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wannabeamomagain - January 10

I received a call from my OB today and the news was not so great. He mentioned that my FSH level was 23.8 which categorizes me as pre-menopausal. I have to go in for blood work again tomorrow for secondary testing. I am 39 and I have been trying to conceive for approx. a year. I have taken Clomid, Progesterone and Glucophage over the last couple of months. Has anyone out there has luck conceiving with elevated FSH levels? Should I begin the process of coming to terms with the fact that this may never happen for me. I can not describe the emotions I had today when faced with the reality that I may not be able to have another child...especially one that I want so desperately.


miraclebaby - January 12

I see no one has responded to you, I am sorry but I dont know the answer to your question. Good Luck though.


Sue Z. 39 - January 12

I'm also 39 and I had an FSH of 13 last march (I was 38 then). I'd hate to know now what it is now. There's a lot of information our there on people conceivng with high FSH levels. There's a lot doctors don't know about FSH levels too. All this is not an exact science. There is a form for high FSH, but I don't have the address. But it is something like Network54. I know a women's FSH can go up and down month to month. Having a high FSH means that you will have trouble responding to infertility meds. At 39 you should be on injectables I would imagine and probably go straight to IVF. Don't give up yet. I know what you're going through. You just need to find the right doctor to work with you. Some doctors don't care about their stats, some do and will tell you to go straight to donar eggs. There's acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and wheatgra__s juice that can help a high FSH even if it is temporary. Please do some serious research and read the book Inconcievable. There's a couple books about women in their 40's having babies by following certian diets etc... You're not 40 yet and it's the age of your eggs more so than anything.


wannabeamomagain - January 12

Sue Z. 39 and Miraclebaby - Thanks so much for responding. I got great news this morning. The results of my second round of bloodwork showed an FSH level of 7.4...WOO HOO!!!!! I am so happy to know that I still have a chance on my own. I was really scared. Even though it's been a year since TTC I am more optimistic than ever. Baby Dust to both of you!!


courtnid - February 12

I actually got a call from my doc about a week ago telling me that my FSH level was also 23.8. This was my second blood test for it. I was going to be an egg donor for a family friend and because of this they turned me down to be a donor. My first blood test came up with 12.8, so in two months it almost doubled! I also dont know what this means. I am 20 years old and I was told this doesnt usually happen until you get a little older than I am. Although I wanted to write to you and tell you to not give up. I found all of this out after I got pregnant for the second time. I have a beautiful 4 month old boy which I am realizing may be my only. Stay strong!


sonia989 - March 1

Hi Wanna, I' so glad your 2nd FSH was lower. maybe the 1st one was on the wrong day? Mine was 11 6 months before I conceived.I I'm 6 mos now and 'll be 36 next months. I did IVF and used acupuncture and i think the latter really helped. I did not respond well at all to fertility drugs, had only 4 eggs (3 mature), but the one good emryo (out of the 2 I had) stuck and is looking pretty good these days!


Mollyo777 - March 3

Hi there, I was informed 2 months ago my FSH levels were 86, (2 months earlier they were 53) I'm 39 and the doc told me I was in menopause, with only a 1% to 5% chance of ever getting pregnant. Well much to the doctors amazement I am 5 weeks pregnant. All I can say is don't give up. The trick is knowing when you ovulate


sonia989 - March 11

Holy baby poop, Mollyo! That is AhuMAzingah! i'm so happy for you!!! let's hear it for being in the minority!


docbytch - March 11

It may also be a good idea to have your partner's sperm count done too. Sounds like your FSH levels fluctuate a bit which is pefectly ok. Most women are not full b__wn premenopausal at age 39 and the fact you are having trouble conceiving may be related to factors involving his input. For example, my brother and his wife (exactly my age...39) have been trying to conceive and have not had as much success as my husband and I. Shannon, his wife, and I are exactly the same age...but my husband...also 39...has a high count after his vasectomy reversal....where my brother appears not to have a high count at all. What difference this has made is that I have been pregnant twice in 9 mos where she has not. I can't imagine our eggs as being that different considering we are the same age....so the male factor has to matter somewhere.


Jsilva - March 12

Hi Wanna I was wondering if you were able to get pregnant. My story is very similar, I 40 years old was pregant last June but lost the baby at 8.5 wks. We now went to a clinic and last Friday they told me that my FSH was 23 last month and 20 this month. I has no idea what FSH meet the doctor begen the conversation by telling me that i need a egg donor... I was choked..never thought i would be in this situation. is there any one out there in the same situation, what can i do. please help.


Praying4Ababy - September 22

Mollyo your story so made me happy! My wife is 42, I'm 40. We have been married for 10 months and trying to have a baby of our own (she had 2 other normal pregnancies earlier in life). I've never had any children. She had some blood work done about 3 months after we were married. We were told that her FSH was about 50. We went to a fertility specialist and they got her levels down to around 10 or so (I don't remember). She started taking shots but they couldn't find any eggs. I was checked and the first time I was told that I was no good (so to speak), the second test I flew off the charts (which was GREAT news). About 3 weeks ago after being about 40+ days into her cycle she did more blood work. They said we aren't pregnant and her FSH was at 81. Today is about day 65 or so and still no period. I've prayed a lot that maybe the test was wrong and she really is pregnant. So just now I Googled "does your fsh level go up when you're pregnant?" and found this webpage. I'm so excited to read what you wrote Mollyo. Please pray, babydust, whatever that we can have one of our own. Thank you. Jim


november7 - September 22

Hi everyone I am 41 yo. Just want to let you know that I also had a high FSH12 level and considered pre-menopausal in June. I had the blood work done recently for an upcoming fertility appt and my FSH was 7. FSH does appear to fluctuate for ladies around my age at least. Stay positve and keep TTC. Baby dust to you all.


msval001 - June 7

Hi wannabeamomagain I was reading online that this fertility clinic suggest the woman use DHEA for high fsh levels and the site says it helps with the ivf process.  Now mind you I did not read everything but I was looking for information as to what I could do to bring my fsh levels back down.  I take synthroid and the pharmacy was only issuing me .025 mcg (was supposed to take half of this with .125 mcg) and did not tell me, so my thyroid slowed (what I have left) way down.  I was just looking for a way to reverse what the pharmacy caused and I ran across that website.


Jeanetta - March 13

Wow. What happened? How did you do it? I just turned 38 last week and on the same day as my birthday, my FSH test results came back at 86! I went to the OBGYN the day before because i thought i was going through early menapause. I haven't gotten my period in almost 2 months and before that, I was getting it every 21/2 weeks for about 3 months. I've also been getting hot flashes and night sweats the past few weeks. As soon as these symptoms started I went to the OBGYN. She said that she definitely doesn't think im perimenapause but alas, when the test results came back. She hasn't even called me back yet. I just saw the results online. This is a new doctor, in a new state, and I'm not satisfied at all. Every other test came out in the normal range. I'm devistated. I haven't had children yet. I was pregnant once at age 29 but had a miscarriage at 8 weeks. How did you go from an FSH 83 to pregnant? 



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