Will Induced Miscarriage Causes Fallopian Tube Blockage

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babymad - November 5

Hi all.. just a brief history… I was diagonised as a blighted ovum in May and underwent an induced abortion(Misoprostol) and no DNC.. Doctor told to wait for 2 cycles and to try again… Tried again in September(2 mnths back) after my 2 cycles and I strongly believed that I will conceive but my belief went in vain..I got AF in October, the next month… Now currently we are trying…This is my first pregnancy and I conceived that Blighted ovum pregnancy in first try..As soon as we decided that we want a baby, we tried and then I conceived the 1st month of trying but unfortunately it was a BO..My cycles are a mess after this and I got my 2 cycles in three months period of time…My question is.. I conceived in 1st month of trying in March and why cant I do now…???? Will be there any problem with me after the induced miscarriage?? Is there any chances that induced miscarriage will cause fallopian tube blockage??? Or iam not ovulating??? We are constantly BD’ ing the alternate days… There is no chance that my husband’s sperm will miss my egg…Iam greatly worried that Iam not ovulating or I might have fallopian tube blockage??? Fallopian tube blockage will happen later after my miscarriage???I missed out only once after my miscarriage.. I strongly believe that since i Conceived in our first try..there might be some problems ,so that I cant do now………. Plz help me out with these questions…….. Iam going mad.. If I would hav carried that baby,this would be 9 th month for me……Ia m very depressed and iam in my toughtest part of my life…plz help me..


stefkay - November 5

Hi babymad, I'm so sorry for your loss and now the frustration in trying again. It sounds like first of all I do NOT think misoprostol will cause tubal blockage. In fact if anything it would have cleared it out because it is most often used for tubal pregnancies. For your peace of mind though you can always ask your doctor for a HSG which checks the tubes. Basically getting pregnant on the first try was most likely due to luck. It happened to me too and although I am pretty fertile it doesn't mean I've gotten pregnant every month we tried since then (I keep having miscarriages). You mentioned that your cycles are messed up...if so that could be a big part of it because then your ovulation may be happening at a different time than you expect it. Do you temp or chart or use opk's? If not, then that is the fastest way to get pregnant because then you know when you are ovulating and aren't just guessing by having s_x every other day. It is good to get the day of ovulation if possible. There is a chance you are not ovulating and if that is the case really only charting will show that. Also, each month that a couple really TRIES and that means checking ovulation and having s_x at the right time (no guessing) there is still only a 25% chance of conceiving so about a 1 in 4 chance. What is good is that you did get pregant and you know then that you can. I know that doesn't help much as I've been told the same thing, but it really does mean a lot when you look at women who have been trying for years and haven't gotten pregnant once. It will happen soon!


babymad - November 5

thanks stef 4r ur reply... It gives me lot of hope... I think misoprostol is given to induce miscarriages(to collapse the sac)..Anyway Iam not sure..Iam in India,and the problem is that the OPK's are not commonly available in India..Can u plz tell me how to temp and chart.. If i find out when iam ovulating Iam petty confident that i will conceive..And one more thing Stef,I cant find the difference between sperms and EWCM..That is also the reason why i cant find out when iam ovulating..Since we r constantly having s_x ,sperms are there in my cervix and i dont know whether it is EWCM or sperms..plz help me out...


joshuamich3 - April 23

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joshuamich3 - April 23

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monikadavid - July 8

Hey, I am really sorry to hear your story. MC is so hard to go through. I can totally understand that it must have been so hard. I hope things get better. Just stay strong and be positive. I think you should visit a therapist to help you overcome this situation. If you got pregnant you can get pregnant again. So don't worry. Visit a good fertility specialist. Check their success rate and then visit them. They will help you sort this issue out. Their so many treatments that you can also opt for. Just get your tests done first. Best of luck to you. Sending baby dust your way.


Catherine1214 - July 9

Fallopian tubes can be blocked by any reason. This prevents the eggs from reaching the sperms. This ha[pens due to any obstruction due to sarring. Many women face the problem after miscarriages. It is not important whether the miscarriages are accidental or induced. They leave behind some damage to the tubes. This causes scars. If not treated properly they can be obstructiove in the way of the sperms.


Bubble - July 23

Hii!! I am going through same situation. Can you plz let me know that what happened to your case? Was it a case of blocked tube or some ovulation problem?


Brenda12 - August 28

Hey, there. I read your post. I just want to offer you support. Things aren't as bad as they look. Please don't worry. Stressing out won't help! Just make sure you consult your doctor. Sending you love and baby dust. 



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