38yrs Old W PCOS Is Pregnancey Possible

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pmem - May 12

I will be turning 38 next month and I am PCOS. My husband and I first attempt to have a baby was in the month of March. We thought it worked because my period was late for about a week. I was taking pregnancy test and they were coming up neg, yet no period. Just as I plan to see a doctor, my period came with lots of clots. I saw the doctor and he stated that I had a miscarriage. My husband tired again during the month of April and my period came in time in the month of May. Althought I have PCOS, I have never missed my period, infact every time I turn around my period is here. What are my changes of getting pregnant. With my age 38 I fear that it may be to late? My doctor told me about Clomid but I have to wait 6 months. What can I do in the meantime?


Kristin72 - May 12

Sorry..but what is PCOS?


Janny - May 12

Hello pmem. Question - how did they diagnose your PCOS? PCOS is "poly cystic ovarian syndrome." They told me I had it from my own symptoms which was my irregular periods (which I have had since I started) and problems ovulating. They said they could see it in my bloodwork - they were very vague. I just m/c 2 days ago and had 2 internal ultrasounds and I asked how my ovaries looked and they both said they looked fine. So now I'm confused and upset. Do I have it or not? Having PCOS is a definite problem in trying to get pregnant. They told me I would definitely have problems - but I still got pregnant. Did they check your ovaries??


pmem - May 16

Hi Janny. Yes they checked my ovaries. They found 2 fibroids. My Dr said that my fibroids are small and that most Dr's would not do anything at this time. The symptoms I have for PCOS "polycystic Ovarian Syndrome" are some havey bleeding, infertility not ovulating, increased growth of hair on face and chin, some adult acne, pelvic pain, weight gain (carrying extra weight around waist), high blood pressure, thinning hair, patches of dark brown or black skin on the neck and arms, skin tags, excessive snoring. My Dr told me since I already have a son (11yrs) means that I can get pregnant. I have to take care of my self and excerise to help stablize my insluin. If I don't get pregnant in 6 months then he will try drugs. The medication I expect is called Clomiphene. It's propose is to help with ovulation. In regards to the internal ultrasounds, I had one also, and they said my ovaries look find also, with the except of the fibroids. My first attempt to get pregnant lead to misscarriage and my second attempt nothing at all. My Dr feel like there is a chance and wants to use me as a case study for some new treatment that can distroy the firbroids. The procedure are for women who are unable to have a baby and have given up and had the fribroids removed procedure. My Dr indicated that some of the women became pregnant after the procedure. The procedure is not covered under insurance and he would file an appeal. I am not sure about the procedure since it is intended for women accepted the fact that they will never get pregnant. I have not accepted the fact that I will never get pregnant. I have only tryed for two months now. I would like to have a child with my husband and he really wants to have kids. My husband has express if we don't have any that it is ok. But I feel like it is my fault. Has anyone gone through this?


docbytch - May 20

hi there. a__suming your ovaries could respond normally, I have a very good friend who has never ovulated in her life due to PCOS. she became immediately pregnant after taking Clomid, which is a drug that induces ovulation.


pmem - June 9

Hi docbytch, thank you for your support. After my miscarriage and one regular period. On the third month we tried again. I was three days late so I decided to take a pregnancy test and it is positive. I have a Dr's appointment for the 19 of June to confirm. I am now 5 days late and I never miss a period. The only time I did it was with my first child. I am very excited and looking forward to having possible one more child after this. I am a bit worried about my age (38). But I am praying.


Lynn - June 10

hi ladies....do you mind if i chime in a minute? I just turned 38 yrs old and I am also diagnosed with PCOS. I was diagnosed by an old OB in 2000 but he never did anything. After TTC for over a year, he referred me to an RE in 2004. My first visit was a consultation. He was okay and seeing I wanted a baby....i decided to get their help. I got pregnant naturally and miscarried at 8 weeks. After that I did clomid for 8 cycles (no luck). I took a 4 month break and in August of 2005, I did injections + IUI. I got pregnant but it ended in an ectopic with emergency surgery at 8 weeks. At post-op, RE (new one) asked if I would give metformin (diabetic drug given to PCOS to regulate ovulation) a try. I complied and began taking it October 2005. I continued with 3 cycles of metformin and adding femera for 3 cycles with nothing but regular periods. In April 2006, I did anotehr round of injections alone with no luck but a reular period. In May, decided to take a break and on June 2nd, I found out I am pregnant. Sorry so long but my point is......you can get pregnant at 38, diagnosed with PCOS if you are followed by a doctor willing to work with you. Just want to share.


38neverconcieved - November 28

I am turning 38 in a couple of months. I have NEVER been pregnate a day in my life. Will clomid help me or should i go through the fertility treatments as well? My now husband has two children from previous relationships 


Progenesisivf - February 7

PCOS is one of the common reasons for female infertility. Women with PCOS produce higher than normal level of male hormones testosterone which causes irregular period and ovulation.  Fertility treatments such as IVF and surrogacy can help to get pregnant. 


wellspring1 - April 25

PCOS can be one of the main reasons for female infertility. In this woman suffers from irregular periods, heavy bleeding and pain during intercourse. You should visit Fertility expert and do follow its treatment and instructions. IVF and surrogacy is also one of the options to treat infertility.


FloraRustin88 - May 21

Hello! Yes! I know how PCOS symptoms are. So, sorry for your loss. I'm also a PCOS patient. So, yeah! But, done trying naturally. So, yeah! I've had MCs. Now, going via an IVF route at a repro center in Ukraine. Just need luck now! I think going via an IVF route is fine for me. I'm already 38 and we have no child yet. My obs has suggested that an IVF would work fine for me. So, yes! still trying...Also would like to advise you to keep trying; seek other chances! Stay blessed! xx


flora12 - June 24

Hey. I'm sorry about your miscarriage. You must've felt very bad, I know that pain. I'd suggest you go for an IVF treatment. It works like magic for the women who have PCOS. It is a bit painful procedure but the result is worth the pain. Once the process is done, it feels like a natural pregnancy. Research it and think about it. Good luck! 



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