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Mediterranean - January 3

Hi everyone, 

i wanted to start a group for those of us who have gone through miscarriage.  Once we get a few members I will share my whole story and we can hopefully be a close knit group to vent and provide support to one another.  We can share in each other's success and comfort in hard times.   

I have had two miscarriages within 10 months, the most recent just being a few weeks ago on December 6, 2016.  That was the most traumatic experience of my life.   

Sharing our stories is such a release and knowing you're not alone is a relief.  I found a post on here and read for hours about a group,of women posting daily. I found it such a comfort and I cheered for their succes.  I realized it was posted over a year period back in 2005! But I felt like I knew them and they were such a close group of complete strangers.  I'm hoping to have the same :) 


Mediterranean - January 5

Jan 4/17 - So maybe we can start by sharing a little bit about ourselves.   I'm 35 and have been married for almost 4 years.  I work as an emergency responder in the mining industry and my husband is a pharmacist.  I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, spending time outdoors,(mainly summer but I live in the north go figure)  fishing, hunting but also enjoy getting pampered.  We became pregnant on the first try ( more of not trying, not preventing) and once our son was 1.5, I was finally ready for another baby.  Unfortunately we had two back to back miscarriages and that's where we are right now.   


Lavendercupcake - January 6

Hi! I'm not sure which country is this website catered for but I'm all the way from Asia (Singapore!) thanks for setting this thread up. I'm 38 and married for 2.5 years. Been trying since. Had a natural preg 2015 miscarried at 8 weeks. Went for IVF in 2016 with a chemical preg and then most recently preg again 2016 naturally just before my scheduled IVF but miscarried at 10 weeks. Did a whole bunch of blood test for my recurring miscarriages (cost a BOMB!) waiting for results now before taking next steps. :) 


Mediterranean - January 6

Welcome Lavendercupcake,

I'm so sorry to hear about your losses :(    I'm in Canada, but it's for all women no matter of location.  It's an unfortunate event that affects women everywhere. 

Can I ask why the IVF if you had already had a natural pregnancy?   When are your results from your testing expected?   Did your miscarriges happen naturally?

Today marks one month that my last miscarriage bagan and I just found out from a co-worker that his wife is due on my what would be due date.  June 24.  No one at work even knows I was pregnant so it wasn't mentioned out of insensitivity.  It was hard to hear and I was jealous, while being happy for him at the same time. 

I want testing done but my Dr didn't send me for any tests and said nothing will probably be done because I haven't had 3.  I did however had a period one week early which has never happened so that may have been a miscarriage that was too early for me to know I was pregnant, as we were TTC at the time.   With persistence she referred me to an OB/GYN but my appt isn't until the end of March.  I don't even know if the OB will do anything at that point either and maybe I'm getting my hopes up for nothing?! 

Did you have any testing while you were pregnant to check your overall health and HCG levels or progesterone?   


 - January 29

Hello Ladies, Im new to the group but really need to start reaching out to others that understand the heartache of m/c. My friends dont understand the need to keep going but Im determined not to give up.   Im nearly 43 I have a 19 year old conceived and born naturally from my past ex. I am engaged to a wonderful man 36 with no children of his own. We have been trying to carry full term and conceive for nearly 3 years now. I was lucky enough to concieve 3 natural pregancies but lost all 3 (12 weeks, 5weeks and 7.5wks)  Inbetween we tried Clomid for the natural conceptions then our OB suggested we try ivf (it was our back up plan)  We had 19 eggs collected with 6 frozen, We have now only 1 embryo left after using other 5.  At Christmas time it was a magical christmas with us finding our finally our ivf had worked and were were recently veiwing our very healthy bub at 7.5weeks with a healthy heatbeat and growing strong. We were told to come back and hear the heart beat at 8wks due to not hearing them before because their hearts were stopping in previous MC's.  We went back at 8 weeks to be told the heart had stopped at 7w4d... I dont understand and Im broken right now.   They tell us now to use growth hormones and go on a donor list for younger embryo donation.  

I have a healthy egg store from my last test and also had 6 healthy embrios that were 5AA, 5AB, 4AB, 3BB, 3AB so they A is apparently the important part of the embryo quality not the number.   Im now seeing a chinese herbalist, fertility accupuncture for last 6 months and hoping this all helps.

My question is when doctors cant explain why the babies  stop growing at around the same time, has anyone else been in a similar situation and had an explanation or tried something natural that worked for a baby to go full term. I eat healthy, exercise atleast 4 times a week, dont smoke, dont drink (not even coffee) Im doing as much natural as I can but just need our much desired baby to stick and go full term.  So sorry for the long message but Im looking for answers, help or just a shoulder now I guess from those that get it.


Mediterranean - January 31

Hi Zaree,

Welcome!  I'm so very sorry to hear of your losses.  I know it's incredibly painful to deal with and the more losses, the more you lose hope that you will go on to have a healthy baby. 

Like you, I have one child, who will be 3 next month.  We have been trying for another for 1.5 years now and it took a while the second attempt (more from bad timing as I discovered later) and within 3 months this last time but both resulted in miscarriages.  The first I had cramping and bleeding at 6.5 weeks and this last one in December I had found out there was no heartbeat when I went in for my first dating ultrasound at 10 weeks.  The baby had only measured 6 weeks.  I was completely taken by surprise and devastated.   I hadn't heard the heartbeat for either of those two pregnancies :(   Have you heard the heartbeat in any of the previous 4 pregnancies?   When did you find out you lost the last one?  I'm not sure how your healthcare works but is it possible to see any other fertility Dr for a second opinion?  I dont know what all is involved with going with an embryo donor.  Would that carry the genetics and chromosomes of the donor?  Is another round of IVF not an option, either for you or your Dr?  Have they done other testing to investigate whether it's your eggs, or another reason the actually causes the miscarriages?  Have you ever been put on progesterone or tested for your progesterone levels?

I too just started going to a naturopath and have started herbs and accupuncuture.  I just need to do something differently for my own peace of mind. 

I know it's hard but keep looking after your own health, it will only benefit you right now and be good for future pregnancies.




MilanaK - April 18

Hello everyone! Thank you for creating this thread. And thank you girls for sharing your stories and your experiences. I couldn't hold back my tears while reading them. I'm so sorry you had to go through MCs. But now I feel I'm not alone in this and I have someone who will listen to my story, understand me and support me. 

I'm not the one who talks about my problems with family or friends. Even my husband... Though he supports and comforts me, but I know he is also in pain as I am. So I don't want to drop too much feelings and thoughts on him. I can't speak with friends. They just don't get it. I tried a couple of times to share my feelings with my best friends, but they start to give advices like "eat healthier" or "change the doctor" or "try new meds" or "read in the internet what to do" etc. I know they want to help and I'm not resenting. I just needed some compassion and reassurance... Well anyway I have you guys. We are all in the same boat.

My name is Mila. I'm 38, live in Italy. I'm married, no kids. My dh and I have been ttc for 9 years already. Not only it was hard to conceive, but also it was hard to carry. I had 3 MCs. I've lost my little babies on 7-8th weeks of pregnancy. My last one was on 19th of January this year. I'm so tired. I decided to stop torturing myself and my husband. These 9 years all we were carrying about was to gp and carry a baby. I feel like our relationship became not that good as they were in the beginning. We still love each other and want to have kids together. I just feel like we don't enjoy life and our love. 

So, what I'm trying to say is I decided to stop and choose another option which will help us to become parents. I'm thinking about surrogacy. What do you think about it? My husband doesn't like this idea at all. First of all surrogacy is illegal here in Italy. I told him we could go abroad. But he said this is too expensive. We googled prices in the USA and they are really high… But we could take a loan or smth like that… He doesn’t want to listen. So I decided not to push on him and make some research on this procedure by my own. Then I will explain him all aspects so we'll be able to decide what is better for us. 

I'm so sorry for so big post! I hope it didn't bother you. Thank you so much for reading it! I'm feeling better now. I wish all of you best of luck!


Peacock - October 12

Hi, I know I'm replying to an old post but I only came across it today. I'm 41 years old and remarried 6 months ago. We were so happy  as we fell pregnant straight away! We were so shocked and happy as I though because of my age and being type 2 diabetic it would take longer. I have 2 sons from previous marriage and this would have been my new parents 1st. It seems our joy was cut short the day after I told both our families and my two boys, I started spotting at 3months and went in for a scan. I was measuring 7 weeks with no heart beat! We were devastated, first time I've seen my husband cry. We couldn't believe it, I really wish we hadn't told anyone especially my boys (eldest 12 and youngest 7 years). The hardest thing we had to do was explain to them why I wasn't pregnant anymore. Thinking I was 3 months and had no symptom of miscarriage I wanted to share our news. Sorry this is long but I wanted to tell u the whole story. So I had the D&C a week later. After I stopped bleeding and I had 1 cycle we decided to try again and we fell pregnant again! Due to last miscarriage we were really worried but happy. I was spotting on and off at 5 weeks and went in for scan, they could see the sac but too early to see anything else . We went back again 2 weeks later and they checked my HCG levels which were really high at 5 weeks 5939! We were hoping it could be twins. 2 weeks later still measuring 6 weeks not 7 and couldn't see heart beat! Went back for another scan 2 weeks later it was measuring 5 weeks not 9. I had my second D&C this morning! So depressed and drained. This time they will send off for results to why it keeps happening. The results will take 12weeks so we won't be ttc until we know the results. In the mean time due to diabetes my diet is healthier I'm still going to take my folic Acid and I'm on insulin. I've also read that Utericalm is a very good natural drop you can take to help prepare for a successful pregnancy and the reviews are very promising. Has anyone else tried it and carried full term?  It's a bit expensive but I'm willing to try anything not to go through a 3rd heart ache miscarriage. Thanks for reading, sorry if I've sent some of you to sleep with my essay. It feels good to get it all out and share, I really hope since your last post you've had a beautiful baby. If any of you ladie's have gone on to have successful pregnancy please let me know, I could do with cheering up????. Wishing u all the best xx



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