Can I Take A Pregnancy Test While Im On My Period

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amymaria - November 3

i am in the same predicament as Candice. My bf and i keep having unprotected s_x. My period came on the third day of being late. I feel bloated and nauseous. But i have been told that not unless i am like already two or three months pregnant, ITS IMPOSSIBLE to get pregnancy symptoms. Thats just what someone told me because i spoke to a pregnant girl who told me that she was around a month pregnant when she started getting weird cravings and stuff. So i dont know what to believe now but i am going to get a test because even though i am bleeding, i dont see any unfertilized egg or anything coming out. Just blood. And its kinda light. Its not all that heavy like usual. So i guess i just have to wait and see if the bleeding continues (it is my period) or if it stops (im pregnant or somethng). I too is also worrying if we can use a pregnancy test while on our periods and still get an accurate answer.


linzie93 - November 10

Ok, so I'm 17, and about 3 weeks ago me and my bf had unprotected s_x twice in the same week. Some of my friends said it was possible I might be pregnant. I didn't really believe them or think I was, but I was waiting to see if I missed my period or not. It just started 2 days ago, but it wasn't supposed to come for another week. Usually they're always right on time, plus my period right now is way lighter than it's ever been. I've been reading online about how it could be a sign of pregnancy if a period comes later than normal and is lighter, but what about if it comes earlier? And will a pregnancy test be accuarate if you use it on your period? I haven't had any other signs other than this, so I don't think I'm pregnant, I just want to be sure..


linzie93 - November 10

Well actually, I have been having a weird craving for ice tea lately, but I know that could just be a coincidence..


rcutler - January 26

Just because you got your period, doesn't mean you aren't pregnant. My sister had her period 3 months when she was pregnant with her first born.


Emilialabella - February 21

I got my period this afternoon for the first in 2 months. The bleeding is light but there is no blood on my pad only when I use the bathroom. i have been experiencing this sharp pain that i never had bfore. my entire body is hot and ive been throwing up and going to the bathroom constantly. can i still be pregnant even if im bleeding? can i still use a hpt test while bleeding? please help me im so scared. this is all happening for the first time....


secretmom33 - August 19

i have a question for you i got my period i took a pregnancy test got positive then negative results could this mean in pregnant.


amymaria - August 28

Sorry i took so long to reply...I honestly have no clue...did you take the test 1-2 weeks after ur period was due?? Maybe you should go see the doctor to make sure and confirm everything..


Kali-Luv - August 30

I know i am way late but i also had my daughter thinking that while on my period i could NOT get pregnant. I was told by my doctor that theres still a low chance of it happening


ubax - September 13

Okay, first im not on any kind of birth control. i had unprotected s_x a couple weeks ago, he didnt release his sperm inside me but he released it outside my v____a and now im on my period 5 days early. what does this mean ?


Ali36 - October 31

Me and my husband are trying to have a baby. I just want to know if i can get pregnant if i started my period a day ago. we had unprotected s_x twice. Can i get pregnant??


kmss - December 16

This might be somewhat of a silly question, but I'm a worry-wart and once I get something on my mind, I can't stop thinking about it and it just stresses me out. I'm probably b__wing things way out of proportion and worrying over nothing, but I just want opinions. Me and my boyfriend haven't had s_x, but we've fooled around doing other things (with oral, hands...), the beginning of September. Now, for the past few months, I've been feeling like my stomach has gotten bigger, and I've been hungry and really really sleepy, but I haven't really gained any weight. I've also had my periods every month since then...they're usually not completely regular where I can predict the exact day they're going to happen, but I can usually predict it down to a few days. They've been pretty much as regular as they normally are, and when they've come I haven't really noticed any difference in anything. I did start taking a new medicine for ongoing intestinal problems back in August, so that could be contributing to my weight gain/increased appet_te/sleepiness. But I've heard from a few people recently that it is still possible to get pregnant from not actually having s_x...if the right stuff gets transfered to the right place through other means somehow, if you're not careful? And I have heard from a lot of people that you can still get your period while you're pregnant, especially in the first few months. I've talked about my concerns with all this to my boyfriend, and he wasn't too concerned about it, but now I'm starting to wonder. I've always had a little bit of belly fat (don't we all?) but I don't know if it really is bigger now or if I'm just noticing it more...but either way, it has me worried. My whole family is built with pretty average sized bodies and big bellies that just stick out, so maybe that body type is just starting to show in me? I'm going to buy a home pregnancy test just to see, but would it be accurate if I do happen to be pregnant and still having my periods? I just want to know people's opinions of how likely it is, given my situation and what all has happened, given that we haven't actually had s_x, I've still been having normal periods, and what's happening with my body. Is it possible, or am I just senselessly worrying myself over nothing? Any response and help would be appreciated.


kmss - December 16

Just a little more to add to my previous post from a minute ago to clear things up...these are the only things that have been going on with my body. Absolutely no other pregnancy symptoms whatsoever. When I started taking this medicine for my intestinal problems back in August, they told me they might take a month or more to really kick in, so it's possible that this medicine started kicking in and showing me these side effects (?) right around the time this happened and I started noticing stuff. My boyfriend says that both these factors (the fact that we haven't actually had s_x and that I'm still getting normal periods) are both so rare that it's pretty much impossible that I would be pregnant with BOTH of them. And that's what I've been telling myself...but what do you guys think?


kelsie - April 27

I have very irregular period, so its hard for me to get pregnant and take a pregnancy test when i supposed to, because they say 5 days before your excpected period and i have no idea when that will be. But me and my boyfriend have been having unprotected s_x for about 2 months help?


mrs.williams2004 - December 15

My mom had her period the whole time she was pregnant with me. No complications.


believeinlove - May 8

No, you're wrong.I know people who had a period while they were pregnant. That isnt true when people say you can't have your period. You can have a period during pregnancy.


believeinlove - May 8

No, you're wrong.I know people who had a period while they were pregnant. That isnt true when people say you can't have your period. You can have a period during pregnancy.



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