Depo Provera And Pregnancy

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debbie - September 3

i got that horrible injection 2 years ago in sep then dec.i got pregnant in the august as i didnt go back for more of there poison,i put on 3 stone between 10th of december and jan 20th january after taking my second injection and didnt get a period from the moment i went on it until present,i was 7st12lb now im 12 stone and i dont eat anymore than i did and i go gym 4 times a week now and cant loose it ,but the worst part is that i look about 8 months pregnant,my stomach is huge and i feel pregnant all the time but im not,my baby girl is 4 months now and i still havnt got my periods... hope that helps...... good luck


Alissa - September 10

Hello all, Have a few tid bits about depo provera. I have been on it two seperate times, and each time experienced severe side effects, including having a period for more than 6 months straight to not getting a period at all. After the birth of my last son, (I now have five boys including a set of fraternal twins) I went on the shot at my six week check up. Shortly after, my hair started falling out in clumps, headaches, weight gain, you name it. I decided after being on it for 15 months, to get off. I switched to Ortho Evra(the patch), and let me tell you, there is a huge difference. This is my third month, and I got a period the first month on my "off week". The first time I was on depo, it took well over a year to get a period. But yes, it is very possible to get pregnant after depo. It just takes a while, as the nasty stuff can stay in your system for up to two years!! My advice to you if you want to become pregnant would be to go on some other form of birth control to regulate your periods. Stop after you get a period, then wait til they are regular. should only take a few months. As for the negative preg tests after depo, if you have symptoms of pregnancy, or think you may be, you can get a blood test at your clinic, and it will be accurate a week after conception. Because of the hormones in depo, and the changes in your body, it is very likely to get a false negative result. See your doctor if you think you may be pregnant. Hope this helps, and to all those thinking of going on depo, make sure you know what you are getting yourself into!! Good luck!


colette - September 11

hello , i was on the depo for 5years ,then the pill for 2years , had periods while on pill , been off of pill for over a month now and no period i have 2 pregnancy both neg , i have notice some signs of being pregnant like pain in tummy , change in b___sts,feeling sick,what are my chances of being pregnant , the depo has done a lot of damage to my body eg hair loss ,weight loss,hot flushes, dizzy,hot sweats,headaches,etc etc i wish i never when on it , i would like any help


cheri - September 13

yes you could still become pregnant it happened to me when i didnt want it too and now that im trying to have anouther baby it seems like its taking forever


Angel - September 14

I don't know if anyone here can answer this but I was on depo for about 4 years, usually late getting my shot for the last several years by a month or two. I had not had a shot in 6 months, then got a shot, then skipped again. It has been 2 months since I was supposed to get another shot and I am having several symptons of pregnancy. One p/t shows faint line other showed neg. Any opinions?


Jenny - September 14

I was on Depo for 2 mo when I go pregnet. He is now 6. Depo was just not for me. I had my period for the what felt like the total 2 mo. and really heavy! I was and still am very used to a 3 day light period. I sure and glad it did'nt work.


arrr - September 16

this is my first shot of the depo and i have had bad s_x it hurts and also i have been spotting for days


shannon - September 16

I bleed everyday for three years and it took me 15 months to get pregnant after stopping the shot. If you are unsure go to your family doctor.


shannon - September 16

I gained 65 pounds over a three year period pa__sed out constantly and bleed every day. I took 15 months to become pregnant and it came when I least expected it. I plan on going back on the shot in december after my daughter is born. The side effects are awful but it is worth not getting pregnant and pills and patches are not effective, trust me.


Patty - September 20

Hi i took my depo shot in about the middle of august and had un protected s_x but he didnt finish it is towards the end of september now and i was wondering if there is a chance of me being pregnant


Cherie - September 20

Hi, I have been on the depp-shot for 9 months. I was late getting my next one by one week and am now 4 weeks pregnant.


ladybugk - September 21

Well, now it is September and still no period (5 months). The pregnancy symptoms lasted about a month and a half and then stopped. My GYN put me on progesterone, 20 mg for 10 days to bring on a period and nothing happened......but, now I think I am ovulating!!! Keep your fingers crossed for me!! I am doing the fern testing, the ovulation kits, and checking cervical position and mucous. It is a great help in trying to undersand your body and your cycle coming off the depo. For those of you above who aren't sure about being pregnant, get a test! You can get pregnant even if your partner doesn't finish! Tests are not that expensive, and even at the doctor it is only about $20 for a blood test. Here is a good wesite for those who need support after Depo: Good luck and wish me baby thoughts!!!!


Ashley - September 22

I was on the depo for three years. When i stopped it took a full year to get my period again. If you read the pamphlet about deop it says it can take up to 18 months! hang in there.


kel - September 22

hi i came off the depot november 2003 after 3 1/2 years. And in january 2004 started my periods again but the problem is that every 2 weeks after my period i get a another period and it is meant to be the days when i am ovulating. But i dont know if i am or not has anybody else had this problem


Dez - September 22

It took me 4 years after being on the depo to concieve. It took me a couple months after quitting the depo to bleed took me a year after starting to bleed to stop. had a normal cycle for a year ( no baby) then would skip 2 periods (thought i was finally pregnant. Wrong) normal cycles continued again, and finally after 4 years of waiting then giving up on having kids. my little girl will be here in 8 weeks!! So the answer to the original top question is no i dont think you are pregnant, especially if you havent gotten a regular period after stopping the depo.


Victoria - September 23

I'm the birthcontrol shot and i was thinking about getting off the sht and have a baby



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