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NavyWife - October 27

A friend of mine was REALLY late for her period...had blood tests & HPT all of which were neg until 5 1/2 weeks...after she got her 1st positive ahe had an ultrasound...only to find out she was 5 1/2 almost 6 weeks pregnant....has this ever happened to anyone else????? Thanks for listenin :)


maddie - October 27

i have heard about that happening before...but what about being like 6 months into pregnancy and still get negative tests.? is that possible?


Daile - October 28

My sister had a negative test at five and a half weeks, and now has a healthy, four year old son. It's really not as uncommon as you would think. Maddie, I think by six months it would be pretty obvious if you were pregnant, whether the test was positive or not...most people start showing in month three or six I think the baby should be moving already...


maddie - October 28

daile-thank you very much !


Nick - October 28

If she was 5 1/2 weeks pregnant, doesn' t that mean that she was only a week and a 1/2 late at that time since they count from the day of your last period?


E - October 28

HcG, the pregnancy hormone takes time to build up and the levels vary in women. Tests require varying amounts of HcG to detect a pregnancy. Fluid intake and frequent urination can affect test results as the concentration is not as high, as say a first morning urine sample. I have known several women that read the test in the first 5 minutes and throw it away thinking it is negative but a faint line appears at or around 10-20 minutes later.


pearl - October 31

Hi Navvywife,Did ur friend do a quant_tative blood test/qualitative one.Qualitative blood test gives u just a yes/no answer.But quant_tative gives along with the numbers.Sometime the lab which tests doesn't use a high sophisticated ones.Did ur friend's number showed like less than 1 till 51/2 weeks


NavyWife - October 31

Her Dr. told her there was no point in the qualitive,,.basically if your preg it will show up if theres no HCG ur not...:S


jill - November 11

if u have s_x before your period and the you have your period can u be pregnant if u havent had s_x sience


heather - November 17

all pregnancy tests i done were negative until the sixth week into pregnancy,even then the line isnt very strong ,is this normal?


worried - November 17

all pregnancy tests i done were negative until the sixth week into pregnancy,even then the line isnt very strong ,is this normal?


H, RN - November 19

When I had a blood test and found out I was pregnant I was only 4 weeks pregnant (this does count from the first day of my last menstrual cycle). My HcG level was only 6 and I had to have a retest as you are considered borderline pregnant (meaning it could be pregnancy, hormone imbalance, cancer etc) casing the HcG levels to rise. My second test a week later said my HcG levels were on the rise normally for a pregnant woman. I had my first positive test result on a urine dip stick at 6.5 weeks pregnant and the line was very faint. Another urine test (to prove to my mother in law) at 11 weeks was still faint. This is all very normal for early pregnancies. If a line shows up at all during a home pregnancy test (in the time alotted) no matter how fine, chances are conratulations are in order. But always get a blood test to confirm.


Jana - November 19

Check this out:


Jana (again) - November 19

should really be... 5471-CFB0BA5-38E9D5CC-prod4


dana - November 20

yes and it is common i didn't get a positive til 3 weeks after my missed period in which time i was 6 weeks pregnant..but i bought 10tests from the first day i was late all the way to 3 weeks late of my period so don't feel bad it's just that most pts don't pick up hcg levels that early...good luck


Jana - November 20

Well, I was convinced I was pregnant even though I was getting negative HPTs... I've already had one child, and I knew my body was "different", so I went and got a blood test on Wednesday, the day AF was due. On Thursday my midwife told me my blood hcg level was below 5 and there was no way I was pregnant. When I told her about my b___sts growing a size, and my other symptoms, she shrugged me off and told me to try again next month. I got really depressed on Friday, but by the end of the day decided that *I* knew I was pregnant even if my midwife didn't! Today my dh and I were going to the drugstore anyway so I picked up a HPT... guess what... two pink lines! HA! Summary: positive test three days after AF was due, with the "first response" test (so I'm now at 4 weeks, 3 days, and the most sensitive test is just picking up the pregnancy). YEAH!!!!


T - November 20

Yep its happened to other people and its more common that you would believe. It's all down to that hormone...HCG...which your body produces during pregnancy. Some women dont produce HCG in their urine and some that do, dont produce enough to get an accurate result on a pregnancy test.The latter is the most commonest cause. If you believe you are pregnant look for a test which will give you a positive on the lowest amount of HCG units present in your urine. I would try a dipstick test. These usually look for lower amounts. Good Luck! :o)



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