Brown Spotting But Not Blood Pregnant

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Lost - November 11

Ok. I am 2 and a half weeks late for my period. And i am getting ALL of the symptoms of being pregnant ( nausea, vomiting, cramps, br___t tenderness, feel fatter etc.) . I took 5 urin tests and they all said negative, and 1 had a light positive. I took 2 blood tests ( they were quant_tative tests only ) and they too said negative. This morning i woke up and went to the bathroom and when i whiped myself i noticed some brown spotting! Is that another side effect of being pregnant? Or could i be getting my period? ( i've never got brown spotting before my period, only after ). Some1 please give me your opinion on this. Im going insain!!


Lost - November 11

Has anyone that is pregnant or was pregnant ever go through this?


Vicky - November 11

Hey Lost. When i was pregnant with my 2 year old girl i got brown spotting alot during the beginning of the pregnancy. But im not sure if its common or not. Maybe just in some woman.?? Has any other woman gone through it?


K - November 11

Last month Oct. 3rd I got my period for a day and half but then I had brown spotting for 3days. It was really weird and now this month I am 12 days late. I took 2 hpts but they were neg. and today I went and had a blood test done but I wont know the results till tomorrow.


Lost - November 11

Well I guess thats a first. I just got my period ladies!!! Im soo upset. I stil feel like im pregnant though!


eva - November 12

lost - some women have periods during preg. i'm now about 3 weeks late - had spotting yesterday but just in the morning.. now nothing. got to wait till next week to have an other test done... i know spotting can be bad if you ARE pregnant and you need to see a doctor. i'm off work now coz i puke a lot - which i did when i was pregnant before... + have all the other signs... but the tests are neg. I'm hoping to be preg, but don't know anything for sure - well... Lost - don't give up :) if it's your period only, then you can try again :) Hope it goes well for you.


Lost - November 12

Hey. Well thank you for the comments. YOU ARENT GONNA BELIEVE THIS!!! I DONT HAVE MY PERIOD NOW! I WOKE UP AND WENT TO THE BATHROOM AND WHEN I LOOKED IN MY PAD I SAW.... NOTHING!!!!...Just more brown spotting. Im going to get a HCG blood test done today or tommarow, because i was talking to my friend about this and she said she got brown spotting with some blood when she was pregnant, and she says its normal!!! Im hoping for the best. Wish me luck.


Lost - November 12

Hey every1. I judt got off the phone with the doctor and her said that its most likley im pregnant!! but it may take awile to start showing up on the tests. He said that brown spotting is a very BIG sign of being pregnant!!! Im hoping for the best and im going to the office to get my blood taken tommarow!! I wish all of u luck.


Lost - November 13

Well i still havent got the results, i have to wait till monday or tuesday, but i think they're good. I talked with a nurse today and she said that without looking at the results she knows im pregnant!! She said i should be 7 weeks!!


veronica - November 13

Congrats, Lost! I'm a fun ride! Wishing you all best!


yissy - November 19

hi lost myperiod was due on the 10 and on the 15 when i use the bathroom i saw little bit brown blood but only when i wipe today is the 19 and i still see it just a littlle bit when i wipe i know its not my period because mine is heavy when it comes and this is only spotting. i did a pregnancy test today and it was negative iam so confused please let me know what the dr. tells you please


aly - November 26

Hey Lost , have you found out anything yet? - I'm 3 weeks late today and had very tiny amount of brown spotting on my 17th day late - all HPT are neg - I am very anxious to know about you .


k - November 26

Well I was suppose to get my period today. So that makes 2 periods that I have missed. Last weekend I was still getting neg. hpts I don't even know if I should try to take another one. There must be something else wrong but my stupid doctor wont see me.


Aly - November 26

Hi K, I know what you mean - I have been seen by my Dr and she say's I'm not pregnant but won't even entertain the idea that there is anything else wrong with me - If i'm not pregnant then why am I missing period - I'm never late - and well just feel pregnant - hang in there, you are not alone on this.


Lost - November 26

Hey every1. Well it turns out that i was pregnant the WHOLE time. But, unfortunatley i found out i finally was because i had a miscarrage. From being " overly expossed to stress ". :(. Good luck to every1.


Lost - November 26

HEY. WELL I FOUND OUT EVERYTHING. I WAS PREGNANT, BUT I FOUND OUT A BAD WAY... LAST NIGHT I HAD VERY BAD CRAMPS AND I WAS BLEEDING VERY BAD... TURNS OUT I HAD A MISSCARAGE AND I WAS PREGNANT THE WHOLE TIME!!!!! THEY SAID IT WAS BECAUSE " OVERALLY EXPOSSED TO STRESS ". AND WHEN I TOLD MY BOYFRIEND HE DIDNT EVEN CARE!! I KNOW IT WAS BECAUSE OF HIM, HE BROKE UP WITH ME ON FRIDAY AND I MISCARRIED MONDAY AND IM STILL HAVING THE BAD PAIN NOW. I just wanted to tell all of you to stay stress freee... even if u dont get a positive test result, because u may be pregnant, just like i was. So now im trying to recover. I want my baby back, but i know i cant have it, so im looking for a new man to help me make a new baby, and have it grow up in a loving relationship that is stress free. Good luck everyone.


Isis - November 30

I'm experiencing brown spotting also at this time and frequent too. My stomach is also cramping, but my b___st aren't tender and I don't feel nauseous. However, you could be pregnant or you could be spotting if you had s_x as soon as your mentrual went away(not giving your v____a enough time to clean out)



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