Was Pregnant But Had Negative Tests Ladies Please Share

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Catherine - April 18

Hello ladies- please share your experiences, either personally, or knowing other women who have gone through a substantial portion or their entire pregnancy without producing "normal" amounts of HCG. I know some women never produce the hormone and have to get ultrasounds to prove pregnancy. I know I am pregnant, HCG is less than 5, and believe I am 9-12 weeks pregnant. Please share your encouraging stories!!! I know there are a lot of women going through the same thing...


Sharon - April 18

I think I might be experiencing the same thing. My period is almost 9 days late now (and I've never been late). My husband & I have been trying to get pregnant since January of this year. I've taken 3 ClearBlue at home home tests since 2 days after I was due & they've all been clearly positive. Had a 2 urine tests & 1 blood test done at doctor's & all of them were negative. I even took a ClearBlue test the same day as one of the urine tests & it was positive. Anyways, I'm getting another blood test tommorrow & will find out the results Wednesday. I'm starting to worry...we want to tell our family but are waiting for the confirmation from the doctor. Although, I know 100% I'm pregnant...I just feel it. Will inform as to what happens!!!


Catherine - April 19

Sharon, Sounds to me like you're pregnant! Did the doctor's office do a sensitive blood test or a quant_tative? Perhaps Clear Blue can detect a much smaller amount of HCG than the doctor's urine test or blood test. That is definitely possible. Let me know!


Sharon - April 20

Hi Catherine, Just wanted to let you know what happened at the doctors. The results of the blood test came out positive so I AM pregnant! I'm not sure which type it was but the results of my BCHG were 457. Perhaps the blood test I had last week was a different type. Well, hang in there! Go with your gut & don't always believe what the doctor's tell you. I think the at home tests are probably much better at detecting things early!


Catherine - April 20

Sharon, congratulations! I'm so happy to hear that you're pregnant! I knew you were. What symptoms did you have? I"m so happy for you. So how far along are you?


CArmella - April 21

Hello, I think I am experincing the same thing. I am 7 days last....I have never been late a day in my life. I took a home test and a urine test at the doctors but both come back neg. I am suppose to take another in a week. I have felt like my cycle is going to start for the past 2 weeks but it hasn't come........did you experience that? Thanks C


Catherine - April 21

Carmella, my period has continued to come but has been very off. It only lasts 1 1/2 days- 2 instead of 5. Do you have any other symptoms? I wouldn't be surprised if you were pregnant.


Mandy - April 21

Catherine- I know what you're going through because it happened to me. I went to my family doctor when I was 7 weeks late, and the blood test that she did came out negative. I took several hpt's, all of which came out negative. I finally had an ultrasound done when I was 15 weeks late, and the ultrasound proved that I was 15 weeks pregnant. I am now 4 months pregnant, so yes it is possible to get negatives on both blood and hpt's and still be pregnant.


Jenice - April 21

Hi all. I am currently 10 weeks late, and am pretty sure that I'm pregnant. (I don't want to actually say it though, because I'm scared of being horribly dissapointed!) I've done countless hpt's and 2 urine tests at the doctor's, and they've all been negative. So, I'm going to make the 3 hour drive to my family doctor tomorrow to find out what's going on. (He'll be more likely to believe me and run tests than the silly doctors here!) I'll try to remember to post my results to add to this thread! (Wish me luck and *baby dust*!)


Lillie - April 21

Hi all I'm 22 years old and just got married a month ago. I haven't had my period since Jan 4. I'm not sure what to think tho. I've taken over 20 HPT's and been to a clinic and still all the tests come back as negative. I've been haveing frequent urination, tinder b___sts, discharge from both v____al and my right nipple. I've gained weight....well sorta.....I've put on about 2 or 3 inches but no pounds. I'm not really sure what to think....I'm totally confused.........................Good luck to you all.....God Bless


Sharon - April 23

Thanks Catherine! According to the pregnancy calendars I'm 5 weeks but technically I'm only 3 weeks. I asked my family doctor why the blood & urine test came out negative the 1st time & she said it was probably just to early. Guess my HCG level was to low at that time. The symptoms I've been having are #1 sore & tender b___sts, slight backache on & off, also slight weird sensations in my abdomen periodically, moody & tiredness but generally earlier in the day. I tend to get energy boosts in the evening. Also, I get hot & cold easily..don't know if that's a symptom & I've been having a lot of nightmares lately. This morning I noticed a little bit of light pinkish spotting. Wasn't to concerned because it was so little but I looked it up on the net & aparently it's normal to have a little spotting up until 8 weeks? Wow, that's a lot of symptoms. Did you experience any of these? How's your pregnancy progressing? Good luck to all!!!


kelly - April 23

Carmella - i am going through the same thing as you. Normally my cycle is sort of long, 32-35 days, but now am 17 days past the longest one. Like you, every morning I feel a bit of cramps, or pressure and think, okay, today I think I am going to get my period, but nothing! Had a negative blood test 6 days ago, neg urine test last night. I just wish I would either get a +'ve test or my period so I could get back on track! lol.


nikki - April 26

Hrrmm...I'm kinda going though the same thing. Have symptoms, and 5 negative hpt's. I had one slight positive, and today i had a negative blood test. Still no signs of period...12 days late and never have been before. I also have never been pregnant though...so i have no idea what to expect. I hope i'm pregnant otherwise there's something really wrong with me!! It's so frustrating to have symptoms and everything and everyone is saying you're crazy. Best of luck ladies!!


Elizabeth - April 27

I am so glad to hear all of your stories! I am 22 and just got married last October. I am also in law school so I'm pretty stressed out which could explain things . . . BUT . . . here is my story: my last regular period was February 9th. I had a small period in March but it was five days late and very light. I am currently on day 45 of my cycle and no sign of a period. I pee all the time, I get a weird queasy feeling in my tummy, I've had heartburn occasionally, I'm tired, I have mood swings, my face gets hot and cold, I have a metallic taste in my mouth . . . . but I've taken four pregnancy tests and all come back negative. I'm thinking I'll call my gyno this morning. Does anyone think I might be pregnant???? PS--my cousin had 4 negative preg. tests and a neg. blood tests and only an ultrasound confirmed that she was pregnant.


Nacole - April 27

I took two home pregnancy tests and they were negative. I have been experiencing nauseau and have not started my period. Last night I started spotting. It is light pink and not like my normal cycle at all. I am really confussed.


superbadchick - April 27

Carmella- I am experiencing a similar thing. I have been cramping fr the past 3 days-usually I cramp a few hours and then Af comes- and Af was due yesterday-no sign of it yet. I took a First Response on Monday & it was a very faint positive. So I took one again Tuesday morning-but it was negative. So I don't know what to think yet, but I have a little faith since I did get one positive.


Mandy - April 27

I just wanted to share my story. I started testing when I was about 3 weeks late, and the test was negative. I went to my family doctor when I was 7 weeks late, and she did a blood test, but she didn't check for hCG, she only checked my thyroid and some other hormones to make sure they were functioning normally. I did another htp when I was about 11 weeks late, and it still showed negative. I finally had an ultrasound done when I was a little over 15 weeks pregnant, and it proved that I was definitely pregnant. I don't know why all of my tests came out negative, but I'm definitely pregnant. Right now I am almost 18 weeks along and I couldn't be happier.



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