Pregnancy After A Tubal Ligation

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chelle000 - December 3

omg!! it shows you how many ppl can get pregnant after tubes are tied. i ws steralised 3 years ago and waiting a response on here to see what others think of my symptoms. 1) ! positive hpt, 1 neg result at doc, Neg blood result 2) feel pregnant, got nausea, tender b___sts, fatigue, Abdominal discomfort, im worried that it may be ectopic, but docs say because my blood result was negative then basically there no chance. im so confused!!!! any comments??


mommyoffour - January 4

So what finally happened chelle000? I also had a tubal ligation in 2003 (cut, tie and burn) and now am experiencing pregnancy symptoms. I have not missed my period yet.....should I call the DR anyway? Not sure how soon they can evaluate you......any suggestions?


joni - January 15

I was just wondering, cuz I had my tubes tied in 1995 and want to to get pregnant. Is there away without getting them reversed? Any replies would be appreciated.


rayne34 - January 22

Joni, you can have a reversal done, it is very expensive and depending on what type of tubal you had will determine how extensive the surgery is. I had my tubes tied 6 months ago just clamped and I am regretting it so much. If I had to do it over I would not opt for the tubal. NOW, for the past few weeks I have had pregnancy signs such as headaches, heartburn, constipation, slight abdomenal cramping, excessive saliva, and tired. The past few days I have had sore b___bs, to me they look a bit swollen and today I noticed the veins are more prominent in my b___bs. Did a test hpt today and it was negative so I dont know. Im going to wait a week and try it again. I want to be pregnant, I hope my tubal has failed. The signs and symptoms are there just no positive test yet. If it remains negstive then I dont know whats going on with me.


alanandmichelle_84 - February 3

Yes I am. I had a tubal 18 years ago when my son was born. And found out last week I am not going through menopause I'm pregnant. Shock yes. The doctor told me my tubes grew back together. I am still trying to figure that one out. I am 6 weeks expecting.


alanandmichelle_84 - February 3

Can anyone tell us just how far along you or your friend was when they found out their pregnancy was a tubal or their tube burst?


ZJCmoma - December 15

I had a tl after my 3 child in Dec.08 and found out I was pg in Aug09 it was an etopic, did the shot to end the pg and a week later my tube eruptured and had to have emergency surgery (it only took about 3-4 weeks to happen). Had the left tube removed they told me the right one looked like it was suppose to. And now just in Nov09 found out I was pg again and the baby is in the uterus and growing, the baby is actually measuring alot bigger than expected we are 10 weeks and counting. I had talked to a lawyer and the lawyer stated that I did not have a case. Hope it helps.


AnotherBaby - September 23

I had a tubal 13 years ago the day after my daughter was born. I don't know what technique was used. How would I be able to find out? Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Believing4TwinBoys - July 5

31 yr old mother of 4, had TL (cut and burned) during 4th C-section. We thought it was twin boys,after turning out to be 1, I REALLY regret having the TL. My husband and I love our precious 16 month old daughter yet, also strongly desire twin boys. Anyone in the same boat or know of similar stories? P.S. Thank you Mandi Pandi- That's another scripture for me to stand on. ;-)


Lannie11 - July 5

I have had 2 TL.. the 1st one wasnt effective and i got pregnant with a precious little boy and after he was born had my 2nd TL.. now I regret it.. My new husband and I are wanting a baby so we are thinking about looking into TL reversal... has anyone had this to happen?


SalRenee - March 27

I had a tubal ligation almost 14 years ago when I was 23. I haven't had my period in 11 days. My breast are a little tender, I'm nauseous, tired, no appetite. I took 2 test both negative. I'm not freaking out, I just want to know what's going on with me. Can I have some feedback, please?? Thanks everyone!! - April 17

I am 36 days late for af never been late had a tubal 12 yrs ago. My body tells me i am but neg test until this morning my first faint line came up but idk. How did u find out? Im only 37 i feel too young to b going thru menopause and i really wuld b happy if i am preg but im just baffled. Should i wait it out another month r shuld i go do bloodtest. Any advice would b helpful. And im havn normal preg symptoms nausea heartburn extremely tired achy breasts n heavy white discharge n one week after my period was due i was cramping like i had to start but no blood not even a drop my lmp was 2/12/18... - May 6

Still waiting w all bfn not sure whats going on anymore... Dr wont see me until august.. Im n limbo i swear i just need to know!! Lmp 2/12 going on 3 months w no period tons of symptoms.. Heartburn never had unless preg n now seems i hve it daily along w bloating. Nausea. Low blood pressure. Weight gain about 4 lbs. Just feel heavyness n my abdomen. Idk i feel preg but neg tests.. Idk wat is going on anymore.. HELP!!



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