Anyone Had Negative Tests But Still Pregnant With Periods

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mjoseph161 - April 1

I am kind of in the same situation. I have not had a cycle since Dec 2008. I am approaching (tomorrow) the third missed period. I had unprotected s_x throughout this time, most recently at the beginning of March. About 10 days I had some cramping and thought it was the start of my period although it was MUCH MUCH MUCH lighter in terms of intensity compared to my period cramps. About two or three days later it stopped. I never bleed or anything. About a week after that it started back up and it very spuratic. I get horrible migranes, random hot flashes, been dizzy a handful of times, along with being queasy-have thrown up twice, sensitive to smells, tired all the time. I have done tests since the begining of my lmp and all say negative. I'm not sure what else to do. I usually know about a week before my period is going to start and I just know its not going too. I was recently laid off and don't have insurance and no one will see me until I have a positive test result. I am just concerned that something is wrong with me and I don't know what. Why must this be so confusing!?! lol


Danielle08 - April 19

I was 6 days late on my period and now have it. I have never been late before. The peroid before this one was very light and short which i very weird for me. I am usually 6-7 days and very heavy. The one before that was the same. I havent had s_x sence Jan 18 becauce my fiance went off to bootcamp. I have all the signs that i am pregant but not the fully missed period. I have been having on and off again headaches, cramps (which i never have), my back hurts and the smell of some food makes me feel sick. I have also gained weight which isnt like me. I am pretty active and used to have a flat stomach and now i have a tummy. I am so confused. What should i do???


Danielle08 - April 19

o let me add i have had 2 negitive HPT


elexishayley - September 4

I feel like I'm pregnant too but I had my period and took 1 digital HPT that turned out negative. I have pregnancy symptoms that I didn't start having until after my period. If I really am pregnant and not crazy then I would only be about 4 weeks. I guess what I plan to do is wait it out. Wait to see if I have another period and if I still feel the same I'll take a test whether I get it or not. I have ruled out every other reason for me to be having these symptoms. Some of them I have never experienced before. I just feel odd. I think we all need to just take care of ourselves as if we knew we were pregnant and in the end hopefully we will have a healthy, beautiful baby. It IS POSSIBLE to have your period and be pregnant! The guy who would be the father, my boyfriend, his mom had her period for 5 months while she was pregnant with him.


bubu - January 17

Hi Everyone, im kind of experiencing the same thing..except i got my period late and im in the last two days of my period usually lasts for 7-8days.I was 7 days late.U have been feeling nausaus, vomittiung, diarrihea, back pain, dizziness and light headedness before and during my period.I tested negative this morning on my HPT but i feel that i could be pregnant as i do not know or explain why im feeling the way i stomach is constantly rumbling and im occasionaly getting sharp pain in the area where my ovary are..what could be the problem?has anyone had any of these symptoms?please let me know...thank you


pattanna - October 28

Hi Everyone, I took 2 pregnancy test both came negative, my period are getting late (3-4 days)and short (3-4 days rather than 6 days). I don't have any sign of pregnancy is it possible that I could be pregnant?


babyfresh - June 12

I have a concern i have been feeling pregnant for almost 6 months now . I have done home pregnancy tests and blood tests and they all have came back negative .. I still get my period but my stomatch is really bigg and i feek something moveing inside me . The dr. Tells me im not but i have to children already so these simpthoms are familier .. I also bearly like 2 weers ago i started feeling like when your servix start kind of getting ready for that pree labor that they call it when u feel like a little sharp poke in your cervix can someone please explain if this has happend to anyone else abd they have been pregnant


donno - June 6

hey brightmoon wondering wht happened to ur story, i red all ur posts n very eager to know. pls update


Erika8 - September 29

According to when I began getting positiVe home pregnancy tests( I haVe oVer 50 home positiVe tests) nor crazy just excited!!! ???????????????? I will be due the 12th of April, 2017. Dr. Urine tests & blood coming out negatiVe ( as they did as I was pregnant with my now two year old) had early ultrsound at 3 1/2 weeks which showed gestational implantation... I went for annual Pap smear when my obgyn came back from vacation, she said my uterus was enlarged & excitedly we walked down the hall to haVe ultrasound. The screen showed clear. I am at 12 weeks now. My obgyn sent me to ultrsound diagnostics place. I feel movement ( I know what baby moVement feels like(not like gas or Bowels moVing!!!) I am a mama of two toddlers. Why is the ultrasound not finding my babies?????????????????


FaithHopeLoveBabyBlessing - November 13

This gave me a bit of hope. I had my period in october which is unusually light and shorter for me. Now i have my period for Nov its not as short as last month but i really feel i still could be. Do you know how many months she bled before she finally found  out she is pregnant? 



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