Can I Take A Pregnancy Test While Im On My Period

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candice - June 13

me n my bf have unprotected s_x all the time...and well my period came 3 days later then it was supposed to come..and i havent been feeling too good lately...ive been gettin sick in the mornings and sometimes at night...can i take a pregnancy test while im on my period?


kelly - January 9

good question??


S - January 13

well you can take one while you have your period, BUT it will more than likely not be accurate because your hormones that are telling your body to have a period kind of override your pregnancy hormones if you are in fact pregnant... so i would say wait until your period is done, then test.


kayla - January 17

You wouldnt be pregnant if you have your period.


tee - January 28

this is to kayla it is possible to have a period and be pregnant thats how my son was concieved. i thought having s_x during that time i would not get pregnant i was so wrong.


Sarah - January 28

Kayla- it is possible to sitll get your period when you're pregnant. Usually they are a lot lighter than they normally would be.


confused - April 16

YES it is possible to be pregnant and still have your period. I took a home pregnancy test while on my period and it came up positive... however, everyone says it will automatically come up negative!


AMber - April 29

Is it possible to have your period and test negative on hcg quant_tive test? I was 9 days late then got my period havent been late in 2 years.HELP!


Amber - April 29

Oh and i think im pregnant, forgot to mention that, anyone know what it is?


JNW - May 5

Hey guys, Im really confused. Its been 1 month since I had unprotected s_x with my boyfriend. I took a test on the 3rd and it came up positive. But on the 4th I started my period. My period was only a couple days late. Could the test be wrong?


Colleen - May 5

you should be able to ... although i would wait a while just because you might if you are prego might not have enough hormore in your blood yet... read the thread where the lady was way prego but all her test were neg.. hcg and blood. i have same prob neg tests but i am sick and no af either.... i just have a good feeling (gut) that i am prob prego my blood test today was .05 so it could be that the embyro just inplanted or i am nutters :) lol


Amber - May 6

my doc says my hcg was under .5 which is the lowest it can go. And my period has ended. But i have headaches every day and cramping. He says im not pregnant, and all tests turn up negative. Colleen im crazy too i think.


Amber - May 6

the thing about hcg, my last pregnancy it showed up 2 weeks after conception. So no confusion. So im a__suming im not and will try harder next month. and stand on my head for 3 hours!!!! hahhahhhaahha


GAGYRL - May 25

This is so wierd, I usually have premenstrual cramps, bloating, and etc like two to three days before I get my period, but I didnt have any at all. My period came 5 days late and when it did come it was so light that I could put it all inj one pad. I am someone that usually have ma__sive cramps and heavy periods but when it finally came it only lasted from wednesday to friday (in contrast to six and seven days periods that I usually get) So I set an appointment and as I was going to the doctor it came and she said well since you got your period(which wasn't normal) you know that youre not pregnant, and you tested negative with a urine test. Now it's a week later and my lower abdoman is bloated, tiredness no matter how much sleep I get, sore dark, and heavy b___st, and I smell things that I don't know what it is when I am in my bed. I have a feel to eat alot sometimes and also a loss of appet_te being that I feel full sometimes and nevertheless sick to my stomach. Would it be wise to test again and how long should I wait? I've never been pregnant before so I am not sure if these are signs of pregnancy or what. Somebody help me!


T - June 27

My (now ex) boyfriend and I had s_x about two months ago, we used a condom but he said he thought it broke. I started getting worried but then I got my period on the 3rd of May, it was normal about 5 days, then I got it again on the 2nd of June, so I was thinking everything was fine. But then I started throwing up in the morning a few times, and I have to pee like every 5 min. and I've been tired a lot and I've gained like 5-10 pounds, anyways and then I got my period AGAIN on June 22nd (just a few days ago) and now it's just like kind of spotting. I'm planning on going to a local pregnancy help center to get tested in a few days. But I'm just really confused. Is it even possible for me to be pregnant even though I've gotten my period? And even twice just this month, which has NEVER happend before...???


T - July 8

Yes it is possible, but you need to see a DR. and make sure, even if your not.


Kristy - July 14

I have been on the pill for 5 years. My periods have been very regular. I went off 4 months ago and since then they are still regular-maybe off by one day. We just started trying for a baby and now my period is 4 days late but hpt's are telling me negative. I find this weird because I am always so regular?



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