Can I Take A Pregnancy Test While Im On My Period

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Kristy - July 14

I have been on the pill for 5 years. My periods have been very regular. I went off 4 months ago and since then they are still regular-maybe off by one day. We just started trying for a baby and now my period is 4 days late but hpt's are telling me negative. I find this weird because I am always so regular?


Deb - July 15

I took 4 Hpt and they were all positive. Then a couple days later AF shows up!! Went to the doctor for my blood work and it came back negative, my blood count was 5, he said Im not pg. Any idea why this would happen?


Shania - July 20

i am trying for a baby for quite some time now.The previous last three months my periods have been light..and last for 5-10 days...on and off...i have done a couple of pregnancy test..but all negative.Im confused..i feel pregnant...and have most of the symptoms..tried going to doctors..but not helpful.


M - July 21

Hi ya'll. I just started having s_xual relationships and its about 5 days before my expected period. My b___sts kinda hurt, mostly underneath them, but that could also be cause my bf is grabby with them. I am dizzy when I stand up, but that could be because I am on a diet. I have also felt more homonal, like when I was on birthcontrol. (We did not have inprotected s_x, the pill just gave me horrible after effects and they took me off of it) If you could tell me where exactly the b___st is supposed to ache? Like the entire b___st? The undersides? The tips? My b___sts usually don't ache unless I wear the wrong bra, or very rare occurances, but that was before my bf. Any help you could give would be great. Thanks.


Shania - July 22

If its a light period...pregnancy test shud work...Symptoms of periods are sometimes confused with shud wait at least two that HCG level wud show on test.Sometimes just worrying can cause irregular periods.


Tanya - July 27

No it is not possible to have a period while pregnant...I don't know why people keep saying it is. If you expierience bleeding it is called spotting. Spotting happens sometimes during implantation. Spotting is very light and might last between 2 to 3 days. SPOTTING IS NOT YOUR PERIOD!


Rae - August 29

Tanya is wrong, you can have your period and still be preg. I had a very heavy period but it was shorter than usuall and only lasted 3 days. I missed the next month and went to the OB right away and I was 10 weeks. And I delivered right on time!


linda - September 25

i was late on my period 1 day, and the next i got my period, but im having these weird pregnancy symptoms like, morning sickness, tiredness, throwing up sometimes and i get mad easily. i think im pregnant, but i did a HPT WHILE i was on my period and it came out negative, but should i wait until im OFF my period then test again? because im worried that i might be pregnant!! PLEASE HELP!


linda - September 25

and sorry i didnt mention, my stomach gets bigger too because i work out alot, and i have abs, but its been a week that my stomach started to grow..


carly - October 4

sinse last wed (6 days) i have been having a very weird `period` blood just brown stuff that has been very light..almost not worth wearing a towel for,,but the period pains i have been having have been belly and back have been killing me..i have been getting headaches and very moody..and every other day iam bloaty..i done a hpt yesterday and it came up negative but iam still menstrating as such..i started the pill 4 weeks ago but have been having unprotected s_x for 3 anyone??


Shawna - October 4

Carly, your symptoms could be from the pill. Every woman has a different reaction to the hormones from the pill. You should go to your dr and ask if any changes to your body as you described could be from the pill. I know when I started taking the pill, I felt horrible for a few months. However, I have also been pregnant, and your symptoms sound similar. I had read somewhere that the pill is supposed to trick your body into thinking it is already pregnant. This is due to the extra estrogen found in the pill. Good luck with everything!


carly - October 4

thanks for the ansa...i saw my doctor yesterday and wen i told him about the pains he said they were period pains but when i said to him about my `period` he said stright away do a hpt..i suppose the bet thing i can do is wait till next week and do another test?


Shawna - October 4

Your dr is probably right. Although an entire month will feel like torture when you are waiting to find out something so special, I hope you hear the news you are waiting for! I will hopefully find out on Oct 12 if I am expecting. I am keeping my fingers crossed!


jenn - October 20

are able to get pregant by pre-c_m?


Terri - October 20

I am on a very low dose birth control pill which my doctor said I HAVE to take at the exact same time daily because a few hours late of taking them can make me prone to pregnancy. I took a trip to see my boyfriend and there is a 2 hour time difference which I didn't consider while taking my pills. Two weeks after the fact it dawned on me and I took a pregnancy test ( which I just found out doesn't register until 150hcg) but it came up very very faint +. Now 2 days later I started my period on time due to pills but it is lighter and spotty at times (very unusual for me the heavy bleeder). Can I be pregnant still?


Theresa - October 20

Jenn, my doctor told me a lot of pregnancies occur because of pre-c_m.



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