Negative Result But Look 4 Months Pregnant And No Not Fat

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BRANDY - June 23

Hi everyone. I am 27. Last month I had a heavy period (like really heavy). Which seems to be quite normal for me. My last period was 5/31-6/3 I am usually like a 4 day girl. On June 13th I went for a pap smear. I had an urine test that day. It was negative. I did the pap smear, everything looked normal. I got a prescription for birth control and left. I have been especially careful too. Yesterday I got my period 6/22.. early. It's also very light.. like almost just spotting. I have used maybe 3 tampons in 2 days. I have also been feeling bad: fatique, etc. But, I am not having my normal PMS symptons: extreme cramps, bloating, etc. It's real strange.. so I took two tests tonight that came up negative. I know I have been extra careful.. My fiancee & I haven't had a condom break or anything. Is it possible to get pregnant from pre? Wouldn't she know if she gave me a pap smear? I'm confused here.


Ggirl - June 24

I'm 37 and in a similar situation. My husband and I are trying to have a baby. Last month we decided to hold up one month for various reasons. Fooled around on day 18...unprotected thinking we were in the clear. I am now 9 days late for my period. I've never been late before. Took about 5 hpt's all negative and just got a negative result on my blood work... Want to be pregnant really bad... What's the deal...can a still be pregnant????


susan - June 24

I am so confused. Igot my last period on may 6 and 2 weeks prior started birth control pills then stopped them right on may6 (long story) now here it is june 23 and i have had no period. all pregnancy test say negative and i dont know what to think??=(


Lindsay - June 26

I was late for my period for the first time in May, I took & failed HPTs throughout May & June, both at home and at the doctor's. I even got a diagnosis of possible PCOS! Then on June 5th I finally got what I'd been waiting to see. I am now 3 months pregnant, so I didn't have a positive result until I was 2 1/2 months pregnant. Hubby and I are really excited. So for those of you TTC, trust your body and your intuition, sometimes those things can tell you what your doctors and HPTs may not be able to. Good luck to all.


ss - June 26

During a pregnancy you can still have your period but the doc's like to call it spotting, You may not get a positive test saying that you are in deed pregnant but trust your body and your intuition....


Nikki - June 26

Answer: I have had 5 negative urine tests, and 1 negative blood test. I haven't actually had s_x, but im concerned about s____n that was in the area, and for the past 2 months my periods have been lighter than normal. I'm so tired all the time, headaches, I'e been feeling sick for a month, have an expanding stomach, sore b___sts, and a white substance come out of my left nipple. I feel pregnant, but my tests keep showing no, i haven't ACTUALLY had s_x, and i've been getting periods, even though they are light. My friends think i'm crazy, and the doctor's tell me I'm not, but what else could explain what i'm feeling? i've also been gaining weight, yet eating less. I don't want to be pregnant, and i'm so confused. please help me. I've been to the doctor since then.....he gave me a pelvic exam and said everything was normal, andthat i was not pregnant....and then i bleed for about 3-4 days....reddish and brownish blood......i had heavy cramps during it, but it was a little shorter than normal. ITs about been almost a month since then, and my nipples have gotten even more sore, they have slits down the middle....w/ white stuff on stomach seems to still be expanding...i have less nausea...but still no appet_te..and i am less fatigued but still tired....i am still gaining weight slowly, yet eating less, and my stomach just feels FULL all the time......i took another pregnanyc test and it said negative but i don't know whats going on??? HELP ME


Sandy - June 28

Jai, were you pregnant? I just had two negative blood tests (quant_tative) which said .2 and then .1 in the blood (hcg) but i still don't have a period and I still am getting nauseated, etc. I have two children after 3 preg. and my daughter was a negative blood test too (she's 7 months) hubby thinks I should just let it be...but I really want to know. Wish I was brave enough to ask for a Let us know Jai!!


Sophia - June 29

I quit taking the bc pill in April after a year and a half of being on it..I had a regular period just one day late in June 1st however I started a week early, and it was very heavy, but only lasted for 2and a half is now June 29th, and nothing has happened yet...last week I had bad cramps with no period. I have taken a pregnancy test that showed negative....does anyone have any advice? thank you!


Nancy - July 1

I had my last period on May 7 and I skipped my period June. I took 3 home pregnancy test so far that came out negative and a blood test today July 01, 2004 that came back negative. I've been feeling really tired and I crave for ice cream. I've been getting back pain, dizziness, and my b___st is swelling looks like it grew to a D Cup. The nurse keeps on telling me it may be due to stress but I don't think it is. I feel like I'm pregnant. I had a miscarriage before and I'm scared to repeat it again. I just want an answer. I feel pregnant I really do! Please give me advice.


jennifer kitchen - July 1

yeah i have the same problem i have took 2 tests and both negative i am 20 days late and i feel tried all the time i stay awake in the night and fall asleep at seven in the morning


sarah - July 2

i knew iwas preg but the doc and tests said i wasnt but 2 months on and a test came out postive so i went back to docs and he said that i was only a couple of weeks but when i went for my 1st scan a couple of weeks later i was over 3months


auntjames - July 2

I havent had a period in over 2 months, neg. hpt and blood test. but still having symptoms of pregnancy. I have always had regular cycles. Have drs. appt next wk will keep you posted.


Brenda - July 3

Hi! all you wonderful women out there. I am 40yrs. old with 1 20yrs. old daughter. I started menstruating at the age of 11yrs. That's early, therefore my cycle is early. I went through all the blood test to determine my hormonal level and the possibillity of falling pregnant. Results: Not enough eggs. Now for the first time I am 3 weeks overdue. Naturally I think I am pregnant. I go for urine test and blood test. All negative. What do I think? I just so happens to have a dog thats very pregnant. I think caring for her just got me all carried away without me even realizing it. So my body maybe just took over where my mind took it. Maybe it's not the case, only time will tell. To those of you that were pregnant after being told you were not. Please take good care of those spirits. To those thats still not sure, but is hanging in there, and being careful about what you take into your body's, incase you are. Thank you so much I will do the same. It will be tough particularly tonight since I am going to a very big party. And keeping in mind I got my blood results an hour ago. I't would be so much easier to just accept I'm not. Go out and have fun. Should I not be pregnant, I would like to go on a womb cleansing spree, homeopathically. Anybody out there know about safe herbs that will do a good job without deterimental side effects please let me know. I would really appreciate it. The lady that mentioned urinating on dandelion leaves. Have you got a book on natural remedies and fascinatingly interresting prehistoric habits of man? I would sincerely be very interrested. Please post. I will surely tap into this site again and pray for your response. Thank you to all and may peace and productivity be befall each and everybody. if not allready.


precious - July 3



jenifer - July 5

i think i am preggers i have had two negative hpt and 1 neg blood test . i think i am only 5 or six weeks coooooooould it be too early


Blanca - July 7

Light periods and pregnant looking are exactly the symptons I have had for over a year now. Doctor's diagnosed me with fibroids. I have gained over 20 lbs and no matter how much excercise or diet I don't lose a pound. Ask the doctor to do a sonogram and check for fibroids or ovarian cysts.



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