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HelloDolly - May 17

Happy Monday Morning Ladies, There is no proof that it helps, but some ladies swear by it. That means something to me. So I have to wait three more days to see if AF is going to show or not. It kills me to not take a test, but I am one of those that has to wait till after AF is due, and still I get a very faint line if it is a pos. So we shall see in a few days. I hope everyone has a great week. Baby Dust!!!


Aspen8 - May 17

TOOTH FAIRY - Fertility Friend is a really cool website. I learned an awful lot there. Lots of people do just fine without it though. Sounds like you're getting ready to O so have fun! ;-) Thanks for the "good luck". I need all the motivation I can muster from any and all sources. Lol. H MAC - You're probably right about the "Pa__s it along" thing. Sorry to hear that you have the flu. Sometimes when we're sick our bodies try to ovulate and all the signs are there but it doesn't quite work and it has to try again. OR...sometimes it takes longer to make the progesterone necessary to raise temperatures. Don't stress. Keep bd'ing if you can stand it until you DO see that temp rise. I hope you feel better very, very soon! Hmmm...progesterone suppositories have helpled TONS of women establish a viable pregnancy, including Kristin on here. Suppositories are waaaaaaay more accepted than natural creams. And you absolutely do NOT have to be pregnant first. You have to have OVULATED first so that you don't screw up the whole process, but the point of starting the suppositories right after ovulation is so that they can do their job making the uterine lining hospitable for implantation when the fertilized egg gets there around 5-7 days past ovulation. If low progesterone problems are an issue, leading to a lining and implantation issue, REs definitely want you to start before you have a positive pregnancy test. Sheesh. Oh're seeing a specialist soon and they can actually test you and see what you need or don't need. Can't wait to hear about it. HELLO DOLLY - I almost always waited until AF was due too...which meant I almost never had to test at all. Think of all the money we save! :-) Hang in there. My fingers are crossed for you! Happy Monday everyone!


Aspen8 - May 20

Just checking in. Quiet here this week. I'm off to the nursery in Amish country to buy all my plants for this year. If I don't get back (because I'm too busy furiously planting) have a great weekend everyone!


tooth fairy - May 20

Hello Ladies! On cycle day 17 and still getting a line on opk so a little apprehensive on using progesterone cream. I know it used after ovulation and can have an opposite effect if used too early. So not sure when to start. Any suggestions?


Aspen8 - May 24

TOOTH FAIRY - Sorry I missed this post. I didn't think anyone had posted to this thread since my last post. I usually see the email notifications but somehow I missed this one. What does/did the line on the OPK look like? If you've been seeing a clear negative for 24-48 hours after a clear earlier positive - especially if you're seeing elevated temperatures and/or a change back to thick, sticky cm - it should be safe to start progesterone cream. The only way to know for SURE that you've ovulated is to see a sustained thermal shift (or a But a clear negative opk after a clear positive combined with a dramatic change back to infertile cm is usually a reliable indicator that ovulation occurred. The line on the opk doesn't necessarily have to go away 100%. Since you're temping, you can know for sure. What's an "I definitely ovulated" temperature for you? And how long does it take you to get there after ovuation? What did you end up doing?


tooth fairy - May 24

Aspen8-Opk lines were light on cd 10-13. On cd 14 and 15 dark line. Then line started to fade on cd 16-18. I took one today to be safe and there was no line. So I guess its safe to use progesterone cream now. I'm going to start prog. cream tonite. Cm was weird this month as was bbts. I was a little up and down like cd 14 was at 97.5 then cd 15 was 98. then it dripped to 97.9 cd 16-17 and even lower at 97.5 on cd 18. Cd 19 it went back up to 98 and cd 20 98.2. Now its down again to 97.9. I'm not sure what is going on. So to answer your question about a definite ovulation temp, I have no clue. I'm a little worried that I'm not back to normal after my miscarriage. Have you ever heard of such up and down temps? If anyone has heard of anyone having temps like this please let me know if they know the problem. Its all very strange.


Aspen8 - May 24

TOOTH FAIRY - wonder you're confused! How many months have you temped now? Have you EVER seen a distinct thermal shift between pre- and post-ovulation temps? If so, what was that like? You're taking your temperature at the same time every day? Is the battery on your thermometer fresh? Are you temping orally or v____ally? If orally, is there a chance that sometimes you sleep w/ your mouth open? I wake up, hit the snooze b___ton, make sure my mouth is shut, and work on not falling asleep again before the alarm goes off. When it does, after five minutes, I temp. I hardly move at all to do all that. It helped make sure open-mouth breathing at night didn't mess up my records. If I were using a regular bbt thermometer, I'd probably temp v____ally but I'm reluctant to stick a digital thermometer in there. I mean....probably not "water"proof...ya know? Lol. According to your OPK results it's probably a safe guess that it's okay to start your progesterone cream. But, of course, if all of those temperatures are usually pre-ovulation temps for you, then the positive OPK does NOT mean you definitely ovulated...just means your body tried. Of course - it can take several days for your temps to go all the way up to post-o levels, so....I think I'd be tempted to go ahead and start the progesterone cream, especially on cd 19. Do you know what day or day range you usually ovulate? Is cd19 late for you? Even on clomid, I always ovulated by cd 16...but I know other women are different. Good luck. Keep us posted!


tooth fairy - May 25

Aspen8-I'm very confused:(I haven't temped for a long time. I started back up after the miscarriage. In the past I saw a thermal shift but not so much this cycle. My highest temp has been 98.2 and I'm on day 22. I take my temp b/t 6:30 and 8 am. I know this may be where my problems lay. I think I will check my thermometer. It seems like its in good working order but I haven't used it in a while. I temp orally. If i get a new one I may try v____ally. I sleep with my mouth open 24/7. I had to get braces and I thought it would help but it didn't cuz I still drool. My thermometer is digital. I can never read the gla__s ones. I have started the progesterone. Am I supposed to feel different? Cuz I don't. It seemed like I ovulated on day 13 or 14 but I know I ovulated later with my last pregnancy. I hope my temps go higher. Not sure if I ovulated or not. I may still be messed up from my miscarriage. Well I guess I'll know more when I get my period or don't get it:) Good luck to you too. Hope all is well with you and I will keep you posted.


lovemydogs38 - May 26

hello: I posted on here a few months ago; got a surprise bfp in January, then an m/c. My husband and I were married last month and have decided to try for one year. Needless to say, I was so excited and sure i would concieve the first time; even had incredible symptoms once the opk turned positive and we were bd'ing every day. Now here I am, 12 dpo and negative tests. I'm a little depressed because i think maybe this month was a bust for me, and i don't usually get pre af symptoms this strong. My b___sts feel huge and I'm so hungry! Always have to have breakfast lunch and supper now, when one or two small meals always got me by before. My stomach immediately bloated when I o'd and has stayed that way to this day. I had alot of diahrea the first week after o which is very unusual for me. It's calmed down now. I have to admit i'm a little sad, but am trying to form a game plan for myself for next month. I am 38 and had 3 successful pregnancies already, with one ectopic in '98, and of course my m/c in january. What advice can you ladies pa__s along to me to help me with my game? My husband is 34 and in great health. We would like to have one child and then call er quits. But if this month truly is a bust for me, then i only have 11 more cycles to go! The positive is that I am very regular with af. Always within 28-30 days. The strange thing is that I used an ovulation calculator on the internet that said i would ovulate on the 19 of this month, but i started testing on cd 9 like it told me to, and the first test was a faint line, clearly a negative. CD 10 was a little darker, but still not as dark as the control line. Then CD 11 it was blazing dark! And stayed that way for 3 days. I wasn't sure when to quit testing, so I still have 2 tests left in the kit. Of course we bd'd like crazy for those 5 days plus insurance s_x the day after. So it appears i o'd a little earlier than predicted; is this normal? Is it possible? Could i have had a false pos on the opk and missed the actual o? I would have liked to see the test gradually go down to normal, so next month maybe i'll keep using the tests twice a day this time so i won't miss it. I tested every day between 2 and 7pm. I read about all of these products you guys use to help your fertility; what would you recommend? I think my coffee is ready now and there's a piece of cake with my name on it; I'll check in while and hope one of you awesome ladies can help me out!


HelloDolly - June 10

Hello everyone, long time no post. I have been trying to fight the m/c blues. I had started to post on the DDC and now I didn't belong there and I didn't want to be in the TTC!! So I just watched. LOL Well, it is our first cycle after my first period after the m/c. We are hopeful. We had a great + OPK and it is now 7DPO. I have noticed that my nipples are really sore. And I mean, dont ever b__w on them sore!! So hopefully that is a good sign. We are keeping our fingers crossed!!! Baby dust to everyone!!


mjbergen - June 11

Hi everyone, I was a bit sad since my period was delayed and then showed up. I've decided to begin trying again. Researching several methods i've discovered opk's are not my only option. Does anyone know where i can buy the Maybe Mom mini ovulation microscope? I hear this really works. Please help. God bless...


Lexyhere - June 24

HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLOOOOOOOOOOOO everyone!!!! Sorry I've been MIA. I think I may have mentioned, WOW! Back in December????? (it's been THAT long already?) that we just had so much going on that we weren't going to actively try BUT, not prevent. But, we ended up being more cautious since we just wanted to get so much achieved before trying again. We're still busy getting the new businesses up and running BUT, we have made the decision that no matter what, I'm leaving my job at the end of the year to work on our businesses full time. I verified with my insurance company that even though I've left, as long as I conceived during my employment, they'd HAVE to cover me for any of the maternity visits ONLY. They said I'd be dropped to public vs. semi-private ward but after speaking to a number of girlfriends, that just does NOT matter. Some have had semi-private and still ended up in public (busy time when they gave birth) and others were public but never shared a room. So, our main thing was all of the expenses would be covered. So YAY! So, we were going to start trying in a couple of months for sure but, hubby seems to have the bee in his bonnet, hehe. This month we BD'd before I could get preggers but wouldn't ya know it? 1st month in probably 9 I ovulated early. So, who knows? I'm due next week sometime (see, not even paying attention, um, I think between Wed to Fri, I'd have to check the calendar at home). Either way, I figured let me get my b___t back over here and try and catch up on posts and see how everyone is doing and join back in the countdowns, victories and tragedies. I leave for the day in 15 minutes but I'm going to do my best to try and read through for this year and see if I missed any major happenings. *baby dust to all* Lexy


Lexyhere - June 29

Hey guys, Here's my update. I hope ya'll don't mind I copied most of it from my other post on the other 2WW thread.... So, last night I had super sore b___bies and weird stomach pains sooooo, my thinking was a) I ovulated early and b) if these ARE symptoms, they're coming from a higher hormone level that SHOULD show up on a test. Sooooo, following that train of thought, I took a test this morning. BFN. So, that answers THAT question. No, I'm not holding out hope that it might change in a few days. I do trust the tests. After a couple of years of this and having had a BFP, I know that if you are, 99.95% of the time, it does show up.... (and yes, I've read all of the posts that will say the contrary because THAT is what I wanted when I 1st started, over time, you don't get as crazy about it, calm down and know what will be, will be). Good luck to everyone waiting for their BFP! I'm kinda relieved, I think in a few more months we'll be better prepared to take this on. It's just SO hot now that it's wearing me out and I know being preggers would basically make me a non-functioning person in this heat,hehe. So, the upside is I'll hopefully have a few more months to get the new business properly up and running so that we can not only get pregnant but, so I can leave my job at the end of the year as planned and work from home. We'll see how it works out since, as I mentioned before, we're not trying but we're not NOT trying, ;O) Lexy


Lexyhere - June 30

Okay, so I'm back. I wake up this morning and hubby sits up all bright eyed and bushy tailed (not the norm) and asks me, "Guess what I dreamed last night?" (I had an inkling)"I dreamed you were pregnant. I dreamed you gave me a card like you did the last time and told me you were pregnant." Soooooooooooo, now he's got me wondering if he's psychic,hehe. Just because I figured I'm not so that I don't have to dwell on it, he says that. My girlfriend reminded me when I did get my last BFP, it was when I was 2 days late. Unfortunately, that time I did manage to wait until I was late to test so have no idea when I would have tested positive. I don't think it's too early to test but we'll have to see. Oh yay! Now I'm back to waiting and wondering what every little ache and weird pain and slight cramp is. ARGH! Lexy


HelloDolly - June 30

Hello Lexy, I hear you about over a___lysing! I do it and I drive myself nuts! It is good to see you here. We are just about to O. Have been BDing all week, just to be on the safe side. This will be the 3rd cycle since the miscarrage. We didn't prevent anything before, but nothing happened. I did O last month, I do the OPK's. We are keeping our fingers crossed for something soon. I am 41 now and I really want to be pg very soon. It took us three months the first time, so we shall see. I will keep my fingers crossed for you! I hope this is it for you. Baby Dust!!!


Lexyhere - June 30

Hi Dolly! hehe. Yes, it was a lot less stress when we weren't "trying" (not preventing) and again, this month we weren't trying but I started to feel the twinges the same night we BD'd and the next day the ECWM started along with the ovary pains in my side, that lasted for 2 days. ARGH. So, I only O'd a couple of days early but enough to make me wonder if it "took" and so now I have NO idea if it's just me making myself nuts. I keep reminding myself that the weather could also be affecting me. It's SO d*mn hot here at the moment AND super humid and we, like most, don't have not only central air but no air conditioner, just ceiling and floor fans. So, I've felt warmer than usual, more headaches than usual, STARVING all the time and I keep wondering if it's just the heat taking over. I sure as heck can't remember how my body reacted last year at the beginning of summer,hehe. So, I can't reference that. Just gotta be patient and see if AF comes or not between now and Friday. If she doesn't, when I take the test on Saturday, I'll be fairly certain I am at that point. I haven't had a late starting period since my system sorted itself out from the ectopic over a year ago. The wait is excruciating! Have fun BDing!!! hehe. Lexy



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