Lynn And Lews Thread

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Lew - July 23

Hi everyone! CONGRATULATIONS Lynn! I can't wait to hear how you are doing and how your little guy is. I am getting excited for my little boy too. I hope all went well for you! Stacey, you are smart to wait things out and work on the relationship/home life before trying again. Best wishes for all to go well in your direction. How are you doing Vera and Kim? Best to all. ttyl, Lewana


The real Lynn - July 28

Well, everything went well. He is 9 lbs 11 oz. Very big baby boy. He seems healthy though. He had a head full of hair. C-section went good, it was afterwards that I had a spinal headache, ended up having to get a epidural blood patch done. Otherwise everything is going good. I feel so much better. Actually weigh less now than I did before I got pregnant. I lost 43 pounds having him. So lots of fluid retention. Lew---when is your due date? ttyl


krob - July 29

congrats Lynn what sa big boy I am 24 weeks and doing fine gained 10lbns in 1 month opps


Lew - July 30

Congrats again Lynn! Wow! 9.11 is a big boy! I am glad all is healthy with you both. I can't believe you lost so much just by having him! Well done!!! I wish it was that easy for me... but it wont be, LOL. My due date is Sept. 13 (a little more than 6 weeks to go!) I am trying to be patient, but this summer is soooooo hot. I can't even stand to go to the beach and get sandy and then hot, ugh! Hey Vera- any baby yet? You have got to be very close, or have all ready had yours. what did you have? Girl, or boy? I hope we hear from you soon too. I am so glad that you checked in with us Lynn. I know that a new born keeps us soooo busy. Best wishes to you and your family! Kim, when are you due again? How are things going for you and your pregnancy? Any u/s news yet as to what you are having? Hi Stacey-I hope all is well with you. Best wishes to all!


Vera - August 1

LYNN~~~ I was trying to post earlier, but DH interupted me (as usual) OMG congratulations!!!!! I wish so badly that we could post pics on this thing! I want to see what he looks like!! What's his name? I can't get over the size of him!!!! WOW!!! omg, now I'm scared!! lol I have only ever had little babies (6-15 & 6-4.5) as of my last u/s which I know can be off by a bit... this baby was already at 6-13! Which brings me to the fac that I am STILL pregnant, if you can believe it... yup, STILL!!! However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel!!! If I have not had the baby by the 11th I will be induced on that day. Thank goodness! I go for a non-stress test on Monday the 7th, and we'll see what happens from there... I don't know if the NST is not good if they'll induce early... does anyone know??? I have to wonder sometimes how my OB became a doc!!! He frustrates me so much. He's got my due date as Aug 4th, my family doc has it as July 31, and the doc from the hosp. has me as July 28th! So, he's refusing to induce me before 1 week after the 4th... which brings us to the 11th. I told him that I'm not going past that. So that's the day! Oh, and if I'm not crazy enough by having another child so soon (my current youngest is only 14 mths)... I went and got my oldest DD (7) a kitten! lol she's SO cute! Her name is Mittens, she's a tortoise shell kitty (that's what they call it lol) and she's got one little brown paw - hence the name. My DD is absolutely in LOVE with her! She'll come upstairs, "Mom is my baby cat there??" Gosh, its so cute. I really wanted her to have something to really concentrate on for when the baby comes, so that she doesn't feel left out, because goodness knows as much as I'll try, I won't be able to give her the amount of attention she's used to right now! So, now she's got her very own baby cat! lol Well, that's about it for me... KIM & LEW~~ How are you both feeling these days??? STACY~~ are things getting better for you? I really hope so.


Vera - August 18

Well ladies!!! ITS A GIRL!!!! I had Ruby Bella Marie on August 9th at 5:07pm. She weighed 7 lbs 5.5 oz and was 21 1/4 inches long! She's absolutely beautiful!!!! She's b___stfeeding and also I'm supplementing because I've had 2 b___st reductions, but she's doing SUPER!!! Sorry its taken me so long to post... needless to say with 3 kids, life is VERY hectic these days!!


The real Lynn - October 1

Hey there! Congrats Vera! Lew, have you had yours yet? I ended up going back to hospital because coughing up blood, they did cat scan, showed lung nodule, had repeat one done, showed density in ap window, radiologist recommended a pet scan, had it done and it shows malignancy in my mediastinum. Hopefully its a false positive, but I wont know until surgery. I cannot imagine how my kids would handle it if something happens to me. At least its only one spot so we have caught it very very early and my chances are alot better. Lew, I cant wait to hear about your newest addition. ttyl, :)


Vera - October 4

Lynn! Oh my gosh, do you have any more news now? When do you go for surgery? I'll definitely be praying for you and your family! How scary! Lew... how about you? Any news? It seems that everyone has disappeared!!! COME BACK EVERYONE!!!!! :)


valery-gisella-advisor - October 4

e-mail me


krob - October 13

hi all I am 35 weeks now doing fine I am anemic but not a huge deal where is lew


Tenk - October 20

Hi ladies, I just read all your posts and whew it took a while. I do hope that your all doing well. Lynn, the boy is big and wonderful I bet. Vera, a girl, I'm sure she's beautiful. Lew, you must have had your baby by now? boy or girl? Kim, I'm sure your feeling big now, but beautiful as well. Keep the thread update please. Lynn, hope your feeling well personally, physically and emotionally!!! I too started Clomid with out a prescription, 100mg CD1-5. We'll see what happens.


DocJ - October 24

I just read all of these threads... what year are they from? I hope they're not super old!



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