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amy - October 3

my partner as hep c im pregnant will my baby have it


PamG - October 3

Jana,Wow I love your story! I love how YOU knew your body. I'm sorry you were just shurgged off like that by your doctor. I also am so convinced that I am pregnant. I have taken several tests. The first 5 or so were negative. But I just felt different and just knew that I am pregnant. I took more tests..won't say how many and they are a very very very faint positive. Oh, I thank God for cheap tests as I am a poas addict! ;) Thanks for sharing your story!


danielle - October 8

hi guys! ok so im 6 days late for my period...i have all kinds of symptoms pretty much everything but morning sickness. i even have that metallic taste in my mout i went to the clinic on friday and had a urine test there (-) and so today i took an ept and again (-) im in the army which means i run everyday and im scared that too much could make me loose the baby if theree is mom said that she never got a positive reading till 8 weeks in should i wait until then or should i get a blood test.. i know exactly wha u ladies mean when u say u feel like ur makin this up...geezz..i do want a baby am i being impatient?


ashlee24 - March 4

I am 2 wks late. About 1 1/2 weeks ago i took a HPT and it came up positive. Took 2 more same thing. Went to the Dr. had a blood test and came back neg. So went on vacation still have not started and then I took another one came back positive and have taken some for three days and all are positive. What is going on here?


KipRose - March 6

Hey I need some help, I had my period on november 29, 2006 and then I had gone to see my now ex fiancee. We were very intimate the whole time I was there. I had a wierd period on december 27-jan 1 and now I havnet had any period for two months. I have taken countless hpt and they all say neg, but I have had other preg symptoms like fregently going to the bathroom and very tired and nauseous. Can anyone help me??


Martha31 - March 6

KipRose: have you tried blood testing? if not, the last possibility would be to have an US... good luck!


fudge - September 4

i have been sick but not actully sick an noticed for 2 days my b___sts have got dark red circles also they were watery and i havent had a peroid for a month and 4 days my friend said i cld be 5 wks pregnant when she seen the size of my stomach cld i be


mochagirl3 - September 28

Tell her not to worry, lots of women show up late due to late ovulation or low progesterone. I just know I am preggers, I have ~tons~ of symptoms and 3 children so know what preggers feels like, but stil BFN...ARG! I will wait until my 6th week, I am only 5 right now.


GimmeaBub - September 28

Fudge i dont think you would get a stomach at 5 wks baby is about the size of a fingernail not even that


Katee3 - October 1

Hey all, Going through the same thing as everyone...going to the doc again next week, changed docs as my other one said if she had to guess she'd say I was preg but when everything came up neg, she told me to go see an internist. By bro's sister in law never had a positive test with her oldest daughter. Daughter is now 14. You would think that this would be the one thing that might be cut and dry!!!


JaclynPauline - October 2

I didn't test positive with my daughter until 12 weeks. My LMP was 8/1 and it is now 10/2. All of the HPT's I have been taking are negative. On 8/17 during intercourse the condom came off and I am almost certain I conceived. I have an appointmnet at Planned Parenthood on Thursday for a Trans Vaginal Ultrasound that I am paying $100.00 for, but will definately give me a for sure answer. Wish me luck.


smenefee - October 3

it can happen i had negative tests til i was almost 8 weeks. the dr thought i was crazy and just wanting to be prego.. but i was very very pregnant. now she is 16 mo old and healthy as a horse


nolansmommy - October 4

I was wondering. Have any of you ladies been pregnant with negative tests and also a low progesterone level and still showed up pregnant? I am 5 days late and am never late with a bunch of symptoms but my blood test is negative with low progesterone but I still cant shake that I am pregnant. Plus, my cervix is up really high, closed very mushy and tilted. Not down and hard like it would be if I were going to have a period. I know the blood tests can be wrong but can the progesterone? My level was 1.2 and thats a preovulatory level so I dont know if its possible to be pregnant with that low a level? Any info would be helpful. Good luck to all and baby dust!!


JaclynPauline - October 4

Well ladies just got back. NO PREGNANCY DETECTED. I am crushed and at the same time relieved. THe clinician said for me to relax and wait for my period to come.


Justice2 - October 21

I got my last cycle last month sept 15 my next was due Oct 13 and is a week late I took a hpt 3 days after I was late and both was negative I experience some pregnancy symptoms nausea stomach cramps lightheadedness fatigue sore breasts mood swings could I be pregnant? When should I test again?


Grandpa Viv - October 21

You could be pregnant if you had a contraceptive malfunction at the end of September. The negative test suggests there might be some other problem, perhaps a cyst. Run another test a week after the last. 



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