Depo Provera And Pregnancy

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JeShonda - October 20

My friend had been on the shot since she was 15 and now she is 19 she missed her shot and the next month she came on her period now she is pregnant but i was on the shot since january and now i want to ahve a baby so im off of it but i dont want my stories to be like the ones ive been reading i want my period to start next month do you think it will


Eileen - October 21

Hey i been having signs of being pregnant. but i took test and they came up nagative. What does that mean.


Kelly - October 24

I was on Depo for 8 years, firstly i found out that after two years i causes bone denisty loss, i suffer from shin spints and i have broken my toe ane thumb from normal sport. i stopped on depo about 7 months ago i just go my period which is now from the light bleeding (very) to heavy (now) for about 3 weeks. I am 31 and my partner and i don't want to get pregnant for the next 6months but jeez at this age?? i probably won't it can take 2 years to get out of your system.... is it worth the chance to just risk it for a few months.... anybody else been on it for this long??


mandy74 - April 27

Kelly- Actually, yes- I was on Depo for 7-8 years also. I went off Aug 2006 b/c my husband and I are ttc. I actually went and had a bone density test done b/c I was concerned about that also. It came back normal. I am hoping I am preg this month. My periods returned to normal a month after I went off the shot. However, it's hard to get excited knowing that it can take a year or longer to conceive post-Depo. Wish me luck... :)


jlc40205 - May 29

OK, question.. I was on Depo for 3 1/2 years and got off it b/c it gave me really bad mood swings, well, I got off of it April 9th, 2007, and around the 23rd of april i bled for a day and a half, but it was a dark brown color. Then, on may 6th i bled again for another day and a half, and then again on june 17th but this time it lasted 4 days, but was still dark brown. Well now, since ive been off I've gained almost 16 pounds (mostly in my b___sts and stomach), my b___sts are sore and i have some white looking goosebump things on my b___sts. My aerolas are a lot bigger now, i havent noticed a big change in my appet_te except that im eating a lot more and i get some stomach pains when i eat. I have taken 2 preg. tests, both neg. What is going on here? Any ideas?


roselynn1985 - March 3

it took me 1 and 1/2 years to get pregnant again its because its still in your system for a while for some it doesnt take that long but for some others it can take longer depending how long you where on the shot


Katt08 - March 4

Hey girls. I am 18 yrs old and have had my last depo shot in september i have not gone back due to irregular spottings and depression. Since i have been of the shot I have been feeling great. My b/f and i are trying to get pregnant b/c he'll be leaving for overseas in a few months. I have noticed I have been feeling very tired nauseous, hungry all the time, tender b___sts and weight gain everywhere. But, i have taken two tests and both were neg. Could this all be in my head for hopes to become pregnant or could i really be. I don't want to have false hope anymore or think i am and not ovulate at all. Can anyone help me?


Algisa - March 28

hi im 18 years old and ive only taken one depo provera shot which was in mid december. I decided not to have another one because i didnt like the side effects. Ive always had unprotected s_x with my bf because we were eachothers first so we both knew we were safe from diseases. We last had s_x 3 weeks ago. This week ive been having pregnant like symptoms such as constant sickness, stomach cramps, back ache, tiredness, food cravings, ive put on 7lbs the last few weeks. When i was on the depo provera i was bleeding pretty much all the time but i havent for over a month now. It feels like im about to come on my period bloating and soreness wise...but i havent. Is it possible im pregnant?


jennifer1389 - November 21

hi well my question is that i only had one dose of depo provera which lasted 3 months... i just hated the way it made me feel i got so depressed and suicide became an issue when my fiance broke up with me well all that is over thank god i just recently hooked up back with a long last love and we got married we want to get pregnant and we have been trying for a couple of months now and im scared that it isme either im infertile or the depo shot has something to do with it. i know its not him because he has two kids with his first wife.... is it just me or should i keep trying.. i just hate the fact that we keep trying and i feel like this time it will finally happen and every month i get disapointed any advice?


Videl181 - November 26

This shot is the worse!!!!!!! I got the shot in May and I've been bleeding every day since and still continue to bleed. In July I had unprotected s_x with my now ex. Late july to October I started Vomitting on a daily basis and also feeling nauseous with a headache. October till now the nausea and vomitting is occasional. My b___bs got bigger yay but they hurt like hell!!!! I gained 12 pounds. And being that my hormoes are all messed up due to the shot I can't get a positive test and without a positive test they refuse to give you a ultrasound. I just wanna cry because I know I am preggo! Oh and recently started feeling movements this month. They feel really weird.


claudine - October 21

Hello I took the depo in may 2010 and I was due for my next injection in august but I never went instead when my period was over in august I had s_x. In september I miss my period and october 6 thru the 18 I spotted sometimes light red and sometimes brown I been having mild cramps in my lower back and morning sickness I took a test 2 weeks ago it was negative I have 2 kids and honestly I don't know what is going on but I really think I'm pregnant I doubt if it is the depo bcause when I got off of it 3 years ago I always have a period no matter what I never miss a period unless I'm pregnant can the test be wrong ?I'm also taking vicodin and tylenol for my toothache anyone please tell me what u think bcause once again I think I am and I don't see why the test could lie I'm also bloated and headaches comes on and off and terrible mood swings and my 2 year old is acting crancky just like my other son use to act when I was pregnant with him


517edrl - November 12

after stopping the depo it takes most women 6 months to a year to get their period back I had to get on the pill to get mine back.


517edrl - November 12

oh I didnt mention I had all the signs of pregnancy but after all the test it turned out I was not I know onw thing is that I will never get the depo again.


517edrl - November 12



cpoznans - May 4

In April I got a pregnancy test done and because it was negative I started my first dose of Depo Provera. Today, not sure why, I bought a pregnancy test and it was positive. Could it be wrong? Concerned.



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