Pregnancy After A Tubal Ligation

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mandi pandi - July 14

1John5:14-15 God made a promise hold him to it.


ripbbobby - January 23

well i had my tubes tied 2years ago after my second child was born.about 3weeks ago i went to the er and ended up having surgery that same night due to an ectopic pregnancy. does anyone think i have any grounds to sue the doctor that did the tl on me the type of tl he did was the pomeroy method which means to tie cut and burn.i didnt want to have to go through an unwanted pregnancy that would end up in termination because i didnt want to get deoressed over that loss but now that this happened im dealing with a loss that should have never happened. dealing with depression and weight loss now.


twinkissed525 - February 27

I had my tubes tied in 2003 with a modified pomeroy and when I started going to my doctor and asked him the chances he said they are small about 1 in 300. 1 IN 300!!!! I thought more like 1 in 1000. That floored me.


careysue - March 20

im 32 and had a tubal 10 years ago. i have been feeling sick for 2 weeks now. two weeks after my period i bleed for 1 day. my head hurts and i feel like im running a fever every afternoon. im due for my period in 1 week. can i be pregnant?


ptense1978 - March 20

I am now two weeks late for my cycle. I am usually always on time, which is 28 days in between each cycle. I had the Pomeroy Method 6 1/2 years ago, during a c-section and after the birth of my son. I am experiencing several pregnancy symptoms, including "morning sickness" type symptoms. I have already taken two home pregnancy tests at night and all were negative. I am going to re-test in the morning, with a different brand (First Response). I believe in God's miracles and also believe that if it is in his will, then I will have another child. I will pray for everyone here that God will bless us all and allow us to have a safe and happy pregnancy, in his will! Sincerely, Tam


mommyof4sweeties - April 6

I had my tubes tied just 9 months ago, and just had a positive pregnancy test. Hope this helps!


mel2609 - April 7

i too had my tubes tied nearly four years ago and have had the worse kind of problems every since plus i regret it and wanna another baby with my new husband just this past weekend i had 3 positive hpt but then 4 negitive afterwards including this morning later this afternoon i started to not really cramp but feel really heavy in my belly and back now when i wipe its pink like i might start my period i have an appointment tommorrow should i still go even if i get a heavy flow


Chola82 - April 19

I got my tubes tied with plastic clips after my second was born. 13 months later I got pregnant with Destin. They're now 22 months apart. I got them done again right after he was born, and now I'm crazy enough to be hopeing that it fails again. I'm not betting anything on it though, I had them cut tied and burned this time so I'm thinking the chances of lightning striking twice are pretty low...


parker27 - April 21

yes you can get pregnant after a ligation. I had mine done last year and now Im 7 weeks pregnant.


oldmama - May 20

i am one of the rare women who have become pregnant after a tubal. I had my tubal in Nov 2000 at 30 years old. I was surprised to find out I was pregnant in August 2006. Unfortunately, the pregnancy was ectopic and I had to get the methotextrate shot. Since then, i have been having fake pregnancy symptoms and have spent a ton of money on pregnancy tests, just hoping for the miracle. I could never have imagined this kind of anguish when I had the tubal. Nobody can prepare you for the loss you feel after such a miracle takes place. I am almost 38 now and am still hoping that I will become pregnant.


breezieb - May 20

I have a friend who became pregnant about a year after a tubal and had to have them take more out and burn them during the c-section of that has been about 6mths and as of yet it seems to have worked this time.


lollie4281 - May 23

Yes my daughter just found out that she is 6 weeks pregnant. her last baby is only 6 months old. the doctor told her that the odds are higher than birth control.


soon2bmommyof4 - July 17

I had a bilateral tubal cauterization, where the tubes were cut and burned shut 10/10/2002. On 12/04/2007, I had emergency surgery for a ruptured ectopic pregnancy. My left tube was removed and I was informed that the right tube was still closed and that pregnancy would never happen. July 2, 2008 I had lunch at a potluck in my office and by the time, I got home later that evening I was very sick. I a__sumed that I had food poisoning. I went to my primary care physician the next day and he said that he doubted the food poisoning theory. I still did not feel well so later that evening I went to the ER where it was discovered that I am pregnant yet again. Since 7/3/08, my hormone levels have been being checked every two days and I was told that if the pregnancy were ectopic they would not rise as normal. Well here we are 7/17/08 and the hormone levels have risen as expected in a normal pregnancy. Also, on 711/08 I had an ultrasound that showed a sac in the uterus!!!! It appears that I was only 5 weeks at the time. I will have a repeat ultrasound 7/22/08. It is very possible to become pregnant after having a bilateral tubal cauterization.


Elaine Dissin - August 29

I don't have an answer, I have a question! I had my tubes tied 5 years ago, I just had my right ovary and tube removed due to ruptuted cyst, i have a blood clotting factor and had a stroke with my last pregnancy, that's why I had a tubal! Am I gonna have to worry about getting pregnant since my tube was removed and the left is still there. Is it still tied!


scared confused - November 27

i had my tubes tied 7/99 and just found out im pregnant 3 days ago!!! i went to the doc yesterday and its in my uterus.


chelle000 - December 3

omg!! it shows you how many ppl can get pregnant after tubes are tied. i ws steralised 3 years ago and waiting a response on here to see what others think of my symptoms. 1) ! positive hpt, 1 neg result at doc, Neg blood result 2) feel pregnant, got nausea, tender b___sts, fatigue, Abdominal discomfort, im worried that it may be ectopic, but docs say because my blood result was negative then basically there no chance. im so confused!!!! any comments??



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