Possible Cystic Hygroma

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Mari - June 22

I had a 12 wk u/s last week and the Dr. said my baby had a cyst on the brain (referred to it as Cystic Hygroma). The Dr. said it could be chromosome related - Turners Syndrome, worse, or could go away. He sugessted a CVS and I am waiting for the results. Has anyone gone through this and can give me advice - I am sick! I had two losses last year - unrelated and cannot go through the sadness again - I'm 37 and have no living children.


Irina - June 22

My friend's baby had Cystic Hygroma at 16 weeks and it's gone by 20 weeks. Her girl is healthy. Don't worry. I'd recommend to wait until 14-15 weeks and have amnio. It has less risk.


mcb - June 22

A friend on the weekend was telling me that at her 20 week scan they discovered a cyst in the baby's brain. When she went back recently for another scan (at 24 weeks) the cyst was gone. The doctor told her that this happens quite frequently and they are not sure what causes these cysts. I'm not sure if it's the same type of cyst that your scan picked up but it's definitely gone now. She's 37 too.


Irina - June 23

Thank you so much...your note makes me feel a lot better.


mcb - June 23

Thank you so much - I am doing a lot of praying right now


Wendy - June 29

I am right there with you. I am almost 12 weeks and a cystic hygroma was discovered that starts at top of the head all the way to the lower back. I will pray for you. I am getting my amnio at 15 wks. Everything is going to be ok.


sonya - July 2

I had a friend who had the very same thing and she has a very healthy baby boy. She like you was scared to death, just as I would be. Think about how many babies have had the very same thing and they just couldn't see it on the u/s before. The high tech u/s can see everything!


Cheryl - August 2

Hey I just had a 11 week ultrasound and the doctor said the same about a cystic hygroma. I'm awaiting the results from my CVS. I'm not sure what to think my doctor sure feels it will not go away. I'm reading and hearing from others that their hygroma gone on their next ultrasound. I'm ready for a second opinion how about you. I need to know how many people this has happened to . I will pray for you.


louise - August 3

Hi there, I had my 12 week dating scan on monday and i too was told my baby has Cystic Hygroma from its neck to its bottom! I only saw a specialist midwife who painted a very gloomy picture, my husband tells me i should be optomistic.I find it impossible to be. I have to go back in 2 weeks for another scan. Good luck to all you other worried mums,i shall be praying for us all too x


sarahbaby11 - July 14

mari. this may not be the type of news you were looking for. my baby was found to have a cystic hygroma a t 13 weeks. the doctors did a level 2 ultrasound so they could measure better and see what else may be there. they unfortunately found fetal hydrops around the babies stomach and heart. as a result the baby has no chance of living. sadly my husband and i must terminate this pregnancy. if this helps there are many websites where you can contact people who have childern with a hygroma. the doctor said the chance of the hygroma going away could happen rarely does but it often present again before the baby is two. so be prepared foe that. i'd google cystic hygroma and look for someone to talk to. they can give you insight as to what the children are truly like. i am sorry for this news but perhaps you can try again. everything occurs for a reason


steverj - July 12

I am going throught the same thing right now. I am 13 weeks pregnant and went last week for my transnucheal fold test and they found throught the sonogram that my baby has cystic hygroma. My baby's is from its neck all the way down its back. They did a CVS that day and I am still waiting for results and dying. My doctor did not seem to optimistic, and he usually is. He told me that there is a 50% chance that it is chromosomal, and then if not, of the remaining 50%, 25% chance that there will be a major defect in an organ (like a heart problem) or a demormity, leaving only a 25% chance of a normal baby. When I read about it on the internet, the odds for survival don't look good. I am devistated too. He told me that it may go away, but that that doesn't mean that things are okay. I am so upset. I had the CVS done on Monay and he told me to call him on Wed....it is now Thursday and we still have no results. He said to call tomorrow. He keeps saying that we will have the option to terminate the pregnancy. I guess that sounds easy enough for someone who is not emotionally involved in the pregnancy. I am wishing you the best of luck and you will be in my thoughts and prayers. Please let me know how things turn out.


louise laura - July 18

Hi mari, Im so sorry to hear your baby has a cystic hygroma. Even though i went though a simular thing there isnt any advice i can give as it all depends on your results. I thought i would reply as it might make you feel a bit better knowing that your not the only one as this is quite rare i thought i was. I didnt get a reply from the site and think i would have felt better if i thought someone was listening. I had a cvs too unfortunatly my baby had Edwards syndrome so he wouldnt have had any chance of survival. That was two years ago. I was trying for another baby and had a miscarrage at nine weeks just before christmas. Ive given up on the idea now though as im 43 and have 4 children and a grandson who is 14 months old. I now how upsetting all of this is especially as your waiting for results. I really hope it works out well for you. Remember your a lot younger than me so dont give up hope! I will pray for you. Good luck x


klsl143 - March 10

So sorry to hear about your situation. I had my first u/s at 10 1/2 weeks and our baby was fine, jumping around & heart of course beating 100 mph! I've no morning sickness, only tiredness. To our shock, I went back in for my monthly check up at 14 weeks on 3/5 and our baby had pa__sed away due to cystic hygroma. With the size of the baby, they a__sumed she pa__sed at about 12 weeks. It's a sad situation and definately unpredictable. I'll be thinking of you and remember to not give up!


louise laura - March 10

Oh my darling, Im so sorry to hear about your baby, my sister in law had a simular thing some years ago! It is never easy no matter what cause or reason. I know what comes next is really hard to cope with, but trust me you you do get over it....eventually! I was given the choice of seeing the photos they took of my baby. I said no at the time but took a sealed envolope home, after a few days i plucked up enough courage to look. Im glad i did as it made me feel better as if all the heart ache was really real! There really was a baby and yes he was gorgeous! My husband hasnt looked still and that is his way of coping with it! Everyone is different. I send my love to you and your family. I will be thinking of you all. I am here if you want to message me! Louise


J Anna - July 20

Hi, I'm 14 weeks today and my baby was too diagnosed with cystic hygoma at 12 weeks. Doctor says it's back measuring 9mm at the back of his head stretching all the way down and to his abdomen. Today, I was hoping for a miracle but sadly, it grew to 13mm... He says it's really bad... 

I have arranged for amnio 2 weeks down the road and I pray that God show us miracles like He had shown many of you here... Grace, Grace... 


J Anna - July 20

Anyone has more positive news to share? Is 13mm bigger than normal?? 



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