Tell Me I M Not Pregnant With All The Symptoms I Have

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Rochelle - January 31

My last period was Jan 5, 2006. I'm on a 23 day cycle so I was due on sat Jan 28. For the past couple of weeks I have been extremely tired, I have constant headaches and dizzyness. Just recently over the past week, I have noticed dramatic changes in my bb's (montgomery's tubercles, dark patches on my areolas, one areola is noticibly bigger than the other and veins starting to appear) cramping (sometimes bad) waking up at 4/5 in the morning. Since Saturday (when AF was due), I have taken 3 urine tests and one blood test (the kind that only show positive when there's over 25 miu's) and the have ALL come back negative! The doctor said to stop thinking that I'm pregnant "because I'm not"! and he gave me a referral to get an ultrasound on my BB'S!!!!!!! He had no explaination for the changes in my bb's. I had to tell him that they were Montgomery's Tubercles! Yet, he still gave me a script to get antibiotics for it. He probably thinks I'm going crazy! I'm so frustrated! I've heard that some people only find out they are pregnant with an ultrasound. If this is you, or you know of anyone in the same situation who has turned out to be pregnant, please tell me your story.


heather - January 31

I have been going through the same thing for 4 months,my doctor thinks it is estrogen, Bull **** I am too young for that they are doing an ultrasound tomorrow just because I told him if he did not schedule one I would go to another doctor.


Lil Lady - January 31

23 day cycle is pretty early. Are you TTC & is this your first pregnancy? If so, the level of HcG in your urine may not be that high, so the HPT's & blood test prolly didn't detect it if you are. It could be just early. I was 2 wks late with my first son & all the HPT's kept coming back NEG & then I found out I was later at the ER thinking I was sick! When was the last time you had unprotected s_x?


Rochelle - January 31

Thanks for your replies : ) After posting that message last night, I got some spotting....bright pink then red...and this morning it had a brown tinge. So I'm a__suming that the HCG should show up now in my urine so I'm going to take a test tomorrow. I'm not TTC but would be very very happy if I got a BFP and it is (if I get a BFP) my first pg. The last time I had unprotected s_x was on January 9. According to O calculators, I o'd on the 14th. -Heather, Have you had an U/S yet?


heather - February 1

Rochelle, I had an ultrasound this morning they did a internal ultrasound, which is no good since I have a tipped uterus, am fed up with doctors, thinking of waiting 2 weeks when I should get my period and going to someone else. I think it is because it is a male doctor,he told me there is no way I could feel movement at 15 weeks,Huh like he knows anything I have a son already I know what is happening to my body. I get the same kind of spotting when I should get my menstral. It starts out dripping red then changes to brown for 2 days, trust what you feel you know your body better than anyone.


Rochelle - February 1

Thanks Heather : ) I started to bleed a little heavier yesterday... I think it's my period :( Part of me is still hoping that it's just heavy spotting, cause I have NO way of explaining the other changes that are going on. it's so frustrating! My mum's friend said that she got her period the whole way through her pg. It's the HCG that stops your period in the first place, so if I have low HCG, that could be why i'm still bleeding....... Hoping for a miracle!!! That's all i can do I guess... Keep me posted on your situation xx


Rochelle - February 2

Has anyone had all of the symptoms I mentioned earlier and not been pregnant?


Heather - February 2

Rochelle, I will I have to hope to, it is the most frustrating thing I have ever had to deal with and the doctors just want to write you off like you are a looney. I have been spotting too, do you get harder cramps then you normal? I do they wake me up in the morning sometimes the 1st time I got them I thought I was having losing the baby if in fact I am pregnant. My mom never found out she was pregnant until she was 4 months, and she spotted for 3 1/2 Months, so I will keep my fingers crossed for the both of us.


Rochelle - February 2

Hi Heather... I couldn't sleep well one night because of the cramps and I was also really bloated....but I've had worse cramps before. My period seems to have stopped today and it was quite light (more than just spotting though....It was like a light/short period), which is strange cause I usually bleed pretty heavy for at least 4 days, then it goes light for another few days. So what other symptoms have you experienced?


Laurab - February 3

yes Rochelle, this happened to me twice now. My last two periods have been weeks late and I have had every symtom but all neg tests even blood tests, only to get af once I finally stop thinking that I am pg. I talked to my dr and he thinks I am stressing too much cause I really want to be pg, its as if I am mentally making this stuff happen. He thinks that I am not ovulating. I have to get some blood work done on Mon to make sure I am producing the right hormones.


Rochelle - February 3

Hether- Yes....this would be my first. There are days when I feel like I am just going crazy. Do you feel the same? I wish there was another way to find out for sure. It's quite dangerous being told you're not pregnant if you are, because you're not as likely to be as cautious as you would be (drinking, being around smokers etc.) Laurab- do you mean twice as in 2 periods in a row, or 2 seperate occasions? Let us know how you go on Monday : ) xx


Heather - February 6

Rochelle, How are you doing I am the same so frustrating, waiting wondering, its enough to drive you crazy. Will see what happens when af comes around.


Rochelle - February 6

Heather, I've had some light cramping for the past couple of days. What appears to be VERY light brown discharge....Headaches still, a little dizzy, bb's still deformed looking! But for some reason I haven't been "feeling" very pregnant recently. Keep trying to tell myself that I'm not so that when the due date comes around and I haven't given birth I won't be so disapointed! I'd hate to wonder about it for a WHOLE 9 MONTHS, that would suck. It's just hard when you keep getting little changes that make you believe you're pregnant. Another doctor has sent me for a blood test (which I haven't gotten yet) and he said "If this shows up negative, then you are definately NOT pregnant". They seem to be so uneducated when it comes to pregnancy. Of course there's still a possibility that I'm pregnant! As we've witnessed on this forum.....anything's possible. Just have to wait and see. Let me know if anything changes with you xx


Heather - February 7

Rochelle, well everything is still the same some days I dont feel pregnant either, but my stomach is getting bigger by the day, so I have no explanation!! Like Sunday I had pains all around my uterus and then gone the next day but bigger stomach, dont know what to do other than wait and see what AF brings, talk to you soon.


Heather - February 7

Rochelle, Also my b___sts look weird too, my nipples are 3 times the size they normaly are, and I have these clumps of bumps beside my nipples. But they also feel alot more firm, and they are also fuller( alot fuller).


Rochelle - February 15

Hey Heather, how are you doing? Any news? Any new symptoms? Over the past week I have started getting twinges, mild cramps and occasional sharp pains in my lower abdomen area. Also when I rolled over onto my stomach last night, it was kinda uncomfortable. I hope everything is going well for you.....


Heather - February 16

Rochelle, everything is still the same, have had menstral cramps started last night, and this morning, so will see what happens, other than that still alot of movement and my stomach hurts to lay on it too! have not been able to do that for a couple of Months, so will see what happens with AF, see if same old same, with bleed one day spot for 2. You sound like I did a couple of Months ago, so we are both in the same boat, hopefully things will look up this month I hope so, cause after 3 more weeks I will be 5 Months, if Pregnant. You take care and keep in touch, at least we know we are not alone, and we can console each other.



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