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Lexyhere - June 30

Hi Dolly! hehe. Yes, it was a lot less stress when we weren't "trying" (not preventing) and again, this month we weren't trying but I started to feel the twinges the same night we BD'd and the next day the ECWM started along with the ovary pains in my side, that lasted for 2 days. ARGH. So, I only O'd a couple of days early but enough to make me wonder if it "took" and so now I have NO idea if it's just me making myself nuts. I keep reminding myself that the weather could also be affecting me. It's SO d*mn hot here at the moment AND super humid and we, like most, don't have not only central air but no air conditioner, just ceiling and floor fans. So, I've felt warmer than usual, more headaches than usual, STARVING all the time and I keep wondering if it's just the heat taking over. I sure as heck can't remember how my body reacted last year at the beginning of summer,hehe. So, I can't reference that. Just gotta be patient and see if AF comes or not between now and Friday. If she doesn't, when I take the test on Saturday, I'll be fairly certain I am at that point. I haven't had a late starting period since my system sorted itself out from the ectopic over a year ago. The wait is excruciating! Have fun BDing!!! hehe. Lexy


Twins - July 3

Hello Ladies, Its really quite here, but i hope you all are having a restful weekend My update - still on the 2ww. Af due tomor. I was wondering if anyone has ever heard of ovary ma__sages and if it works. Also has anyone done fertility cleansing. I am considering these two options next and wanted some real life feedback not an advertorial.


HelloDolly - July 5

Hello Ladies, We are now on our 2ww. I have heard of acupuncture for fertility but not ma__sage. I know they really recommend it for IVF. I was going to try it, but we got pg so fast. I am waiting this time to see how long it takes. I think after 5 months I will do it if we are not pg. Baby dust to everyone!!


kpckd888 - July 6

Hello everyone! I just ovulated yesterday, been BD'ing like crazy so now we wait! How soon did any of you test? Lots of baby dust and hoping for a sticky bean!


HelloDolly - July 6

We O'd last Friday!! We are in the waiting game too! We are really hoping it happens soon. I will be 42 when the baby is born! Some days I really think I am nuts!! But then, my close friend who also decided to have a baby later, she is 39 just had her's and he is so cute!! She is actually really enjoying this baby time because she is not running around doing any thing else! I can take a full year off and she did she. We can do that now! I pray really hard for all of us here!! Baby dust!! Really sticky stuff!!!


Kristin72 - July 8

good luck ladies!! I started a new thread under the same this one is 18 pages long..all the best for the second half of 2010!!



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