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Kristin72 - January 7

sorry for all the typo's 1 am and typing with 1 hand. :))


Lexyhere - January 7

Thanks Kristin! Girl, no worries on the typos, :o) Okay, I've heard of those but didn't know the exact name. No, I haven't had one. I'm guessing because I got the shot AND they did a few ultrasounds after, they figure my tubes are okay. Thus far, I don't honestly think I'm infertile, I've just had c___ppy luck with timing of certain procedures which I think gummed up my works. Add to that hubby and I had been having some problems and s_x was the last thing on our minds.We wanted to work on us before even thinking about adding someone else to the mix. Even now, we're so focused on the business, I think we're both subconsciously holding off. Makes my s_x life suck, to say the least but, we want to be sure I can relax through the pregnancy (as best as *I* can,hehe) and with getting the business together at the moment, it's not gonna happen. He did mention for us to stick to our time table of planning, we should be trying for this month and next. I've yet to tell him I believe TONIGHT is the night,hehe. (started getting pains in the ovaries last night and mildly today and ECWM showed up pretty good today) We'll see. We both want this a lot and at the same time, I guess we're trying to get all of our ducks in a row. Then again, we know no time is the perfect time, right? Anyhoo, we'll see how it goes. I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for any new updates from everyone else.


Aspen8 - January 7

TWINS - I'm sorry I didn't see your post earlier. You're probably long gone but just in case you're still lurking, here are some answers to your questions: Clomid is likely to "regulate" your cycle if you've been very irregular but it won't make your cycles 28 days like clockwork, no. In fact, when I took it, my cycles went from 28 days to 30-35 days. The problem was that it made me ovulate later AND it lengthened my luteal phase. I actually hated that it made my cycles longer. Once I knew I wasn't PG that month I just wanted to MOVE ON darn it and start trying again! Sorry again that I didn't see your post earlier. Good luck to you. One of our members started a new thread for us...look for one in CAPS that has 2010 in the t_tle and come post with us there. This thread won't get used any more once everyone sees that we have a new one.


Aspen8 - January 7

Hi EVERYONE! Kristin started a new thread for us so catch up on these posts if you want to read them but but your answer on our new-for-2010 thread. Look for 2010 in the t_tle. Happy New Year!



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