Sudden Loss Of Pregnancy Symptoms At 8 Weeks

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maude - August 7

Hello ladies: I have had a previous m/c last year and I am very nervous about having another one. I am 8 weeks pregnant and last week was tired, sore br___ts, lots of nausea. My symptoms went away over the weekend and I am feeling way too good to be pregnant. B--ts seem less heavy and not sore, no morning sickness, more energy - I am so scared that something happened and I am about to m/c again. Has anyone gone through this? What was your experience? Has anyone lost their symptoms around 8 weeks and gone on to have a healthy pregnancy? Thanks for any responses! M.


marranie - August 7

I lost pregnancy symptons several times this pregnancy, sore b___bs were definately on and off and actually had more tiredness during the second tri. Symptons especially disappeared before any ultrasound scans and reappeared afterwards. Now 36 weeks and really didn't feel confident about the pregnancy until about 20 weeks.


SaraH - August 7

Maude, I hope all is okay. Maybe you can get your doc. to do a HCG test to make sure your levels aren't droping. Or maybe they will do an u/s for you. Anyways, I wish you and your little one the best of luck.


ashanti - August 8

I am going through the same thing i am 6 weeks and have had 4 m/c i am ver scared because 1 day i am very queezy and sore and the next day i can run a marathon. What's happening?


jessie - August 8

Hi Maude I am almost 9 weeks and I don't feel pregnant since the weekend either... I am going for a scan later today to make sure all is ok. Can you get your doc to get you blood tests or an ultrasound? I think it would be worth it just to know that all is OK. I think it is normal for symptoms to fluctuate. Hope all is well!


JuJu - August 8

Hi Maude; hope you are doing ok - can you have an ultrasound done to check that everything's going ok? The important thing to remember now is that good old cliche - that every woman and every pregnancy is different - so try no too worry. I should take my own advice though - I am pregnant again (6w4d) after 2 miscarriages this year, and I am concerned - because I haven't had any nausea etc yet! Other than tiredness I am feeling pretty good. Hoping that it's just too early for morning sickness. The reason I worry is that I had quite a bit of morning sickness when I was pg with my DD (she is now 22 months), but with the 2 pregnancies that I lost - I didn't have any. So I can't help but compare and contrast!


buffy2297 - August 26

Maude, I posted a thread with exactly the same question. I was 8 weeks and my sympotms just went. Please feel rea__sured I'm now 17 weeks PG and everything is going well. I'm sure everything will be fine. Good Luck.


buffy2297 - August 26

Maude read my post:-8 weeks and my symptoms have disappeared. Any advice? Hope this helps. Gini


JuJu - August 26

Maude; after my last post to you a few weeks ago, I did start to get morning sickness, but it began to taper off last week, when I was also in my eigth week. I was due for an u/s with my OB anyway, and after we had checked that the bub was fine on u/s, I mentioned to him that my m/s had tapered off and I wasn't sure what to think of it. He just said that each pregnancy is different, and it may be that the ms will come back (because the 'issuing' of pregnancy hormones comes in waves rather than a consistant 'issue') or he said it may contiune to improve now that I am salmost 9 weeks. I know how hard it is not to worry though (it's an inbuilt mechanism!!); I hope you are ok - juju


maude - August 26

Hello all, thank you so much for your responses. I am still pregnant (no bleeding) but I have not seen a doctor as my first appointment is only in two weeks. I still have no symptoms but I am farther along now and hoping I am one fo those lucky? girls who get none. Juju I don't post much on this site but have been reading on it for about a year, I am familiar with your journey from lurking on other threads and am so happy to see that you are pregnant and doing well. Buffy, I came across your other thread after I had posted this one and it helped me a lot. Thanks again to all you ladies who posted back it helped me keep my panic under control. M.


kenny09 - June 8

hi maide and marraine, sarah, ashanti everyone. I have the same problem. I had a miscarriage last yr. I had lost all symtoms then had some spotting. Unlrasound detected no heartbeat. Now i am pregnant again.. 5 weeks. I had a blood test and it showed hcg rising. Whwn i woke up today morning i had no pregnancy symptoms. i was sich with heartburn, nausea , constipation and sore b___sts all this while and this morning... nothing. Has anyone every experienced this? ai am very very loss of baby was hurtful enough. Pls help and tell me if you have been through anything like this. Just 5 weeks pregnant, i havent even had an ultrasound yet.


AmericanReject - June 8

i was 6 weeks and had tons of symptoms and then all of a sudden they were gone...5 days later i had miscarried....its happened twice and i'm pretty sure its just a doc said sometimes those things just miscarriage and one chemical..both lost symptoms right before miscarryin....i'm trying again this month...i ovulate in about a week


sidlee - July 20

hi guys,its amazing how so many people have the same probs.i am now 6wks & had a miscarriage in Jan at 11wks & at around 7wks my symptoms just stopped.i contacted the midwives & they said not to worry & just enjoy it!i should have listned to my own body cause i knew something was up.sure enough bub had gone at 7wks but didnt bleed until 11wks.was also "showing" very early but it was just fluid due to something being wrong.have a little bump now that i cant suck in & it is quite firm.sore b___bs gone & no morning sickness,i dont know if i am over reacting or if something is wrong again,this will be my 4th child so you would think i would be used to it.any way would love some advise or words of wisdom please,good luck to all who are going through the same thing,Lee


puppylover - July 27

Sidlee... I wonder if you went further along in your pregnancy and had a healthy baby? I'm having the same issues... 6 weeks and total loss of symptoms, b___bs flat.


baby_patojo - July 29

Please ... ladies you just got me worried, but i got ONE question for all, has ANYONE here anywhere BEEN pregnant and u felt pregnant and everything u where late all the symptoms and all... but ur test were negative, but after a while it was reall true you were pregnant??? (im sorry if its confusing but bare with me here) cause im a month late, i had alll i mean ALL my symptoms... including a little change in my belly but its been a week now or so i havent felt nothing im pretty much NORMAL. and now i read all this and im scared! any opinions?


kw314 - July 31

Posting in case any worried mom to be comes across this thread like I did yesterday. I'm 8w4d pregnant. Nausea and major breast tenderness started right at 6 weeks. This weekend (at 8 weeks on the dot) my symptoms vanished overnight - no nausea and my b--bs went back to normal size. Of course I freaked out but my doc gave me another ultrasound today and everything looked great. Hope this helps!



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