Tell Me I M Not Pregnant With All The Symptoms I Have

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Heather - February 16

Rochelle, everything is still the same, have had menstral cramps started last night, and this morning, so will see what happens, other than that still alot of movement and my stomach hurts to lay on it too! have not been able to do that for a couple of Months, so will see what happens with AF, see if same old same, with bleed one day spot for 2. You sound like I did a couple of Months ago, so we are both in the same boat, hopefully things will look up this month I hope so, cause after 3 more weeks I will be 5 Months, if Pregnant. You take care and keep in touch, at least we know we are not alone, and we can console each other.


Rochelle - February 16

Heather, I can't believe you're almost 5 months and STILL don't know for sure that you're pregnant...... I hope I know before then! What are your options? How did your mum find out she was pregnant at 4 1/2 months? At least when you know what's going on with you, I can a__sume that the same thing is happening with me : )


lovey - February 16

Hi everyone, My cycle is usually 29 days, my last period didn't come until day 50, which was 12/19/05. I haven't had another period yet and I'm at cycle day 60 (4wks late) I took a blood preg. test 2/10/06 it came back neg. I am having slight cramps and shooting pains in my b___sts. I went to the dr. today, she did an internal exam and found everything normal. She told me if my period doesn't show in a week take another blood test, she also wants me to take a thyroid and prolactin blood test. So hopefully I am preg. we've been trying for 3yrs. Has anyone heard of having a neg. blood preg. test just to find out a mo. later you really are preg.?


Rochelle - February 16

Lovey....Yeah, I've heard of that alot! Some pregnancies can only be detected with an ultra sound. If I am pregnant, it sucks that I'm one of the VERY unlucky one's who won't show up with normal tests, because I am the MOST impatient person in the world!!!!!!! I can't stand waiting!!! I had my blood taken last friday to test for pregnancy and HCG over 25 miu's and no problems with the thyroid. So I'm left waiting until I can get an U/S. Going to London next week, so I'll wait until I get back and see how my symptoms are progressing. I should be 10 weeks at that stage.


Heather - February 17

Rochelle, My Mum found out because her period was irregular and they put her on Birth control pills to reg her period, low and behold she found out when she was over 4 months, with my brother, and my aunt they told her she was full of cancer they opened her up there was a baby in there she was 5 months along, so maybe it runs in my family, my 1st child was the total opposite, I had Pos 6 weeks along, so I dont know what the heck. I am still crampy will see what happens, I will wait this week out to see, and then go to the Doctors, I will let you know, all I know is my stomach is getting really big below my belly B___ton, just there i look like I swollowed a basket Ball.


concerned - February 24

Hey people, I am really worried that I might be pregnant. my stomach is getting chubbier (not so sure its getting "fatter and firmer" )end i keep feel a twitching sensation every now and then. I try to suck in my stomach to see if that is still possible then feel around to see if i feel anything in there and i dont but i am really worried. are you supposed to be able to feel anything in there manually? If i am pregnant it would only be the first weeks. Please reply so I know what to do. I had my period it was brownish and lasted the whole week like it usually does. does the brown color mean i am pregnant?


maren - February 25

concerened if you are pregant only a few weeks alnog you would not be able to feel the baby moving in your uterus at all at this point the baby is way to small and not strong enough to cause you to feel it move. many women dont start to feel movment untill they are aroun 18 - 22 weeks. As far as the brown color i have not heard that a brown period means your pregnant, and generally if you hav eyour period the chances of you being pregnant are very low. But if your concerened about it i would take a test. Other wise wait till your next period is due to see if you get it or not. Good luck


Cera - May 1

Hello Everyone, I'm experiencing the things that you guys mentioned, it has been 6 months already since the last time that I had an unprotected sex, it was Nov. 6 and the sex only lasted for 5 minutes, I had my period on Nov 13 which lasted on Nov. 16 then the next months as well, but Ive been experiencing several changes in my body and I am really worried, I had a bloated stomach my last two periods were lighter than my normal period, I can usually fill 7-8 pads but i only filled 2 pads during my last two period, and now i noticed bumps around my areola and my breast and nipple became bigger, it hurts or stings at times as well. My lower belly has been giving me discomfort for 3 months already as well, i feel pulling sensations on the right side and sometimes at the left. It's already April now and your last conversation was on February, did you found out the answers to your wonders already? pls reply



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