull my spirit down. Will have to run a scan after having a normal period after this miscarriage to find out how is my uterus as my doc say its unlikely to be genetic problem as i have a healthy 4 years old boy. So all the ladies out there dont be discourage. Things happen for a reason blighted ovum is common and it just mean that the fetus is unhealthy so your body decide to stop the development. After all of this i will let my body heal and try again with my hub as we are goin for a vacation to bali 2018 April. So finger cross and pray???? good luck to you all too



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