12 Days Late But 2 Negative Pregnancy Tests

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Linzie - July 11

Help / advice please! I'm 12 days late and did one home pregnancy test on the first day of my missed period and another test last week and both were negative. I have a few symptoms - tingling/swollen br___ts, feel very tired, feel hungry all the time and mood swings. I thought I was going to have my period last week as I felt bloated but I didn't. I don't know what to do whether to take another test or not. I have previously had 2 miscarriages and want a baby so much. Has anyone been late had negative tests but then a positive test? I just thought that if I was pregnant then the test would be positive by now. I keep thinking am I imagining these symptoms as I want to be pregnant so badly!! Its doing my head in!!!


katie - July 11

linzie, its only 12 days... dont worry, mine is 29 days late today, 3 urine test nesgative, am waiting for blood report, i dont have any symptoms other than missed period... i had done my tests on day 8, day 19 and 25... so i guess we have to wait patiently until all the chemicals show up... wait for a week atleast to test again...


PK - July 11

Wow Linzie, you and I are in the same boat. I am 12 days late today too, and I took one test the day I was officially supposed to start and didn't-Negative and then took one almost a week later-Negative. I feel as though I am having symptoms but it's so hard to judge. My periods used to be completely out of whack but for the past year they have always been right on time. And unfortunatly it seems like pregnancy symptoms are closely related to PMS symptoms and just annoyances caused by upset stomach and heat and so many other variables in someone who isn't pregnant so I have no clue. I mainly just want to know if it is common to get a false negative. Normally when it negative I buy it because I end up starting or don't have symptoms or whatever, but this time, I am not so ready to rule pregnancy out even though two tests now have said negative!


PK - July 12

Okay now I am just getting frustrated because I just want to know..... If I am great! If not though, just send me a period God!!!


katie - July 12

my blood reoprt too came in negative, i dont know whats happening, i am supposed to wait for a month to test again, with blood.... its exactly 30days late now!!


PK - July 12

Katie- I know it probably doesn't make you feel better- it wouldn't me- but I have been reading a lot of postings on other questions on this site where people say that they tested negative even with blood tests and all and ended up being pregnant anyways. It's only been one month. (I say only but I know it sucks) Everything I have seen pretty much suggests to wait until the two month point before getting a blood test anyways, so possibly something will change between now and then. I have also read reports that say that not everyone ovulates on the perfect 12 to 14th day after the first day of their period or whatever, so who knows maybe it's possible that you just don't have a high enough level of HCG yet for them to pick it up. Another question though, I thought that the OB doctor could do an exam and tell from that!? Did he do one?


Linzie - July 13

Hi Guys, I got my period last night - I just knew deep down that I wasn't pg. I reckon alot of the symptoms are in my head cos I want a baby so much. Oh well just got to keep on trying but its a nightmare. I was having regular periods so don't know why I was two weeks late this time. Here we go again! Good luck to you all.


PK - July 13

Linzie- I'm so sorry. I know how you feel, I ended up getting a positive last night right before I started spotting so when I started spotting I thought MAYBE it's just implantation bleeding or whatever, but this morning, I knew. It's still not heavy but too much so to just be that I think. I thought I would be okay with it, but I was really upset this time, although I really really don't need a child right now. I am single and 22 and just broke it off with the guy who would have been the father anyways. But I had started kinda getting used to the idea that there might be a baby growing inside me.... Oh well, keep us updated on your journey!


LolaMcray - August 6

hey guys im 13 days late all 3 home tests are negative. its the first time experiencing this iv never been late id rather be earlier. i feel bloated :( my last intercourse was on the 28th, pull out.


mvy009 - October 2

Im 12 days late and did two tests, both came back negative. My periods are irregular so it makes it even harder to tell but I havent went this long without my period before. 2 days before I was suppose to have my period I had very bad cramps and I was spotting light pink. But after that nothing has happened, no signs of period or anything. I dont know rather to wait till 2 weeks hit and then go in the clinic and get blood test or what....



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