Have Any Of You Considered A Baby After This One

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Caroline - May 23

I take offense to the only child bashing going on. Sadly, I think you can be an ungrateful, spoiled person if you have no siblings or many. It's how you raise your child/children that is important. I know families of three that raised social idiots. I have 2 best friends that are the most out going, smart cool women and they are both only children. They both have amazing parents who are still married in their early 60's.


Eli - May 23

I am so happy to be preg. at age 37 w/ my first. I haven't thought that far ahead. We'll see. I feel so blessed to have one.


Jessy - June 1

To let you guys know, I do know of an "only child" (up to the age of 12 anyway) that was raised by a single mom and she turned out very well...but she was a brat as a kid...so I'm thinking the years change you. It certainly does depend on how you're raised. The other only child I mentioned had both parents and was rich...she was a brat way into the teens, it's still taking time to wear off as she's in her 20's ...having a kid of her own has awaken her to being a better/more loving person so she actually has someone who wants to marry her now! But man, her mom is a mean, stingy (rich) lady and her dad is always working...so I guess we shouldn't be surprised she turned out a brat. You parents are in control- remember that..throw them in room with a bunch of toys and don't spend any time with them and you'll get a brat...have few toys but spend lots of time with them (playing and talking with them from childhood up) and no matter how many you have...they could turn out pretty good! So if how they turn out in the end is your biggest concern, it's up to you...either way, with one or more, your time is most precious, so spend it with your kids, it will shape their lives. So as I've seen, the single children are brats until they grow up, but it's really up to their parents if they will be trained to be nice while young as well.


Iggs - June 2

There have been a lot of studies done that only children are more likely to grow up to be leaders in society. I don't think every only child grows up spoiled just like I don't think all people families are poor and attention seekers. I think it's up to the parents to do the best they can and love their child/children.


Iggs - June 2

The above was suppose to say "BIG families"


Jessy - June 2

Hey, I said they were "brats" not spoiled...the spoiled part depends on the parent solely, and the "brat" part is mostly the kid, but the parent allows it. Like I said, both I knew were brats, but nothing was mentioned of spoiled. One obviously was, but the other might have been a little due to being the only one for a long time, but once her brother was born at age 12, she started shaping up real quick, they were quite poor. The other one who is rich has more growing up to do, but she's making leaps and bounds in maturity now as she's in her 20s with a little boy and about to get married. Everyone is different, but her parents definitely spoiled her and I'm sure that contributed alot to her immaturity. So, as I said, "when they were young" they were "brats". UNTIL they GREW UP. I also know a boy who was "spoiled" growing up, with a half brother and half sister who didn't get the "priviliges" he enjoyed. And then was an "only child" at age 8 and his mother was quite "negligent" and let tv and games raise him while she was absorbed in herself divorcing 3 guys (2nd of which was his father) and marrying one more (so far)...he is definitley a social "idiot" if I've ever seen one. Studies show video/computer games are good for developing your mind, but do it in moderation! An hour or 2 a day maybe! More than that (like letting it raise your kid) and don't be surprised if you have an ADHD kid on your hands! Yep, parents, it's up to you!



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