2 Preg Tests Negative 25 Days Since I Missed My Period

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katie - July 6

its 25 days since i missed my period, have taken 2 tests both negative, last week i had a bit of spotting for atleast 4 days, i have no other symptoms what so ever... i have been feeling a lil tired for the past 2 days, is this normal , when do the symptoms start? do you think i could be pregnant.


Mandi - July 6

I have your same problem I really don't feel any symptoms I have tested 8 times now, and they still come up negative. My sister had the same problem when she was pregnant and she was 12 weeks pregnant and still getting negative results after getting a blood test test it came out she was pregnant.


Katie - July 6

Thanks for the response Mandi, was there any spotting for you or for your sister, i hear its quite common and could happen now and then in the first two trimesters


katie - July 8

my period is 27 days late now, 2 home tests came negative, i had a bit of spotting last week for 3 days, during that time i had back ache and stomach cramps, but it was just a little spotting on each of those days... yesterday i visited the doc, urine test came out negative, and blood test result will be known by evening today, i am hoping it will be positive, at the same time it worries me, y i am not able to get a positive on the urine test, and why the spotting, could it be ectopic pregnancy... i dont have any symptoms of pregnancy as yet, i have been feeling a lil tired for the past 3 days or so... can anyone help me if u have similar situation


katie - July 11

its a month now, doc has not come back with the report..... no symptoms meanwhile... can anybody answer???


Jessica - July 16

well i am a month late as well and i have taken three test and they are all negative. the doc told me that for some people it does not show up as soon as others so monday i am going to get a blood test done. i do not know why else i could be missing my peroid. i have not had any signs of being pregnant also. the doc also told me that stress can slow down the process of your peroid. also you can only get pregnant 12 to 14 days before your peroid was that the case for you as well?


jessica - July 18

you are having all the signs and symptoms that i am having and i think i am i work at a hospital and a nurse there said she thinks i am pregnant also my husband is a nurse and he thinks the same it has been 38 days since i have had a period and i have been nauseated and i spotted for 3 days last week i have taken several tests that have all came back negative good luck


Jenna - July 18

I had your same problem...i was 2 weeks late, then the next cycle i was almost a month late...still not pregnant. I went to the doc..all is fine my cycle has just changed. Instead of being a 28 day cycle I am now a 37-45ish day cycle. I was actually a little on the high side for my thyroid..they have put me on meds which will get my cycles regular again. Its best to get a blood test though...spotting in between can just be bleeding during implantation and can be nothing...but go check it out. Good luck!


Emma - July 22

I am now 4 weeks late and no sign of my period yet, I've done 4 tests (2 being clear blue) and all are negative, never missed a peroid yet since having my daughter, don't know what to do, also feel things moving at one side of my tummy! Help!


Sandra - July 25

I am also facing a similar problem.. i have missed my period for 10 days now and i have never missed my period before only till i had concieved 3 times and has chosen not to have them... Now i am really worried and have all tests negative but no periods.. Plz help me...


seethalakshmi - June 28

Hi, I am also in same condition, 51 days(Almost 2 months late period), Last month, I did HSG. So I was very positive that I was pregnant. I took ept 3 times, Result is negative, So I went to Blood test, That is also negative. Dr. prescribed some tablets(Related to peanut product), So I took that tablets twice a day for one week, Still I have no periods, I am confusing now. What's going on? Please any one let me know that Is it possible that I am pregnant even I get blood test's negative result. Because, Sometimes I feel that I will have my periods immediately, So This is like cramping, backache. Please tell me. Thanks alot.


Kelly K1187 - June 30

Looks like everyone is having the same problem i have had my period for a month now and ive tooken 2 tests both came out negative i dont really have any symptoms i have been a lil tired lately and my b___sts are swollen and hurt alot but i have been under alot of stress lately also...im not sure what to do ...please help!!


jal239 - July 1

This sounds exactly like me. My period is almost two weeks late. I really don't have any symptons other than a little tired and very bloated. I am going to call the doctor on Monday. I have tested 3 times and all came back negative.


dancerofegypt - August 7

My last period was June 19, 2006. I have had all the symptoms. I had one positive preg test and about 10 negative. Went to the doctor on July 26th and had blood test. It was inconclusive. Told me to retest on the 31st of July. I got my results on the 2nd of August. Negative. Doc wants me to take progesteron pills to make my period come on. I leave prescription at pharmacy and plan to pick it up later. Later that afternoon I start throwing up like crazy. I had to leave work. Never did pick up my prescription. The next day, same time, I start throwing up again. Ga__sy, bloated - plain miserable. On Saturday the 5th of August my boyfriend says he still thinks im preggo and gets me a digital test. Sunday morning I use the test and it is bright blue positive light. Cannot mistake this reading! So now I'm wondering what the heck. I will phone my doctor tomorrow and see about another blood test. I am feeling so pregnant- I've got two children already and had a miscarriage in between their two pregnancies. I know what I'm feeling. I would be about 2 months and a bit along. Trust your instincts. If you don't agree tell them and keep testing! I'll let you know how things turn out tomorrow. Baby dust for those who want it! Strength and compa__sion for those who don't.


Keribbean - August 16

i am in this exact same situation...21 days late have tested 3 times and they were all bfn....


carolyn_gon - March 3

i am having the same problem with only being on my period for 2 days except after those 2 days i was cramping and feeling as if i was about to start -except i just dont start.... i have not ever had this problem before and it all seems very strange to me. I started on a saturday morning, then by monday afternoon i was done. it was about Wednesday when i started feeling cramping again and my headaches but today is now the following sunday but yet nothing has appeared! i don't have a clue as to what is going on. has this ever happened to you or did this happen to you recently??


kenco1976 - June 1

I too am in the same boat , i have my periods every 35- 37 days , My last period was due on May 7th 2008 making me 25 days late ! 4 Neg test , after 14 days late i went to the doctor and told me i had to wait another 2 weeks before i could be tested again i so want to be pregnant and its hard not to worry either , i have always been regular since being of the pill , i have had all the symptoms of having a period exspecially this last few days , i have felt a little sick and tired and my b___sts have been feeling heavy but this comes and goes , my mother had 3 periods and was 3 months before she knew she was pregnant with me so that might be the same, anyhow i am due to visit doc again on wed so hopefully i can have a blood test , i have not been that stressed out so i am hoping its possitive , Strange what our bodies put us though isn't it . Good luck to you all if you are trying hope poss results :-)



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