Pregnancy Symptoms Worse After 40

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Perl - May 8

Silent wish how are you feeling today? I know this is easier said than done but try to put your mind on something else for a bit, there doesn't seem to be much that can be done until you hear from your doc about test results. What a pain it is waiting isn't it? You should also address the swelling and tingling with your doc. Still keeping my fingers crossed. : )


Silent_Wish - May 14

Hi Perl...what a carry on at the docs... Tests came back Mon and as i suspected...NEG. However i have now missed my second period and doc wants to do tests for menopause although she doesnt think it is that. Someone told me they had 2 neg blood tests with 2 of her children yet she WAS preg?. I have heard of about 3/4 other cases but my Doc dismisses the idea. Anyway yesterday i DID notice my b___sts quite tender and more or less ignored it but today im being rather careful as i am really noticing it more. So yes this is a REAL mystery but i intend to keep posting because my information may help others. Thing is if its NOT menopause she says just to wait and see what happens with nature? Although if it IS then she says its a case of pileling female hormones back in and hopefully get pregnant that way.


Perl - May 15

Silentwish: Wow, this is mysterious. Good that your Dr doesn't think it's menopause though. I'd think that pretty soon you could get an ultrasound done and then you and your Dr. would be able to see if there's a fetus in your uterus. Is it possible that your hormone levels are low enough to not register a positive but still be pregnant? I guess so since you say you know of other women who have gone through this. Will be thinking of you.


kellyanne_2006 - May 16

i know this sounds horrible but please dont judge me. Here goes i broke up with my boyfriend a few weeks ago and i had s_x with my ex on the 28th April 2006 and then got bk with my boyfirend the day after ( we sorted out or differences and we still love each other very much) so we had make-up s_x on the 29th and then on the 1st May 2nd 3rd and the 5th i know i ovulated on the 5th and i was wondering if it is possilble that the babys father is my ex's could his sperm be still alvive if i ovulated a week after we had s_x its just that i am going crazy @ the moment i have got implantation bleeding and i think im pregnant we i need some advice on what to do whats your opinion. i think like ending it all cos i am so depressed i really want this baby to be my boyfriends and i know there is a bigger chance it is his but i will always question it .


Perl - May 16

Your ex's sperm would have had to survive for 7 days inside you if you ovulated on the 5th of May and I just don't think that's possible. I've heard that the maximum survival time for sperm once it enters your body is 3 days but you'll want to confirm this with your doctor. You don't need to give your Dr all the details if it embara__ses you (but I would) you can just ask the Dr. how long can sperm survive. When they give you a pregnancy test, your Dr. will also give you an estimated conception date to help you out--I'd bet that if you're pregnant, it's from your boyfriend's sperm not your ex's. What should you do? Do nothing, you already feel bad, don't dwell on your mistake just forget it but learn from it so you'll never do it again and move on. Don't go near your ex again. If you have problems with your boyfriend, respect your body and call a close family member, a girlfriend or a therapist and talk it through instead. Don't make the same mistake and make it up to your boyfriend by loving him and doing good things for him. If you are pregnant you need to shift your focus to your pregnancy and taking care of your body and nurturing your baby as well as your relationship with your boyfriend.


kellyanne_2006 - May 16

wow perl thanks for the advice you sure made me feel a whole lot better thank you and i will ask the doctor


momx6ndone - May 6

i too am going through this.
i am going through this as well, and was looking for answers.
i am ten days overdue
experinceing so many of the symptoms of pg with no positive
including spotting one wipe worth on day nine and two on day ten after relations with hubs.
i am begining to worry about eptopic.
the other 6 and my miscarrys was not like this.
i dont feel pg, but have all the sighns save for a bfp...




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