When Will 1st Period After MC Come

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lovestruckjsw - September 18

Hello everyone, I had a miscarriage on August 15 when I was 6 weeks 2 days pregnant. I miscarried naturally and did not have to have anything done. I only took prescribed medication for the pain and thats it. It has now been 5 weeks tomorrow since it happened. My question is, when will I get my first period?? After a miscarriage, do you ovulate 14 days later from the day it started (like with a period) or does it take 3 or 4 weeks to even ovulate again? I thought I would have ovulated about the 29 so we were careful that whole week around that date. But did I ovulate later? I have been having little crampings for about a week or so but still no period. Just a LOT of discharge. I would just like to know what is going on. When will I get my period!?? Its so annoying just waiting on it. If you know anything about this or are also waiting, please let me know. I could use any advice or help! Thank you so much ladies.


lovestruckjsw - September 19



fifijeep - September 19

Hi, so sorry to hear of your loss. I had a mc in May, because of blood loss I had to have a d&c. My doc told me my period would come anywhere from 2 to 8 weeks later. It came on the dot 4 weeks after my d&c. It's hard to be patient, especially if you want to ttc again. My doc also told me that I could ovulate 14 days after the d&c, and I was told not to bd for the first 2 weeks anyway. Not sure about natural mc, but hope everything goes well for you. Hang in there.


mtoc - September 19

lovestruckjsw.... I miscarried on the exact same day... August 15, I was ten weeks along. I also pa__sed everything naturally. My doctor told me my period should come in 4-6 weeks and still nothing. I am hoping it will come soon because I am anxious to get pregnant again. I feel many symtoms of my period starting so we'll see in the next week. I think you can ovulate roughly two weeks after the miscarriage. But it's hard to know because who knows where your body is with it's cycle. Sorry this is not much help.... but I too am in your same boat. If you find out anything that would be helpful pa__s it along. thanks.


lovestruckjsw - September 19

thanks fifijeep and mtoc. I am so sorry for both of your losses. Its such a heartbreaking thing to go through.... I am really ready to get my period too mtoc. Its just so annoying not knowing what is going on with my body. So its been 5 weeks today for both of us. How are you feeling right now? I have started having a LOT of my old pregnancy symptoms again. Is that normal? So many people I have talked to and heard from have said that they got their period about 4 weeks after their miscarriage. But I am kind of confused now...4 weeks after the day it started? Or 4 weeks from the day it ended? I guess only time will tell for us. I just wish something would happen so I knew what was happening with my body! I will be sure to pa__s on any helpful information that I find. Please, if anyone else knows anything, let us know...thanks


debbie80 - September 20

Hi Ladies- Well I was in your situation about two months ago. DH and I have been ttc for 16 months. I became pregnant in 6/05 and had a m/c at 5 wks. Then one year ago I find out that I am pregnant again..everything was doing well until I reached 9 wks when I started spotting. Well everything went downhill from there and I ended up spending the entire day in the ER and at my OBGY's office...both doctors confirmed that the baby stopped growing at 6wks 2 days. I was so devastated-how could this happend to us once again? Well my doctor could not do my d&c until 4 days later so I had it done on 7/31. She told me that my AF would arrive anywhere from 4-6 weeks after my d&c and she was right..it came on 9/1. My AF usually shows up on the 26th so now this month I have to find out if she is back on track or if she is going to start coming on the 1st now...we are not really ttc but we did have some fun around the time I think I ovulated...but as of right now, I do not have any symptoms or anything so I dont think I succeed this month, which is fine..like I said, we were not really ttc at all this month. My doctor told me to wait until at least two cycles so you will know when your AF will start..so that is what we are doing..so hopfully next month I will be able to get back into the game. As for ovulating after your m/c..I did. My doctor told me that I wouldnt and three days later I did..I had all the ewcm you could imagine...and then I just had it happen to me on the 8-10 so I think I ovulated early..anyways- having a m/c is very painful to deal with. People kept telling me its okay and its just God's way of telling you something was not right..so I have to take that into consideration. My thoughts and prays are with you and if there is anything that you ladies need, please let me know. Take care...


daisyusa - September 20

I'm so sorry to hear that you lost your baby. I had a mc on aug 4 with a D&C on the same day. I got my first period 32 days later. I asked my doc the same question and she said she didn't know when I would get my period, but did tell me if I didn't get it by 10 weeks, to come back and see her. I'm so irregular I was actually counting down the 10 weeks. I was never so happy to get my af. I'm hoping to ovulate over the weekend and do the babydance starting tomorrow. Poor hubby. I have heard that some women do ovulate 2 weeks after mc, but I didn't. Don't lose faith, you will get it back, but if it takes too long, call your doc. Will keep you in prayer. God bless.


lovestruckjsw - September 20

Thanks so much ladies for your words of comfort and advice. Well it has been 36 days ( 5 weeks and 1 day) since the miscarriage) and still no period. I dont know what is going on. I keep having all the same little crampings I had when I found out I was pregnant. Slightly sore b___bs and TONS of discharge. We were pretty careful this month trying to wait but there were times we werent completely careful. And plus, I have no idea when and if I ovulated. What is going on with my body??? I don't know what to do. I heard between 4 and 6 week you should get it back. Well I'm going on to my 6th week. Is this normal?? Thankyou so much again girls. Your support and advice has helped me SOO much. Its such a great comfort to have others out there to talk to and know what you're going through. Now I just wish I could get my period or something! I feel like I'm hanging in limbo....


daisyusa - September 21

Its so frustrating when there is no set answer for questions like these becasue we are all so unique. I've heard the same...between 4-6 weeks, but that's just an average. So many things can throw you off. Have you tried taking a HPT? You never know!!! If negative, call your doctor to see if she can give you a better timeline as to when they will offer some intervention to kick start your period back. I wish I could be of better help.


sfarrington - September 21

Hello Ladies!! I too am very sorry for your losses. I went through my 3rd m/c in July. I did have to have a d/c. I just started my period this past monday after 40 days since I stopped bleeding from the d/c. I visited dr last week regarding my hormone, genetic, and protein tests. He said it's typical to be about 4-6 weeks before you have your period. I was getting really worried and was going to call dr this week until I got home from work monday night and there it was.. We are getting ready to ttc again once I through my cycle. All my tests came back normal except for my protein levels. They are high and the dr has put me on a baby asprin a day to help thin my blood out. He said that my blood is clotting and may not be getting to the baby and that could be the cause of the m/c. So, we are hoping that we will be p/g by the end of the year. Otherwise, I will have to pay out of pocket costs to see a specialist. They also did chromosome testing on what was left of the pregnancy when they did the d/c. Everything was normal, so it looks like we shouldn't have a problem. It's so weird because I went in last week expecting all of this bad news and I think it took me a couple of days to get over the shock and feelings that problem could be that small and easily fixed. Wishing all of you the best of luck....talk to you soon


lovestruckjsw - September 21

Thanks ladies! Everyone who has posted on here has been such an amazing help. I've been trying to figure it all out so much and ya'll have all done wonders for helping me keep my sanity! lol well today my b___bs are hurting TERRIBLE! It has been 38 days since the miscarriage. Still waiting....I keep having all my old pregnancy symptoms....I just wonder if I ovulated later than I thought I did. I dont know, we'll see. I will keep you guys posted. There really is no telling whats goin on with my body. Again, thank you everyone sooo much! I'll update again soon if anything changes...


Thipsuda411 - October 22

Hi I’m just wondering if your period ever came as I’m in kind of the same situation, I miscarried on the 16th of September at 6 weeks bled for 5 days and I actually ovulated on the 8th-9th of October. It’s now been 5 weeks since the miscarriage and still no sign of period, I have done multiple pregnancy tests and they’ve all come back negative. 



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