Clear Blue Easy Digital Test

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emma - February 13

Wendy waite three day's and test again with first response! Kjones yes you are definatley pregnant as you have taken another brand too. congrats!!!


suzanne - February 23

I was wondering the same thing and came across this website on how these test work. other/upuk2k3/docs/CBDPT-TechnicalBrochure.pdf I hope this helps


fay - March 2

Hello ladies, The most obvious thing to remember when reading theese posts is that we are all different in our experiences somewhat. However, the tie that binds us all, is that, we need some rea__surance or support when these tests do not make sense. What works for me may not work for you, because of hormone levels and body chemistry. These tests are not perfect by far. I've had three miscarriages over the last year, I've seen at least three different specialists that have given me hope only to have it dashed, my point is that they do not know everything either. I've tried every test on the shelf, as well as blood tests to back up the init_tal pregnant or non-pregnant findings. Please be patient with the ladies and the questions they have, there are hearts and emotions behind these postings. TRUST YOUR BODY.... Trust your instincts, first and foremost. Sorry this was so long....My quick story abt Clearblue DIgital. I started testing early because my body was giving me all the signs again that I was pregnant...Dark control line, faint blue test line appeared 7 days after ovulation, I'm thinking all the obvious thngs, it's to early, I'm seeing things, etc. And, it came back not pregnant everytime except 2 days ago....Ok, again I'm thinking I'm seeing things. ... Tested again the next day (3-1-06) and the same thing "Pregnant." Plus the blue line had gotten a bit darker, so Ladies... the blue lines do mean something....At least for me they did. God Bless! Baby Dust to you all....!!!


emma - March 2

Fay, what u have just posted is sooo sweet!! good luck in your pregnancy! Emma


Kgirl - March 14

YES! I do have a story about the Clear Blue Digital HPT. About 3 days before my period was expected to start (been trying to get pregnant, so anxious to find out!), I bought a Clear Blue Digital HPT. It came with two tests. I took the test when I got home, around 5pm. It blinked for a really long time and then finally came up "not pregnant". Well, when I ejected the stick from the reader, there were 2 blue lines--one fainter than the other. Of course, that got me thinking , because we all know what that means in a regular HPT!! Well, it got me thinking so much that I used the 2nd test that came in the box. I took that one only 5 HOURS after the first one. 2nd one said "pregnant". And yep, it also had 2 blue lines when I ejected it. GO FIGURE! --I would suggest just sticking to the regular sticks. The digitals might get you worked up.


Kayla - March 14

I used the generic brand tests when I thought I was pregnant.......I think they said was only $8 for two of them. I was not even late for my period, just wanted to check because that was something I did every so often, and they were both positive.I am now 30 weeks pregnant.


BonnyBubble - March 14

I uesd the clear blue digital last month when i was 21 days late for af. It said not pregnant there were 2 lines on both when i ejected so i didnt trust the result. I bought a differant test a few days later and it was ++. Unfortunatly for me i miscaried. AF is due soon and i defo wont be buying the digital. Good luck to you all *babydust*


emma - March 16

sorry to hear that bonny bubble hope when you decide the time is right for you again that all goes well


lt59374 - August 21

What ended up happening with you? Did you end up being pregnant... was the other line kind of far apart from each other? ... same thing just happened to me... and yeah... i wanna know whats going on :)


KellyJo1178 - February 21

I took a digital test yesterday - 2 "not pregnants" with 2 blue lines. After reading all of the information about digital tests, I took a regular test as well - also "not pregnant"... AF came later that evening. I was hopeful that those 2 lines would mean pregnant - but unfortunately did not. Just wanted to put that information out there.



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