37 And Pregnant With Seventh Child

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Rumer - September 13

My sister has 9 kids..she had her last one at 42 yrs old..all healthy..theres always a risk tho..but very low


Busymum - September 27

Hi, I am 32 and am 36 weeks with no.7... this pregnancy was totally different to the others, all the others was insulin controlled (or not very controlled) gestational diabetes. This one is not !!!

I had no morning sickness... at all I just knew I was pregnant though!

You will always worry, whether it is age, grand multiple etc etc etc that is our job to worry.

What ever comes comes... there is nothing we can do to change that, sometimes I think they want to scare us so we stop having kids (they want a 2 baby Max)... but honestly if you found out now that baby was ill, would you, could you abort?

I have never gone into spontaneous labour, always been induced, I am still scared I will go into labour and not get to the hospital on time. Lol... never happen but I still stress about it. My last baby was ill too, but it was the hospitals fault. So I have changed hospitals. The one only 5 minutes away for one that will take an hour to get there... but it is better and that's all that matters really.

I hope everything is going well for you and little man, I am having a baby boy too! I actually was shocked as we all thought he was a girl because of how lovely the pregnancy was going! (I have 3 girls and 3 boys)... just goes to show, every pregnancy is different and every baby is different... they can't predict what will happen we just have to wait and see.


Ehill9 - October 30

Congratulations to you . I'm so happy to hear there are women still having big families . You will be amazing . I have 9 children ranging from 24 - 6 I was 38 when I had my youngest . I even hdon'tknow what it is I'm 44 and I just don't feel done I know there is one more . I do get the I'm crazy I'm not excepting of the change in life all that stuff . My husband is 40 and he would love one more. I have the 8 with my first husband and my last with my second husband . I'm just reaching out because I just needed to know that what I'm feeling is  validated and I'm not crazy I just feel strongly about my decision . I am very healthy I still have regular periods I'm active I eat pretty good I really think I'll be OK I don't drink I don't smoke it's just taking a little longer to get pregnant.  That's the part I don't understand how to do because I always got pregnant faster than a hot pocket in the microwave  lol !!!   Any tips or suggestions on how to get pregnant a little faster let me know thanks. 


Busymum - October 31

Hi, Ehill9, my friend tried for 8 years to get pregnant until the doctor said the ONLY way was ivf! She didn't believe in it and submitted to the thought that she would never have a baby (which kind of killed her) within 7 months she was pregnant... the same doctor asked what she did... which was nothing.

Her little boy is now 18 months and she just found out she is pregnant again after not trying.

I also went through a few years of just miscarrying... it drives you mad wondering what is wrong with you... one day I just felt that weight was lifted from my shoulders and the next month I fell pregnant with my son! They didn't stop coming after that.


I think the stress of wanting it to happen, and it not happening as quickly as you think it should, actually can stop us getting pregnant (weird I know).

I don't think I am finished either... but if it doesn't happen I won't stress myself over it and concentrate on the ones I have... FYI mine are closer together my eldest is 13 and my youngest is now only a couple of weeks... I educate them all so I probably have more to concentrate on lol.


You are doing all the right things and doctors don't always know what they are talking about. My little one was born healthy and happy, I didn't bleed to death etc and am still here, I felt like I could run a marathon afterwards... so definitely wrong about me.

I hope you get that little bundle soon, TBH I am looking forward to grandkids lol. I get to cuddle and do all of that... just without the horrible stuff that goes with it.



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