43 And Pregnant

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Sharon - August 5

Vickie, how did everything go with the Dr.s appointment? Were they able to determine if you were as far along as you expected? My first appointment is August 17th and I wonder if they can do an ultrasound that early to make sure all is going well. My insurance does not have any restrictions so I hope they can. I just want to make sure all is well and I really have the baby, not a blighted ovum. I am falling in love with the idea of being pregnant and getting so excited to have a little one! If the baby is not developing correctly the sooner I know the better.


Susan - August 6

Relax, I am 42 and hoping to have my second child. It is not a horrible thing to be pregnant with a child when you are in a loving relationship and healthy. I have seen ladies at 25 who look more out of shape then some 40 year old ladies. Its a beautiful thing if the child is welcome at any age.


Pattie - August 7

Hi, Ladies. Hope you don't mind me popping in. I hang out in another forum. I read all of your posts and can say that I am 42 also. I was preg. in Nov. 04 although m/c, but still were able to get pregger. I have four healthy children 18,14,12,7 (4preg/4births) According to dr., that's great stats. I have been trying since Feb.05, but are very encouraged by all your words. I think, if you don't mind me quoting my Mother, "don't worry about things you cannot change or hasn't happened yet, worry when something does happen, and not until then". If you have the desire to have a baby at our age, then who cares about anyone else and what they think. Yes, the older parent thing, as the one dad mentioned, is always hard, but children keep you young and your children loves you no matter how old or young you are. Congratulations to all of you preggers, may you all have healthy, happy and memorble pregnancies and births. Good luck to you all.


Ingrid - August 12

I am so glad to read your posts ladies. i am 43 and starting the process of embryo adoption. your posts are very helpful and encouraging.


Sally - August 17

Hi, I am 43 and just found out too that I am 3 weeks pregnant - I have been cramping and bleeding for the past 2 days like anormal period. I am nervouse for both outcomes but hoping all will be well. I will have to choose to have an amnio and other tests - if anyone has any info on what tests etc. please let me know. Also, the age thing I do not think is so much of an issue - this will be a first for me. If you are happy and healthy it will be ok. lets stick together!!!


mother777 - August 17

hi i am 39 years old and i am 19 weeks pregnant. the doctors was making a big deal out of my pregnancy as well. they keep telling me i am high risk. they schedule an appointment for me to go to genetic counseling. and also suggest that i have an amino which really scares me. i really have to think about that. this is my third pregnancy. my kids are 16 and 12.


Maria - August 18

Congratulations to all the moms-to-be! My next door neighbor was pregant at 42 with her third son. She too was very worried. However, he third son was born healthy and is very smart. (The only thing "wrong" is that he needed to wear gla__ses earlier than most.) He has kept his parents young at heart. Althought he may have been unplanned, he has been a true blessing to the whole family. I hope you all enjoy the miracle inside you and realize that if this is happening to you, it means that you can handle whatever outcome comes your way. I wish you all a child that fills your life with more love and joy and satisfaction than you can imagine. I hope you spend more time thinking of what can go right (your child's first smile and first giggle and first word) than allowing yourself to be intimidated by the doctors and stressing about all that can go wrong. Best of luck to all.


cindy - August 20

I am 42 will be 43 when I deliver in early Nov. I am 28 wks now. Been infertil for 22 yrs, adopted my two sons as infants now 19 and 17 and after 8 yrs of surgeries and treatments gave birth to my daughter now 15, I show up preg last Aug and lost it in Nov. but showed up preg in Jan. I have also had to deal with all the negative news about us "old" prego ladies. Its wears on your brain but like what was said earlier, worry about what you can control. I chose not to have the amnio and blood tests. My last ultrasound came out great. The doc said everything looked exceptional and really reduced my chance of birth defects by quite a bit. Just enjoy being in this wonderful state. We are older and wiser, there is not a better time to be pregnant if you ask me. I am really truely loving being pregnant, and seem to be appreciating it so much more than when I was 27 years young. Sit back and let it flow, dont fight it too much. You can over think anything and freak yourself out. Worry about stuff you can control and be at peace with the things you cant. The fact that we are pregnant isno accident. Like I tell people, it just proves I am still young enough to get pregnant and am handling very well thank you. Despite all the aches and pains that come along with being 42 and prego. It will be all worth it I am sure. God speed to all of you beautiful older pregnant women. We are a rare breed, keep smilin!!!


Vickie - August 25

Sharon, thanks for asking about the doctor's appointment. We went, had a strong healthy heartbeat. Went for genetics counseling and am scheduled for my CVS on Monday. Scared to death to have it done. Anyone out there can you tell me how their CVS went? I hate needles, so I'm just really nervous. PS I'm now 11 weeks.


Kris - August 26

Hi! I am 37, will be 38 next month and have 3 kids..15, 13, and 7 and would like to have just one more with my hubby. I have been reading your posts and realize that I am not alone in wanting another child "at this age". Thanks!


To Sharon - August 26

It's god's gift. I think it's wonderful and I hope everything works out for you. Best wishes!


Sharon - August 26

Vickie, I am so very happy all is going well for you and the baby has a strong heathly heartbeat ! I had a different outcome and I did lose the pregnancy , began miscarriage on August 15th. When I look back at all my posts and my fears, it was all about having a new baby, not loosing one. We are heartbroken. My Dr said that the odds of one pregnancy at 43 were very low and he does not think I will be able to conceive again. I think I will find a different Dr! I will keep you all in my prayers and I will check back to see how everything is going. Take care and God Bless.


hv - August 26

Hello to all. Your commentaries have made me feel relieved for the first time since I found out that I am pregnant. I am a young 41, my husband is 33, and the very first month we tried to get preg. we did! But, I have done nothing except worry so far due to my age. I feel like I have been holding my breathe since I found out because I am worried about a m/c or down syndrome or whatever else happens to older women's babies.You ladies (and gentleman) have given me a bit of courage to face the future. BTW, this will be my first child. So happy to know that there are many of us out there and people seem to be having happy healthy babies. : )


mother777 - August 27

hv; congrad and good luck. when are u expecting your baby?


hv - August 27

Hi Mom777, I am barely pregnant at 7 weeks. Every morning I wake up with a new fear. This morning it was this: I am worried about having a child in a city where my husband and I don't know anybody. We moved to present location a year ago. My colleagues are great but all older than me (they have adult kids!), my husband's work is kind of solo so he has no colleagues, my family lives 5 hours away, and his lives across the country! We are alone. Thanks to looking at this forum, I am formulating an idea to either seek out or, if necessary, start a support group of pregnant women over 35. What do you think? Thanks for you response and congrats yourself on your third pregnancy - remember, you're a pro at this now!


mother777 - August 27

hv. lol. i think a support group for woman 35 and over would be great. i am in. the doctors treat us different, and some do not put your mind at ease. so, yes there is a time when we need to vent.



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