5 Positive Home Pregnancy Results Doctors Are Negative

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May - September 5

Last week I took 2 home pregnancy tests and they both came out very positive (lines showed quickly and were very bright). I scheduled a doctors visit for the next day. When the doctor did their urine pregnancy test on my sample, it came back negative. The doctor tested the same sample again and stated that it came back negative. I told her of the 2 positive tests I had done at home and she suggested that they do a blood test to determine if I am pregnant. I left the doctors office very dissappointed. I have never had a positive pregnancy test before. My husband and I went home that night and bought another package of home pregnancy tests (first response) and I took those over the weekend. All three of those pregnancy tests indicated that I was pregnant. Could it be possible that the doctors tests were wrong? I'm extremely tired, my br___ts hurt and I had some cramping (no bleeding) last week. Not to mention I did not receive my scheduled period last week. According to some of the pregnancy calendars I am in my fifth week of pregnancy. Has this happened to anyone else before? I should have the results from the blood test tomorrow.


Mica - September 5

I'd say you're pregnant. The urine tests at the doctor's offices are NOT better or more sensitive! They usually are cheap ones that are only sensitive to 50 or so. Many home tests are better. The blood test will tell you for sure. However, false positive tests do happen (even though they are supossed to be impossible); I've had 2 in one time. best to you, and let us know your blood results!


Beth - September 6

I had 3 positive hpt's and the next day at the doc ofc their test was neg. I felt so stupid and thought they looked at me like i was stupid. My doc sent me for a blood test and it was positive. I am now 13 1/2 weeks. The doc office test in my case were less sensative then the hpt. Good luck


May - September 6

Thanks for all the positive words of encouragement. I got the call from the nurse today and my blood test came back positive! I'm sooo happy and excited!


Laura - September 7

Same thing happend to me! I took 2 on the day i missed my period.. Both were faint + lines... Went to the doc the next day and took a urine test. Docs Test was Negative. Went home and bought more tests... All positive.. Over that weekend I took 10 tests (totaling 12) every one positive and i in denial.... Went to the doc the following monday and the test was finaly positive.


Christa - September 7

Same thing happened to me yesterday. 5+ home tests & a - urine test at doctors. They drew blood & I am impatiently waiting. Thanks for the hope!!!


Mica - September 7



Cathy - September 9

Oh my!!!! I have been going NUTS the past few days. Took several home tests (two same brand, different boxes, and a different brand) total of 4 test, all came up positive. Went to the doctor & my urine came up negative. She took blood & now I have to wait 3 days !!! I was feeling lousy, crampy, tired, ga__sy etc. and really started to doubt myself. Maybe I actually am pregnant ! I have been all over the internet reading about false positives & started thinking I had a terrible disease ! I can't wait until Monday, what do you think ?


Christa - September 10

I think your pregnate. My doctor was sure I was, even though her urine test came back -, based on the home test & I was. So good luck.


cutie2teezy - September 25

that happend to me before i took 3 hpt and they all said i was pregnant. i went to the clinic and they determined i was not i left very disapointed but not completley convinced. so i went back the very next week and took the same doctors office test and it determined i was pregnant and now my son is almost 2 years old. so dont loose hope!


tara - September 29

congrats everyone...i hope you all receive good news!! i have been off BC for 2 months. I have always been very regular...but have not had a period the past two months. Today I should've started. Even when I was on BC if I missed a few pills I would feel a period coming on. I haven't had any strong preg. symtoms, but this week it's been all I could think about. So today I took 2 HPTs, one digital and one regular....they were both positive. I'm hoping to go see my doctor tomorrow...but I'm not convinced that I might be pregnant just yet and I don't want to get my hopes up. I'm afraid the test tomorrow may be neg. any thoughts??? thanks!


Whitney - September 30

I took a hpt last sunday, it was positive. Today I started bleeding, so I took two more test, just to be sure. Tonight I was still bleeding so I went to the emergency room and they said that I wasn't pregnant and that I never was. So, on my way home, I went to the drug store and bought a digital test. It was positive. On the phone with the emergency room doc now. Hopefully I am pregnant, but I am not sure!


Marie - October 2

I too am waiting for a blood test to come back, I have gotten light positives for two weeks, taking a test every day. Went to doctor and got a negative urine test and am waiting on the blood test, I used an ovulscope this cycle and it said I ovulated four weeks ago, so my period is two weeks late. I have been trying to get pregnant for 2 and half years now (I'm taking 250mg clomid) this cycle is the only time my entire body broke out in pimples and horriable cramps in my legs, not to mention all the other pregnancy signs some of which showed up before when I wasn't pregnant. (sore b___sts, blue vains, naushea, heartburn, constapation, killer headaches, and fatigue) Also my hair is falling out at about twice the normal rate for me, its kind of scary. I get so encouraged reading about women who were pregnant who got negative urine test at doctor's office.


Mica - October 3

Whitney, any news?


Gia - October 4

Hi May email me, that happened to me in july mom42878@yahoo.com


Shawna - October 4

To Tara from Sept 29: I went off the pill at the end of April, had a regular period and did not have another one until the end of August. When I missed it in June The dr told me it is perfectly normal to not have period for a few months after coming off the pill. Good luck with everything! I go the the dr on the 12 for some tests because I have not had another period since the one at the end of August. I will keep you posted! Please do the same!


leah - October 6

I'm glad I'm not the only one. Can't say how many home pregnancy tests I took; but they all came back positive. Went to the doctor several times and had blood test done and they all came back negative. In my heart I know I am because I have never missed a period before and my last period was on July 6, 2005 and my tummy is bigger than ever. Time tells everything girls; you are not alone. Good luck!



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