TTC Immediately After A Miscarriage

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lesliedp - August 18

Hello everyone I am new to this board and was so glad to find it after what I am going through. After having 3 healthy baby's I was nursing my 3rd and found I was pregnant just after he turned one- I never got a period just went from post partum to prego. I am in the middle of the miscarriage now- I was just over 5 weeks. The U/S yesterday showed an empty womb (made it a little easier) and the HCG was at 98. After talking with my DR who advised trying after one cycle we have decided against waiting and are going to try immediately. I wanted to see if others have been in this same situation and have made this decision. One of my closest friends was in this situation and her fertility dr told her to try immediately after the m/c as it was a natural one (as is mine). She had her son asa result of that immediate pregnancy. Anyhow- My bleeding is starting to slow down- the worst of it was yesterday. I feel that trying again right away is the best thing for me mentally. I'd love to hear from others... thank you!


lozzy - August 20

Hi Lesliedp, im sorry for your loss, i am kind of in the same situation as you, i dont have any children yet but miscarried my first pregnancy nearly 3 weeks ago. my dr told me to wait untill i have a normal period until i start trying again but we started pretty much as soon as the bleeding stopped. I also think that trying again straight away is the best thing for me mentally as I feel like im working towards something, although i realise it probably wont happen in the first month, i feel a lot happier knowing that we are one step closer to having a baby. Ive researched it quite a bit and there is no medical reason you cant start trying straight away, the drs only tell you that cos its easier to work out the dates if you wait until you have a normal period. good luck, keep us posted :) xxx


lesliedp - August 20

Hi lozzy- thank you for your response- it's good to hear when you are not alone. I am sorry for your loss as well. I totally agree about the mental aspect- I think immediate helps to ease the loss. Are you using an OPK? I am back to the one I used with my first 3- we have always gotten pregnant on the first try each time so I am praying that that trend will continue this month. My bleeding is on day 5 and is tapering off- I pray it will end in the next day or so so that my body can continue into the next step (ovulation). I have come across the same findings as you with regards to solid evidence against immediate pregnancy. Lots of people say you need to let the uterus heal but my friend's fertility DR told her that only applies to a D&C as a natural miscarriage is carried out by the body which will move on only when ready. I will keep you in my prayers- I'll keep you posted and hope you will do the same. Have you ovulated yet? Just curious how long it may take after the bleeding stops. LMK! Many thanks!


lozzy - August 20

Hi lesliedp, no I havnt used an opk yet, I was just gonna see how I go in the first month or so then give it a go but if you think it works I might try it as it took 6 months for me to get pregnant last time and I really dont want to wait that long again. my bleeding lasted 6 days so you will probably find yours will finish in the next day or two hopefully. Yeah I think its only for a D&C that you need to wait as the lining of the uterus gets sc___ped pretty thin, but for a natural miscarriage I have not heard any medical reason why you would need to wait. No I havn't ovulated yet but I've read it cant take between 2 or 6 weeks but it is different for everyone I'm hoping it will happen in the next week or so. I will keep you posted with how I go though. Good luck :)


lesliedp - August 20

Yep- I def. would try an OPK after this cycle if you need to- it takes the guesswork out :o) we have always gotten pregnant on the first try each time and each was with opk's. I am noticing the bleeding is starting to taper off so I hope by sat it will be finished. I have the OP computer from clearblue so it will ask me to start testing on Sat as it only allows for 5 days of bleeding. I have such high hopes- it keeps me going! I hope you will have a very successful month too- can't wait to hear! I'll keep you posted too! BEST OF LUCK!


TriciaM - August 23

Hi there, I wanted to say i am so sorry for both of your losses. I know exactly how you feel. I got pregnant with our first but ended up having a blighted ovum and had a D&C back on May 28th. It took almost 8 weeks exactly to get my period after the D&C. My doctor told me we could try after the first normal period. I had some light bleeding around 3 1/2 weeks after the d&c. But low and behold we took an hpt test yesterday and got a big YES on the digital test. We are super excited, very very scared at the same time. But wanted you to know that my doctor told me you are extremely fertile the next 3 months after your miscarriage. I definitely do believe that now. I wanted to say there is hope and good luck to the both of you. I now just have to get through the next few weeks till the first ultrasound. Best of luck to both of you!


lozzy - August 23

Congratulations Tricia!!!! Thats fantastic news, thats great it happened for you again so quickly, its definatly given me hope that the same happens for me. All the best for this pregnancy!! Do you know when you are due? :)


lesliedp - August 23

Tricia- that is wonderful news! Thank you so very much for sharing and for your kind words. I have such high hopes for this month! How far are you? Please keep us posted! Congrats!


TryingTa__sie - August 25

Hi Everyone, I am new to this board but I have found it so helpful. My husband and I fell pregnant the first months of trying, but at our 8 week scan (12 Aug 09) we were told that we had had a missed miscarriage and nothing had developed, so I went into hospital the next day to have a D & C which went very well... I was told that is was going to pa__s itself within the next 24hours anyway so it was a very easy procedure for them to do. I only bled for 2 days and it was very light and brown. Then just under a week after the D & C I got my period, which felt totally normal. I did ring and check with the midwife to se if it was possible and she said it was. I had my follow up appointment today and it all came back clear and everything back to normal and we were told that we could start trying again when we felt ready. I just hope it happens for us again and if we try straight away that everything will be ok.... I am wondering if I should wait another cycle? I am very sorry to you all who have had to go through this as well.. it is very hard and takes up a lot of thought! I can't thank you all enough though for your stories... it has really helped me move on and get excited about trying again. Lots of luck to you all.


lozzy - August 25

Hi TryingTa__sie, I'm sorry to hear of your loss. I too have found this forum great help in working through my grief, as sad as it is to read everyones stories its comforting to know you are not alone and to be able to talk to others who may be having the same experience as you. I couldnt really tell you whether you should wait or start trying again right away, its a personal choice but I think if you feel ready physically and emotionally then go for it!! I had a miscarriage about 3 and a half weeks ago and we started trying again pretty much as soon as the bleeding stopped which I think has helped me a lot mentally and is helping me to move on. I did a pregnancy test last night just to make sure it was negative, which it was. ( i didnt want to do a test in a few weeks if i dont get my period and get a false positive which is possible if your pregnancy hormone levels dont drop right away.) Keep us posted with how you go. Good luck!!!


AlliJas - August 25

Hi Everyone, I am sorry for everyone's losses. This site has been a great help to me also. I have had 1 natural miscarriage (1st pregnancy in April/09) and a blighted ovum (2nd pregnancy in July/09). I thought 2 losses in a matter of months would be enough to do my head in but I find talking to other women about their experiences has made me feel not alone. None of my friends or family have experienced a miscarriage and in fact have recently had a baby or are pregnant which makes it very difficult. I agree with you all that ttc right away helps to move on. I have decided to wait 2 cycles before ttc seeing I had a d&c, but find the waiting to get things back to normal is hard. I have my follow-up appt with my OBGYN tomorrow and am interested to see what she has to say about me ttc again. I am hoping I can get some sort of testing done before I ttc again, but from what I read they usually won't do this until you have had 3 miscarriages. Wishing everyone all the best on their journey of ttc!


lesliedp - August 25

Hello TryingTa__sie- thank you so much for your kind words. I am sorry for your loss as well and excited for you as you take the next steps towards TTC again. I hope that you will keep us posted on your decision- let us know when you decide to go for it and definitely keep us posted on your progress! AlliJas- I am so sorry for your losses as well. Pleas let us now how it goes tomorrow! I too have heard that you have to have 3 m/c before testing but in all honesty if you want testing done you should push for it- do you think you will try again right away? How do you feel about it? Lozzy- were you checking with the HPT to make sure there was o more HCG in your system? I did the same thing! :o) I checked it on the final day of bleeding last week and got a negative so that makes me happy- and very excited as now I know my body will get ready for ovulation! I will keep y'all posted on how it goes- based on my old cycles from the first 3 kids I ovulate around day 15. I am at 9 now. please wish me luck and know that I will keep all of y'all in my prayers!!!


TryingTa__sie - August 25

Hi Lozzy, AlliJas and Lesliedp, it was so nice to come into work this morning and see your replies... I just can't believe how common a miscarriage is... When I had my appointment yesterday with the Gyn. she said that is was ok for us to start trying again when we felt emotionally ready... she did an internal scan and said that everything was fine and looked like normal again... but just like a lot of other people I am nervous about trying again and my head is telling me to wait for just a few weeks to get my period and then TTC but my heart is telling me that I want to start trying when I next ovulate which would probably be next week... I know no one can make the decision for me... I guess that is why it is so nice to read all of your stories to see how you are coping with it.... for the first time in my life the weeks are just going SO slowly... :-) I have never wanted to go fast like I do now! I look forward to reading your stories on how you are all progressing and I wish you all so much luck! My husband and I are off on a short holiday tomorrow for 3 nights to warmer weather.. so who knows maybe the break will do us some good! XXOO


lozzy - August 25

Hi AlliJas - so sorry to hear about both of your losses, one is hard enough but two would be devastating. As hard as it is just try and stay positive, ive read other womens stories on here who have had multiple miscarriages and then gone on to have healthy babies. Ive heard a lot of dr's wont do testing until you have had 3 but like Lesliedp said if you push for it I'm sure they will do it. Let us know how you go with your dr. Good luck!! Lesliedp - yeah I did the HPT to make sure there was no HCG in my system, I probably should have done it sooner but it didnt occur to me till the other day. But it was negative so at least I know now if I get a positive result soon its not a false positive. TryingTa__sie - I know what you mean about time going slowly its doing the same for me. Thats great you are going away for a few days. Me and my boyfriend went away for a few days last week and it did us both the world of good, it was so nice to just relax and not have to worry about stuff at home, I feel so much more positve and relaxed now. Also I was ovulating at the time so fingers crossed. I look forward to hear how you all go, keep us posted and ill do the same. Good luck, thinking of you all :)


lesliedp - August 25

tryingta__sie- keep us posted on what you decide! Have a wonderful vaca!!!!! lozzy- keep us posted!!!!


AlliJas - August 26

Hi lozzy, lesliedp & tryingta__sie Thanks for everyone's comments. I went to see my OBGYN today and she is willing to do some testing to see if there are any problems. She did mention that usually they wait until there have been 3 miscarriages but feels 2 is traumatic enough. I am so glad to be able to get testing done. I just couldn't imagine having to take my chances on another pregnancy with no information on issues I may have. I have to wait until I get my 2nd period after my d&c and then they are going to monitor my cycle. Once I become pregnant again, they are going to give me progesterone to take and test my hormone levels regularly. They will also get me in for a u/s at 6 weeks and one at 9 weeks to monitor everything. I am hopeful that the 3rd time will be a success story! Tryingta__sie - I am so glad your able to start ttc right away again. Once you feel ready - go for it!! Enjoy your time away and keep us updated:) lozzie - Good luck to you as well - keep us posted on whether this go around was a success for you! lesliedp - to answer your question in your earlier post I am going to start ttc right away. I have to wait for one period after my d&c and then the next one after that we will start trying. Best of luck to you as well - keep us posted!


lesliedp - August 26

Allijas- I am SO happy for you! Good for you for asking the Dr. to help you out. I hope this will give you peace of mind when you conceive- it sounds like your Dr. has a great plan lined up for you! I hope that the 3rd time will be a success for you! Can't wait to hear more!



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