Had A Vaginal Ultrasound No Heartbeat Yet

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Erica - January 24

I too had a v____al ultrasound at 6 weeks due to previous miscarriages. The doctor did not see a heartbeat and said I was a little less than 6 weeks. Well, yesterday I went (two weeks later) and lo and behold there is a heartbeat and I am actually 8 weeks 4 days! Doctors aren't always right - that's why they have a "practice" - get it? Sounds like you and I are within three days of each other - my due date is LABOR DAY!! LOL!!


JanInBama - January 24

I went this morning and the ultrasound tech said I was measuring 5 wks and 3 days. I go again next Thurs. for another u/s. The doctor said he was pleased - so I'm gonna keep my fingures crossed!


JanInBama - January 24

ok ..I meant fingers! LOL


Jessi - March 16

On Jan the 31 I was 8weeks and three days pregant. So when could i have conceived?


jess - March 16

Could I have conceived on 22 of Dec and if so wouldn't the transv____al sono so an earlier date. I could see the heart beat aswell.


Beth P - March 21

I'm going in for abdominal and v____al ultrasound in 2 weeks which is when I should be at 7 weeks into pregnancy. I'm nervous since my last pregnancy ended, last summer, in a miscarriage diagnosed after they did an ultrasound. Seems like from reading others comments that 6 weeks is too early but by 8 weeks you should see a heartbeat--is this right?


tryingx3 - March 21

I have had 3 pregnancies, 2 ending in miscarriage. We were able to hear heartbeat on all 3 as early as 6 weeks, 1 day, with v____al ultrasound.


biach - March 31

H, I just want to say thank you for giving me knew hope. Had s/g yesterday, claim Im 9 wks, according to s/g, the embryo is the size of 6 wks. I pray the dr's are wrong with me too! It took me over 5 yrs to get pregnant again. congrats to you!!!


MellyMel - April 1

Are you the same Monique that posts on the Healthboars?


ThePezChick - April 4

I had a v____al u/s at 5 weeks and all we saw was the yolk and sac. I wouldn't be concerned.


biach - April 5

ThePez Chick, Thanks, I go tomorrow for another u/s. Hopefully there will be some growth. My hcg was at 11,582, which a DR. said was way too low. Though I did research, I found out all womens #'vary, long as they are above 7500 i should be okay. They havent suggested a D&C, so I am hopefully. I cant wait for tomorrow to get here, even though if they tell me there is no growth (Im also t_tled ) I am not giving up. My only concern is in the morning, my stomache seems flatter and not as full. otherwise I feel pregnant & good. Please wish me luck, I hope I dont have to wait another couple of weeks for some answers. Thanks, Chris


nburse - August 15

ok i am suppose to be 8 weeks prego. i went to docter had v____al ultersound done when i was 6 weeks they said i was measuring 5 weeks they seen sac hcg levels was 30,000 but no h/b. then went one week later they said i was 6 weeks no h/b sac is growing hcg levels was rising and is 45,000. when i left docter he told me i was 90% chance of miscarrage cuz they didnt hear heartbeat. i have another v____al ultersound today 8/15 to hear heartbeat he said if they do not hear heartbeat then they are talking bout dnc. i think i need to wait even if they dont hear heartbeat. should i ? is it to early everything is growing and rising i dunno i am nervous bout appt today!


nburse - August 16

well i went to docter yesterday he said that the sac had not grown since last weeka nd there was still no heartbeat . so he said i should give up. my body should misscarry in the next 2 weeks and i have appt for sept 5th if i do not misscarry by then i will have to schedule dnc. but theres my bad update.......


tryingx3 - August 21

nburse - sorry to hear your news


Wannabemom - September 7

HI all, I'm new to this forum, didn't even realise there was an over-35 topic. Anyway, I am 36 (a young one I've been told!). After failed IVF, become pg naturally this year in March only to m/c in May but hey, pg again this Aug but sadly, i am 8 wks and US didn't find HB. But my HCG is going up nicely so midwife told me to remain hopeful. Do you think this is just wishful thinking? I had both abdominal and vag US and the tech found nothing-just yolk sac and embryo (measuring 6 mm) but no HB. I have another US next week....feeling very hopeless and very angry at life...


JJbby22 - May 29

hey my names jodie, ive bin 2day 4 a internal scam and she said i was 6 weeks and there was no heart beat i am devo d



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