I M 6 Days Late Pregnancy Test Is Negative

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paripatil - November 14

Oh God can some one plz help me. ok so here's my story. I was on pills for 2 years. I stopped it 8 months ago, and since then my periods were very irregular. they were like 50 days, 45days and so on. Then in september I had my periods after 38 days so I thought my regular periods must be starting very soon which is 33 days cycle but today I'm 8 days late for my periods. I took 3 pregnancy test already all r negative. My b___st are sore with stomach cramp and bach pain. I dont know what to do. can i take a test again after 3-4 days or should i see a doctor?


MissSarahLee - November 15

Do you normally get the same symptoms around your period? I never got sore b___sts before but when I conceived...they were so sore! The bottom line is, if your cycle didn't settle like you thought you may be pregnant or you may not. Home tests at this stage cant be trusted one bit if they say negative :P I would go buy a bunch of cheapy ones (just as good as the expensive ones) and test every couple of days so you don't go mad :D I got my BFP with a 99p test :D good luck :D


Shru24 - November 16

Hi all..I am 7 days late with no pms symptoms. But I got 2 hpts negative :( I do feel a lit nauseous today .. Don't know if I could b pregnant ?!?


makemeamummy - December 18

Hey girls! Reading this I thought I would join in, lol! Me & my fiance have been trying for a baby for a few months now, so not a long time, but this month I am now 8 days late on my period, (I'm never usually late, unless its a day or two), but have taken 4 hpt and they all came back negative! Is it too early? When would be best to re-try, or go for a blood test? I really want a baby!! :)


jelloqueen0123 - August 11

My period was due on June 28th. I had regular periods every month. I took a pregnancy test the 29th which was negative. I took another test a few days later that was still negative. I waited clear until a week later and the test was still negative. At this time I had convinced myself I wasn't pregnant. I decided to make a doctors appointment when still no period 3 weeks after it was due and it turns out I am pregnant!! My doctor said I must have ovulated a little bit later than normal and when I should have gotten my period was around the time I actually concieved. I couldn't believe it, considering with my first pregnancy I tested positive a couple of days before my period was even due.


Lauren1x - October 6

I am 6 days late on my period but feel like i am on it, on the 2nd day i went the toilet an wipped and there was blood, but nothing since! Anyone experienced this?


Lauren1x - October 6

I am 6 days late on my period but feel asif i am on it, 2nd day late, i went the toilet and when i wiped there was blood, but had nothing since! 


Aliceo - October 17

Hi everyone new here just need some help. I am now 6 days late for AF I am always regular too. Took a hpt day 1 and then another day 3 both came up negative. Went to dr to see what was going on they said urine test was negative as well but I was so early that o should wait until I'm at least a week and if AF still hadn't come take another test. I have dull ache as if period but it's on and off, slightly bloated feeling but I don't look bloated and instead of AF I am getting a clear/white cm. Woke up today (day 6) with slight back ache have been crazy tired taking afternoon naps and been getting a lot of headaches. But no nausea or sore breasts.

this would be baby number 1 so no idea about symptoms etc need some help?


Aliceo - October 17

Hi everyone, never been pregnant before so need some help/advice on symptoms:

6 days late instead of AF have clear/white discharge (heavy at times). Slight cramping/dull ache on and off. Extremely tired been taking afternoon naps and getting headaches more regularly. Urinating all the time. Took two hpt day 1 and day 3 both negative. I'm normally extremely regular never missed a period before. Did have unprotected sex a couple of times with husband 


Kattc2924 - November 2

Hi. What was your result if you don't mind me asking? I am currently experiencing EVERYTHING you mentioned before including the need to nap, the cramps and headaches. Tomorrow will make it 6 days being late. My breasts usually begin to hurt a week before AF and strangely it didn't happen. My period is usually on time as well. I tested twice yesterday both with negative results. This isn't normal for me. Thanks in advance for your RESPONSE.



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