Can I Take A Pregnancy Test While Im On My Period

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dianelys3083 - September 11

i ha s_x last month right after my period and then this month i got my period like 5 day before it went away last month but i have been having all the symptoms and then yesturday i started to have spot and then my period came beut i only bleed when i go to the bathroom and i took a pregnandcy test and it said negative but i still feel like i am what do i do


lizworkinonbaby - January 14

I took a preg test 2 weeks ago becuase I was 2 months late, and it was neg. I started this past friday, but its been light, very light for I had a faint but positive preg test...what the?? it would be wlcomed because hub and i have been trying, and had 3 m/c, but its kinda shocking you think its real?


amberlynn224 - October 6

Yeah im a bit confused also. Me and my boyfriend had unprotected s_x (as we always do) on one of my fertile days in september. im not trying to have a baby, but if I got pregnant id be pretty excited :] :crosses fingers: anyway I took a test a few days later and it was negative. Then we had s_x a few days before my period. And I think some s____n may have gotten inside of me. My period is due around the 3rd of every month. And sure enough my "period" came. At first it was so light I could only see it when I wiped. Then 20 mins later blood. The odd thing is my period is much heavier than this and I have unbareable cramps. This month little to no cramps. We had s_x on the 2nd day of my period ( which usually lasts for 5 days) and he came inside me. Cause I didn't think you could get pregnant on your period. I don't even know if its my period. I took another test this morning and still negative. I've read that you can have implantation bleeding around your expected period. And some women do have their periods whhile pregnant. Anyway I've been having headaches for 3 weeks. I cry for no reason. Im feeling ga__sy and constipated. Loss of appet_te. Feeling hot a lot more. Not being able to fall asleep. Feeling nauseous from time to time. Help me?


Joesgirl602 - October 22

I just read on line that you could be pregnant and have your period. If you have a heavy period it could be early stages of pregnancy and you won't even know it..... I have polycistic ovarian syndrome so the doctors told me im going to need to take medication to get pregnant. A couple of weeks ago my b___sts were sore, particularly my nips, and I hadn't had my period. My husband thought I was pregnant. Recently I got my period and it is the heaviest period EVER. I go through like 3 tampons a day and I'm using super plus tampons. I'm wondering if I should take a pregnancy test now or wait until the hemoraghing goes away. Any suggestions?


vanessaurias89 - October 22

actually you can have a period every month while being pregnant


smashl3y07 - December 3

i took a pregnancy test about 5 days ago because i was a week and a half late and the test came up positive.. but now ive started my period? could the test be wrong? how long should i wait to take another one?


brookeann - December 6

Smash, i am having the same thing happening! i took 4 hpt that came back positive, and now im bleeding! i have NO idea what to do or what to thin, (pregnancy spotting, miscarriage, i guess if theres blood in your urine the test can read positive, but not really) i have no clue!


xxconfusionxx - September 2

i was just wondering.


Maka Mbali - September 8

I have the same problem as well my boyfriend and i we always have unprotected s_x actually we trying to conceive i was suppose not to have my periods this month but to my surprise i have my periods now i started yesterday okay the dates are okay but why am i on my periods aren't i suppose to be missing my periods since i dont use any protection and i'm not on any prevention pill or an injection..Okay Last month(August)when we had s_x i was on my periods could this maybe be the reason that i'm not getting pregnant or what?I wont say we are barren coz we have a four year old baby girl okay she's mine but he's not the father and he doesn't have any kids of his own but i know that the lady he dated before me was preggy but she lost the baby so what is happening ANY IDEA?


K.Savard - October 29

My dear, You need to get your facts correct before telling someone false information. There certianly is a possibility of pregnancy when bleeding is irregular, lighter than normal, or too early/late. You need to take a test, then if un-satisfied, make a doctors appointment to comfirm the results. Tests are ment to detect the pregnancy hormone (hCG). Being on your perid can give a mis-reading with low traces of this hormone.


Maka Mbali - October 29



JillBean - March 16

Hey - I realize after reading this thread that it is indeed possible to get your period during your pregnancy. However, there's the spotting also. I'm curious if I'm pregnant or not because I felt very nausious before going to bed for about 2 weeks .. I thought it could be a form of morning sickness but just at night. Wellit eventually went away and a week later I got my period. I should have taken a pregtest before my expected period but I was scareto know the answer and I did get my period but it started normal, then it just seems to be really short - about 3-4 daysinstead of 6. Could this just be a different form of spotting? And what could be the earliest day for me to take a pregnancy test as I read taking it a day or 2 after your period would be inaccurate?


iSpawndemons - October 12

I went to my clinic to be put on birth control... i wait awhile for the doctor to come back and and he says "cant give ya the shot." im dumbfounded... "your pregnant." I am on my period... like the day or two before it ended.. and then 2 days later i go to urgent care, they tell me it was negative... what gives? its been like 2 weeks since then... im kinda scared to go back to the docs... anyone have this feeling?


alexa12 - October 19

I usually have premenstrual cramps, bloating, and my b___bs hurt when i tought them lightly and etc like two to three days before I get my period, but I didnt have any at all. My period came 5 days late and when it did come it was so light that I could put it all in one pad. I am someone that usually have ma__sive cramps and heavy periods but when it finally came it only lasted from monday to thursday (in contrast to 5 day period that I usually get) well since my period came i knew i wasnt pregnant,but i never tested my self. Now that im on my period my back hurts,tiredness no matter how much sleep i get and heavy b___st, and I smell things that I don't know what it is when I am in my bed. I have a feel to eat alot sometimes and also a loss of appet_te being that I feel full sometimes and nevertheless sick to my stomach, or get the feeling of trowing up in the mornings or nights, and sometimes i feel sentimental and sometimes i don't feel confturble on the way i sleep. Would it be wise to get tested and how long should I wait? I've never been pregnant before so I am not sure if these are signs of pregnancy or what. Somebody help me! please tanks.


hodder - October 28

i just finished my period a little over a week ago.... my husband and i have been having s_x ever since ...could i be alway having to pee and im alway tired and i get some morning sickness but not all the time.....i took a test this morning and it said negative...... confused :S


amymaria - November 3

i am in the same predicament as Candice. My bf and i keep having unprotected s_x. My period came on the third day of being late. I feel bloated and nauseous. But i have been told that not unless i am like already two or three months pregnant, ITS IMPOSSIBLE to get pregnancy symptoms. Thats just what someone told me because i spoke to a pregnant girl who told me that she was around a month pregnant when she started getting weird cravings and stuff. So i dont know what to believe now but i am going to get a test because even though i am bleeding, i dont see any unfertilized egg or anything coming out. Just blood. And its kinda light. Its not all that heavy like usual. So i guess i just have to wait and see if the bleeding continues (it is my period) or if it stops (im pregnant or somethng). I too is also worrying if we can use a pregnancy test while on our periods and still get an accurate answer.



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